How much does a DPF affect power gains? Can we get the same amount of performance with a DPF versus removing it and we’ll prove it on the dyno today? Well, I didn’t expect that look how much power we had after removing the DPF very surprising today we’re down an ultimate diesel journey. Now these guys are. The Guru is about getting safe power out of our forward drives, and today we’re going to answer some big questions that are no doubt on your mind.
The big winner surrounding DPF filters. Should you remove your DP air filter or not? Is it going to affect power gains a DF four-wheel drive and, of course, we’re not just gon na talk theory about this race, you’re gon na put of a couple of vehicles back-to-back on the dyno, so we can actually prove the results and see what you should Do with your new full drive, [ Music ], I’m here with Rob from ultimate diesel journey now in front of us. We’Ve got a DPF cut open, so we can show you exactly how they work. Now.
Dp f stands for diesel particulate filter. Now chances are if you’ve got a vehicle that is newer than 2017, that is a diesel. It’S got a DPF filter. Now, these typically run about central on the exhaust system of the vehicle or even up near the turbo, depending on what sort of vehicle you’ve got inside. Here is a filter that captures diesel particulate matter or, as we know, as soot from the exhaust gas of a modern diesel engine to meet emission regulations like any filter, whether it be oil, diesel or air.
The DPF will clog up over time, which would cause a major restriction to your engine. It’Ll be like shoving a sock in an exhaust. The engine won’t breathe as well. The eg T’s will rise now to stop this from happening. A DPF has to periodically burn off the soot.
That’S inside of it. Now. How exactly does it burn off happen? Yeah, absolutely Shawn, so we’ve obviously got a DPF here in the center. Is the core the gases travel through the exhaust through the DPF unit and out the back of your exhaust?
We’Ve got a pressure sensor up before the DPF and after the DPF and an egt when we see a drop in pressure inside the DPF. That’S what triggers our regeneration and when we trigger a regeneration or a DPF burn. We actually see those elements inside clean out the DPF, filter and burn out your exhaust system very similar to like a self-cleaning, oven or something and Rob. There seems to be a general consensus out there mate that DPF SAR a problem and they’ve, probably best be removed from your football drives exhaust system. Now.
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Why is this the case? I’Ll look, Shawn a big misunderstanding. We don’t see many problems with DPS. We do see problems with DPS when people aren’t driving them enough and they don’t get a chance to do a DPS but to trigger a DPF burn. It’S got any excess of 600 greens.
It sounds like a lot it’s about 15 to 20 minutes of driving above 60 KS an hour which really isn’t a lot at the end of the day. Yeah. Would you agree mate that, back in the early days of DPS, there wasn’t a lot of information given to owners in the sense that they would drive around? They wouldn’t do a burn because they’re doing small kilometres, maybe a warning light would come on there or simply won’t even go into limp mode, but um these days things are changing right, yeah, look, shorter, DPF, sir, come a long way from developing with manufacturers as well. There’S warning lights on the dash it lets.
You know when you’re actually doing a DPF burn. We’Ve got stickers on the door cards up on the top. We knows to let you all know about DPS and awareness, so manufacturers have done a lot to improve their. Obviously, stance on DPS and how customers can look after them better as well another little issue. I suppose that people again misguided, but they assume that because a DPF filter has an injector to put a little bit more fuel in to do the burn off that their vehicle is going to be using more fuel yeah.
The DPF does require additional fuel to do a burn, but look that can be certainly counteracted by a custom diner and you actually get fuel savings as well yeah right, I suppose, we’ll go into more of that a bit later on. You know, I guess, there’s just so many misconceptions when it comes to DPF filters out there mate just on the second-hand market alone, 479 series. Now I follow these things, we’re going to its quite close to my heart. You see pre DPF, semi, nines, actually selling more than the brand new ones on the market. Look, it’s crazy, Shaun and it comes back to the understanding that people don’t know about.
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Dps seems absolutely crazy right when you start to understand exactly the role of a DPF and with a custom tune. You can get a lot more out of your vehicle. It’S not really an issue. Is it well Rob there’s no doubt about it. Might you must get a lot of inquiries about people wanting to remove their DPF filters?
