Fully Deleting a 2021 Ram 6.7 CUMMINS

Fully Deleting a 2021 Ram 6.7 CUMMINS https://thedpfdeleteshops.comAll right before you guys get all worked up about this video keep in mind. I live in canada. I do not live in the states. Our laws are a little bit behind uh. The laws in the states regarding emission systems on trucks where i live a vehicle will still pass safety if it’s deleted.

Even so, keep that in mind any average joe can walk into any truck accessories. Shop, buy a flow pro exhaust kit and a bully dog tuner and do this to their truck. So i don’t want you guys to be hating on me this. This video is just kind of because a lot of people – google, this stuff and and they want to know about it. So this video is for educational purposes.
If you live in the states, just don’t do it um and that’s it enjoy it. What’S up guys welcome back to the channel today i got a 2021 ram 2500, with the six seven cummins in the shop gon na be uh figuring out how to do a full delete on it. Egr dpf uh we’re gon na put four efi live tunes with the little knob the shift on the fly, the csp4 switch um just before we get into this video. This is an off-road truck. It is going to be used on the farm, primarily uh, so just keep in mind that you know deletes are very frowned upon and a lot of k in a lot of places, they’re illegal and can warrant some pretty big fines.
So do your research before and if emissions, if they have strict missions lost where you live. Just don’t do this because it’s not worth it in the end, so just wanted to get that out of the way. But with that said, uh we’re gon na start working on this thing. So if you find the video useful please like please subscribe, it helps me out a ton. If you do have questions at the end, you can ask in the comments or shoot me a message on instagram at dark iron diesel, but uh yeah, let’s get out here so i’m gon na be putting a five inch flow pro straight pipe exhaust on it.
Fully Deleting a 2021 Ram 6.7 CUMMINS https://thedpfdeleteshops.com
Uh part number is 690 nm, it’s for a 2019 to 2020 ram, i’m just assuming it will work on a 2021, and then i got a 21 3 000 flow. Pro egr delete kit again, i i think it will work on this truck. This is, for you know the older any six seven cummins. Basically so i hope it will work uh. I live in canada, so i can get this stuff pretty easy.
But if you live in the states you probably won’t be able to get flo pro. You might have to find a different kind of a different manufacturer different brand to get down there. I’M not sure what guys are getting down there. Gopro doesn’t ship to the states anymore. So if you’re tuning into 2018 and up 6 7 cummins, you need this bypass.
Cable uh and on this 2020 truck you’re gon na plug it in kind of took this out, so you can see it a bit better but uh. So you see those uh green boxes with all the little plugs going into it. You wan na use the row on the far left hand side, and you want to use the fifth plug down from the top. It’S going to be the first open one that doesn’t have something plugged into it. So that’s what we’re going to plug that guy into and then the other one plugs into the obd plug right there, and then you just plug this into your efi live tool.
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All right! We’Re tuning we’re about halfway done a little more than halfway done. Uh! So far so good, i got the unlock cable. I took my light on got my uh cable plugged in the obd.
The other one goes up to that module under the steering wheel. So yeah. Hopefully she finishes up nice. All right, just shut off the ignition uh. It says it’s finished successfully, so uh we’ll just make sure it fires up after this countdown all right.
Well, it seems to run so. That’S good! We’Re gon na go underneath and unplug everything on the exhaust and then come back up start. It up again make sure we don’t got any engine codes and if we don’t, then we know we’re good to go and actually remove the exhaust okay. Let’S have a look underneath so we’ll start at the front over here, uh see this flex pipe here.
