TOP MODS TO BULLETPROOF your 6.7 POWERSTROKE https://thedpfdeleteshops.comIsn’T that the best dash you’ve ever seen, man like look at that thing dude, i think, where is what makes it worth ten thousand alone with dash? Oh man, she’s dead, guys real quick. While you are fresh on the video before you click off i’m going to put a bulletproof kit on the website, so click the link below it’ll. Take you straight to it. It’Ll have all the bulletproof parts right on it.
You can buy it. One secure good option package, uh yeah, link in description, wow, that’s good stuff. It smells unreal. [, Music, ], dude, no touch wash it’s pretty clean, not bad for a 10 minute deal all right, guys! Welcome back to the garage.
We got the platinum in here today. Uh we’re just gon na gon na do some little uh maintenance on it and what we’re gon na do is we’re gon na talk about a controversial situation with diesels and especially powershocks the term bulletproof bulletproof your powershell all right. So we know that the freaking term bulletproof obviously doesn’t mean bulletproof like yeah. The truck’s bulletproof get out your your blaster and fire one at it and see what happens? It’S not bulletproof, pretty low on coolant, coolant’s, low, didn’t even realize.
Jb has been driving the truck low on coolant so with the 67 powershot like every d, so it has its situations where you got to address a couple things just for added security, reliability and overall performance. Now this is a personal recommendation from my personal experience with these trucks. The very first thing you want to address is the cp4 situation. Now you definitely want to be running a fuel additive. The hotshot secret everyday treatment, not sponsored, is what i run every single time.
We put fuel in any of the trucks that we have in the fleet, that’s just as an automatic tp4s. They are really finicky. Okay, so they like clean fuel. They don’t want water in the fuel, they don’t want dirt. They want the fuel to be premium.
Diesel and that’s it any bit of contamination, is risk of the pump completely exploding and ruining your whole system, which i’m sure, if you guys have this or you’ve seen or whatever you’ve heard of the cp4 disaster. So to address the cp4 safety issue. There is a few ways you can get that as a matter of fact, there’s three main ways that i’m actually a fan of option a run, a cp4 bypass now there’s two ways: you can run that the spe disaster prevention kit, which is what, which is what I put on every single one of our trucks here: option b is the sns disaster prevention kit, which i’m hearing a lot of great things about never ran one and option. C third option is the exergy fuel saver system. Now, what that is?
Fully Deleting a 2021 Ram 6.7 CUMMINS
It’S the fuel metering valve that goes on top of the cp4. They put a dual layer: 25 micron screen in that thing. So if your cp4 does fail – or if you get some weird contamination, where stuff’s going on in there, that screen will potentially clog and cut fuel supply to your truck in return, you know the truck will die because it won’t get fuel and hopefully that cuts it In time, so that debris won’t make it to your injectors and wreck your whole entire fuel system that one we’ve never tried, either, which i i have my eye on that you know we’ve been talking about this here and there um. You know if we ever get a truck that doesn’t have a disaster prevention kit or a bypass on it. We’Re definitely going to put that on and only run that and and hopefully we and if we get a no, we still don’t want to have a failure.
Uh so option a spe. One is like 419 
Um sns is about 400 bucks and then the exergy fuel saver system thing is uh 250 right around 250., all right uh or you can just get some kevlar. You want to wrap it in that. That might bullet proof it.
You know now you’ve got to stay on your filthy laters, your filters, because that’s crucial on the 17 to 19 trucks. You got to stay good on your rear water, separator. You got to drain that every now and again, don’t just drain that once a year when you remember and you’re sitting there drinking beer and you’re like dude, i should probably empty that no no get out there right now and empty that thing get the water out Of it and then, if you break so, this leads me to my next staple of bulletproofing, your power stroke right drain valve on the rear, where’s, the plastic old one i’ll put a picture of one here. It’S yellow, there’s little yellow ears on there. So when you’re back there drinking and stuff and you’re trying to drain your water out, you turn it a little too far.
You snap off those little ears, then you’re, really in a pickle, because now the ears are snapped off and your thing doesn’t stay in there and it just drains fuel all over your driveway, the wife’s yelling at you, your mom’s, across the road she’s young diesel’s, ruined In the driveway, so we don’t want that to happen. So what you need to do is you need to get yourself a billet drain valve where those little plastic ears won’t snap off or you can take the extreme route. Go down to ford grab a couple extra drain valves. The extra yellers old yellers keep them in the truck. I think they’re.
What like 12 bucks a piece. You know how much they are, i’m one of those guys that doesn’t do. He just leaves it full water truck runs on water, h2o, h2o, baby h2o, so billet drain valve will set you back 64.99 can’t buy a few of them. Stick them in the [ __ ] compartment.
egr delete kit
click image to shop egr delete kit
Stick a few old yellers in the glove compartment. Now, on the 11 to 16 trucks, if you want to get real crazy, if you feel like being a real professional, diy macgyver, i have found you a link to a form that gives you the ultimate directions on how to add an auxiliary water, separator fuel filter. Now, the guy, i think his name’s hawker25, i think that’s actually the name – that’s funny name funny name anyways, link in description will go straight to the form and he has a step-by-step direction sheet on there. According to the directions, he mounts. A auxiliary water separator fuel filter in 11 to 16 trucks.