Fully Deleting a 2021 Ram 6.7 CUMMINS https://thedpfdeleteshops.com
That’S where the exhaust the new exhaust is gon na clamp onto so we’re gon na have to undo this uh v-band clamp here and then remove everything off the truck from that clamp back and then we’ll bolt our new exhaust up to this clamp when we’re done So if you follow along underneath the bottom, there’s going to be a bunch of connectors like that and whatnot that we’re going to have to unplug i’ve never done one of these before so i’m not really sure kind of how i’m going to do this all. Yet we got your def injector and all that crap up there, another connector way over there, um yeah all the way to the back. Here’S this big blue wire that goes somewhere and another connector like this, so we want to unplug all of them and uh once we unplug all of them, then we’re going to remove the exhaust. So i’m going to be unbolting these clamps here and here i’m going to try to take this all out in pieces without having to cut anything um but yeah. So i’m gon na go ahead and unplug everything and get the exhaust out and if there’s anything that i think i need to bring to your guys attention.
While i do that, i will do that um kind of as i’m doing it or after the exhaust is out and once the exhaust is out we’ll go over everything that needed to be unplugged in order to remove it. Okay, so i got the tailpipe out and then i got. I believe this is the scr that went here it’s out so now. We just have this uh front piece here and it’s connected to right here too, that goes to that clamp. So i’m gon na i’m gon na disconnect that clamp and then uh back here because i’m not gon na try.
I don’t have to cut this, so i want to pull the whole thing out like this, but i think we’re going to be not having enough room. So what i’m going to do is there’s two 13-millimeter bolts for this hanger bracket and i think, there’s two 13-millimeter bolts for this hanger bracket too. So, instead of taking these hangers off, i’m just going to unbolt these brackets and pull the whole thing out and then, if i have to for the new exhaust, if i have to use one of these hangers i’ll just put the bracket back on then. For this front, one here at this flex pipe, i just pried it right off and yeah it’ll just make it a lot easier to get this out. So now i’m going to take this v-band clamp or loosen it off, and then hopefully this will all just slide back through the [ __ ] crossmembers and out underneath the cab.
Fully Deleting a 2021 Ram 6.7 CUMMINS https://thedpfdeleteshops.com
Okay, then, back here it appears that this bracket actually has a bolt on the top of the frame which is kind of a pain to get out. So again, i just pried this rubber right off. This one is all loose. So now i’m just going to see if i can slide it out. Hopefully we can pull it out the back.
Hopefully it will fit all right, there’s the flex pipe piece and i was able to pull that front. Uh filter off. I just kind of twisted a bit to left so that there’s a sensor up here that cleared it um. This hanger came with it. This bracket stayed so yeah, it’s out, so these back pieces are pretty self-explanatory.
Just loosen the claps and then i use a chisel and a punch like punch and just kind of hammer them off uh. Then up here, this one was a little bit tricky because you got to unplug these two connectors and i couldn’t get them on the truck. So what i did is i uh disconnected this guy. The death injector uh there’s another one back here and then i dropped it down from the truck, but i had a guy help me so he kind of held the exhaust and we were able to roll it. My way and then i unplugged these and then we took the took this right off the truck uh and then the front one you could get at everything.
h&s mini maxx tunerh&s mini maxx tuner https://thedpfdeleteshops.com
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There’S this one here, there’s a one here that you got ta undo another guy here and another one right here, so yeah, that’s all the sensors uh that you have to unplug to get this thing off. It wasn’t too bad just in case you’re not familiar with these. These yellow tabs have to slide up, and then this plug will come off the connector so anyways with all these i’m going to put some dielectric grease in them and i’m going to tape them up with some electrical tape and just try to keep the water out Of them, and then i’m just going to kind of zip tie them all up to the side of the frame somewhere like that uh yeah. So whatever connectors, you have like this guy kind of cover it up. If you want to try to keep water out of it, but yeah, i’m gon na go ahead and do that now and then get all this wiring out of the way.
Fully Deleting a 2021 Ram 6.7 CUMMINS https://thedpfdeleteshops.com
And then we can go ahead and start installing the new exhaust, all right, they’re, all taped up kind of just tied all my wiring up here. The only one i didn’t tape up is the def injector. I just left that one open. I don’t think it’s a big deal, but yeah i’m going to grab some pieces of exhaust we’ll start the that downpipe there and uh work our way to the back, and i’m not going to go into much detail about putting the exhaust in it should be pretty Self-Explanatory but yeah we’ll get that together all right, so the exhaust is all on tighten this v-band clamp and then, if you look back here uh, i still just left this out. For now, i’m not even gon na bother putting it back on uh.
You do reuse! This hanger, though, so that one needs to be on uh and then yeah just keep going. You got all the clamps, tighten your clamps uh. You got ta use these hangers up here and then it goes over the axle just like that. Tighten up this one.
It fits just perfectly around there, it’s not hitting nothing. The only thing i did do is i did grab a pry bar and just kind of bent this spare tire heat shield just a little bit to give it some more room, but you can grab this exhaust and it is tight. It’S not hitting anything so should be good. Okay, now we’re going to go after the egr, and i’m not going to go into a bunch of detail with this. Just because i’m trying to keep the length of this video a little bit shorter, but i’ll put a little link up here and in the description.
If you want to see a full video on a 67 cummins egr delete, i got a really good video already on youtube, so i’m basically just going to go ahead kind of update you along the ways, as i do this and we’ll just see. If there’s anything different with this 2021 uh, that would be different than like. You know, let’s say a 2017 coming so i’ll go over any differences. If i find any because again, i’m using an older style, egr delete kit and hopefully it will fit on this truck um. But what you are going to want to do.
You don’t have to delete your egr, but if you are earth, but if you’re not deleting your egr, you should still unplug your uh this this plug right. There uh you should unplug this valve. I see there’s a pyro here. You should probably follow that and unplug. It and then right down under there.
Fully Deleting a 2021 Ram 6.7 CUMMINS https://thedpfdeleteshops.com
This is your throttle valve. You need to unplug that as well. The plug is kind of on the back side down there, but you want to unplug that guy as well, regardless of if you’re, deleting this or not okay. So so far so good, i take this black cover off first and then i take this pipe out and then the egr valve and i put the flow probe blocker plate on and it seems to line up so so far so good. So i’m going to start taking this side apart.
I’Ll, probably pull this air intake pipe out. First, just give me a little more room and then we’ll work on taking this egr cooler and all that stuff off. Here’S a little tip when you’re getting this piece off that 15 mil nut is easy to get at because you can just put an extension on, but that one is not so what i have here. I just have a 15 millimeter wrench and i put a pretty wicked bend on it and then, if you put it down in there, just kind of use your left hand to hold the pressure on it like that, and then i just get in with a pry Bar here and you can put the pry bar against this engine lifting hook and you can pry it out like that and that’s how you can loosen it and then you can just use your fingers to get it off all right. I got this piece out and put the blocker plate on so it seems to fit perfect uh.
I tried the pry bar thing here and just because it has this big. I think this is like ram air like it pushes the air into the air intake there, and so it was a little bit harder to use a pry bar, but i was still able to get a pry bar in there and and that’s how i loosened that. Uh nut off the back two 15 millimeter, studs or nuts that you have to take off can be kind of a pain in the butt. But i like to use this long half inch ratchet with a shallow, socket and a small short extension, and then you can just kind of put it in there and that’s how i get them off. Also, we got to get this coolant line to pop up, but it’s kind of blocked by here.
Fully Deleting a 2021 Ram 6.7 CUMMINS https://thedpfdeleteshops.com
So what i usually do is i just grab some tin stitch or something – and i just kind of cut just a little bit right there. I just kind of cut that back part off a little bit and then you can pull it straight up. That’S what it looks like after see. Now i can pull this line up and it doesn’t actually affect anything cutting it like that. Egr cooler is all loose.