It looks sick, it’s factory, ford connections. What are you going to say? Airplane things, what airplane things the airplane switches you said auxiliary? I was just thinking we’re going to hit the switch and it’s going to drain so i i said: auxiliary fuel filter, he’s thinking behind the camera that we’re hitting the auxiliary switch to turn the drain on wow just hit the switch drain it out power drain valve. What’S good invention, we just discovered greatness, but seriously, if you guys are feeling crazy and you got 11 to 16 truck hit that up, because you got to separate your water better than what’s back there for factory armor proof it armor all right.
So moving down the line here, another thing that blows off of these trucks is the cold side, pipe if you’re on an 11 to 16 truck you’re, really screwed but 17 to 19 you’re kind of screwed. So just upgrade that you know just get yourself a cold side, pipe there’s plenty of them on the market, get yourself a cold side pipe upgrade. Your wife won’t be mad at you when you’re towing, your camper up the mountain and your pipe blows off. So aside from those several things, the next thing i do with all my trucks is, i get rid of the crankcase ventilation system. That’S factory installed on these trucks, it’s not up to par.
I don’t like it. It sends a lot of oil into the turbo and no, it does not lube your turbo. So what we do is on the 2020 on the blue truck. I did not even install an internal catch. Can we just put the ccv reroute right on there?
Send it straight down below the cab and it never drift the thing of oil. The truck did only have 30 000. So i think that’s why, but this truck here does have an internal catch cam because it would occasionally get a drip of oil. So if you want to live on the wild side, don’t run an internal catch can get a drip of oil in the driveway. Mom will be mad, she’ll be mad at you, you’ll be putting an oil spot on your new concrete ccv reroute internal catch can get rid of that factory ford oil thing because it sends a boatload oil if you’ve ever taken off your intake, manifold or any intake Piping, that’s factory, just look how much oil is in there just go check it out.
It’S in the video it’s in the video, so ccv reroute about 199 bucks, cold side pipe about 249 
Both necessary costs just factor that into the expense bill all right. So, on a real note, we are sitting here laughing and joking around, but we are serious. Those are very serious things to consider if you want to bulletproof your powerstroke we’re going to get roasted for using the term bulletproof, but we’re using it all right so parts to consider. Now we are we’re on phase two of bulletproofing, your powerstroke parts, to consider. If you guys aren’t a og follower of the channel, which you’re, probably not whatever um, this truck was actually used as a hotshot rig in the oil field, believe it or not, um.
I ran this truck every single day, pretty hard for about 80 000 miles of its life, and i would regularly be so so we’re in western pennsylvania and we have rugged mountain up down like ohio, west virginia the back roads are a little, are a little uh Extreme back roads to the rigs are a little extreme, so the transmission will regularly see, like extreme temperatures, so parts to consider a high flow, low, temp thermostat, also supplied by spe. That’S pretty cool trumpets. So what this does it just opens earlier and keeps your system a little cooler, very simple, cheap. How much are these 64 bucks could save you a big headache down the road? Okay, so 64?
h&s mini maxx tunerh&s mini maxx tuner
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99 brother 15 to 19 trucks have a pretty solid turbo on them right. So you’re, pretty okay, if you got one of them, but if you got 11 to 14 brother, you are screwed, no i’m kidding uh. They actually do. Okay, if you are just stock and you uh, stay on your maintenance and you basically just baby the truck every day like like our brother-in-law dan, he has a 11 power stroke. His turbo’s about smoked right now he’s like 160 000 miles, and it is weird it’s just acting up.
We’Re gon na have to do a turbo swap on that instantly, so things parts to consider. If you have an 11 to 14 truck, you got to upgrade to the 15 plus turbo. That’S just kind of you just got to do it. You know you got to get the retro install kit to allow the 15 plus charger to be installed on the truck about a thousand bucks, and then you got to find yourself turbo. You can find a used one for maybe under a thousand.
You could go with a modified vgt, which is what i would recommend modified vgts on these trucks run very, very well um, so that’ll be arranged about two grand. So let’s just call it high end of the spectrum. 3000 bucks, upgraded turbo and you’re going to be ripping it’s going to be about 650 wheel horsepower with proper tuning and it’ll, be fun, slash, reliable and bulletproof. Obviously, the last part to consider has nothing to do with actually bulletproofing your truck. It’S just kind of a must: if you have a 17 to 19 truck, you’ve got to do smb filter it reroutes the battery to the back position get in on that over there reroutes the battery to the back position puts the intake in the front, which is How it was on 11 to 16 and how it is on 20 and up so 17 and 19.
I don’t know why they swapped the battery with the air box, but uh you got to get the s b. Reroute runs much better, so that’s pretty much. It guys, if you want to bulletproof your truck just get some bulletproof armor and you know, do the things that will actually bulletproof it. But if you want to use the controversial bulletproof term, then you can just do us all the parts i just said.

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