It’S actually out right now and now i just have to physically pull it out of the truck, so i kind of bring it up here and twist it get it out. I don’t actually drain the coolant on these trucks just because, when you pull this line off, make sure you relieve all the pressure of your cooling system first, because if you have pressure in your cooling system like if your coolant’s warm when you pop this off it’ll, Go and spray a bunch cooling out, but if you relieve the pressure when you pop this off you’ll just get a little bit of coolant that will drain out, but not very much. So i don’t bother draining the coolant and then you don’t even have to add any at the end. Just pull the cooler out trying to spill any all over the engine and uh, then yeah coolers out and then for right. Here i usually use a pry bar again and i just kind of pry back and that’s how i pop the cooler out of uh this coolant hose here and just make sure that all these bolts here like this is unbolted, so that it can flex a little Bit and they’ll just make it way easier.
Getting this out. Okay, the back blocker plate is on too it fit no problem uh. So i usually just kind of bend this exhaust back pressure sensor out of the way a little bit. Then all we got to do is connect this coolant line and i don’t see us having any issues with that. So i’m thinking that this flowco kit is going to work 100, okay, so about the only issue.
I’Ve found is actually this piece here. The kit comes with uh two different ones: they’re different lengths, depending on what your truck you have, but this is a little bit of different setup, so i took this hose off obviously, and then i could fit this on but see how it doesn’t fit. Nice and snug around that circle, and i also had to grab a drill bit and just kind of drill. This hole a little bit further because it didn’t quite reach enough. That’S just for this coolant nipple just to hold it in place so that it doesn’t pop out and you lose all your coolant.
So but i mean it’s solid now like it’s not going to pop off. So, just a tiny bit of modification for that and it’s not like super clean. It’S a little bit janky, just because it’s not designed for this fitting. So that’s the only difference i really found so far. I’M assuming my hose will just connect right up and uh, and that should be it.
Okay, everything is hooked up now. All my lines are tight. I taped up this connection. There there’s this connection here. I taped up this one too, and then this is the throttle body throttle valve plug that i unplugged from kind of underneath here.
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It’S a pain in the ass to get out, but you kind of get in here with the mirror, and you should be able to see it. I taped it up as well, so i’m just going to zip tie these all up out of the way and then uh we got to just run it check it for leaks, and i guess we still have to install that. Uh csp4 cummins switch all right and there, it all, is all done. Everything’S tied up out of the way everything’s connected and tight uh, so yeah we’re gon na install that switch in the cab, then we’ll fire up after see how it sounds and uh yeah make sure it doesn’t have any leaks or anything. So here’s the switch.
It’S pretty cool because this will plug into the obd plug. Then you actually unclip the obd plug, so you can kind of hide it out of the way and you can put this new obd plug in place just because a lot of times you would have like a big thing, just sticking out like that. But now you can just kind of tuck this all up, underneath the dash and just have a nice little obd plug sticking out there. So i think i’m just going to put the switch kind of right in the middle of this piece right here. I like using a piece like this, because if, for some reason he ever wanted to move the switcher or do something different get rid of it, then he could easily just get one of these pieces and you know replace it and he wouldn’t have a hole in His dash uh, all this stuff is just super thick now and there’s you know a bunch of stuff behind it.
Fully Deleting a 2021 Ram 6.7 CUMMINS https://thedpfdeleteshops.com
It’S like really hard to get switches anywhere up around here. So just gon na drill a hole through here and mount the switch there and uh. I think we’ll be done this truck. This switch will most likely come preset to five positions, but on these 2013 plus commons, as far as i know, you can only have four, so you got to take this little ring out and select put it in. Put that little notch there has to go in one of these grooves, where it says number four, and once you have it installed, just make sure that it only clicks to four different positions.
All right, one, two, three, four, there you go switch is installed. This truck is done all right there. She is i’ll rev it up a little bit, so you can see what it sounds like. So this thing barks it’s awesome but yeah, that’s pretty much it for the video guys. So if you enjoyed it, please like please subscribe.
It helps me out a ton. If you got questions asked in the comments or you can shoot me a message on instagram at dark iron diesel. I try to reply to everyone, although sometimes it takes me a day or two to get back to people but yeah. That’S it guys. I appreciate you watching, i hope, to see you on the next video you

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