I know I do as well. I said on forums and Facebook all the time where people and so-called experts get on there. They want to remove their DPF, mainly because they think they’re gon na get more power out of their foot. What drives now was it’s the case. Maja look Shawn.
You absolutely hit the nail on the head. We get five to ten calls a day and ultimate diesel tuning about people wanting to remove their DPF, and it’s purely because I think it’s getting them extra power and that’s not the case we’ll talk about that later on. There’S huge risk too. So so, with removing a DPF, it’s a highly illegal there’s massive fines from you know ten thousand dollars for individuals on fifty thousand dollars for workshops, as well as that get cars no longer roadworthy. So you can’t ever sell it again as well and also insurance companies.
Recently have actually you know, their claims are being processed and being rejected to people are moving these parts out of their cars and I suppose, but if you think you can fly under the radar by removing your DPF, no one’s gon na know about it. I heard as well and from you know I knew this was coming and got pulled over recently for an RB T. What are the copper? Do you had straightaway looked for your DPF filter? Yes, so had the RB T, which was all fine, but it went straight under the car to look to see that I had a DPF.
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Obviously my car’s good, you know I better lift on it. Some wheels and obviously a bit different, so they’ve gone and looked at it and then check to the exhaust system and make sure it’s got a DPF in it yeah right, so it’s just not worth the risk. Is it absolutely not now behind me is a fairly new Mazda bt-50, it’s got a tune, a custom turn done by ultimate diesel. Turning and it’s got the DPF filter in place. Now we’re going to run this Mazda up with the DPF filter in place and then we’re also going to do another run with a DPF or a move going to show you exactly what the power and torque figures: [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], all right!
Shawn! Oh we’ve just completed the tune on the bt-50. Let’S check out the results in standard form at 103, kilowatts and 368 Newton meters at the rear, wheels after completing the custom dyno tune for towing, as well as having the DPF in where to 128 kilowatts and 494 Newton meters at the wheels this represented about a 24 percent gain in peak power and 35 percent gain in torque, so it’s just like when we change your 79 series, nice, safe and reliable. Just like the BT. No that’s a massive increase in power.
You’Ve got to be happy with those results. Let’S say we get the bt 50 off the dyno. Now we’ll remove the DPF field to put a straight through in and we’ll put it back on the dyno and see what the results going to be with the out the DPL. Now all we’re going to do is remove the DPF out of the exhaust and replace it with some straight through pipe and delete the DPF off the ECU. So the ECU thinks there’s no DPF.
This is what people would do if they were to illegally remove their DPF from their forward drive. We aren’t touching any other city and so is purely with and with their it will stroke back on the dyno to see the difference. [, Music ] so just had the bt-50 up on the dyno, with the DPF filter removed and the results are in mate. Can you take us through what we’re seeing here, yeah Sean over remove the DPF. All we’ve seen is half a kilowatt gain in power and just over seven new meters at the rear wheels from removing the DPF look to be able to you make the results.
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You know. I really didn’t see that coming. I thought there’s gon na be bigger gains, but even with those small gains, that’s something you wouldn’t notice behind the wheel. Would you would not notice it all like look at 500 nanometers compared to an extra seven you’re, not going to notice it and given its little eagle and the risks associated with it? It’S not worth it is not [ Music, ].
Now, of course, I’ve seen the results with the bt-50 m8. That was nothing short of amazing, but behind me here we’ve got a couple of different, makes and models. Now I’ve got a ranger, we’ve got a Colorado of AUSA bit of Hilux and, of course, the bt-50. Now these have all had a custom turn from ultimate diesel churning make you’ve run through exactly what you’ve done with these vehicles and the performance figures that you can expect. Yeah Shawn, oh the bt-50 lovers, have seen the results of that thirty five percent gain in peak torque, their Colorado that car went twenty six percent gain as well.
Custom dyno tune, the big, exciting ones are the Hilux and the Ranger, where we’ve got our ultimate tool. Packs she wanted that includes an upgraded intercooler, upgraded turbocharger, DPF back exhaust system and a custom diner tune and we’ve seen gains with sixty percent in torque of those two vehicles where that is amazing and it and of course I got to stand a fuel system, don’t They yeah standard fuel system, as we keep saying all four cars DPF sin tact yeah well now goes to show that you know you take them down here to ultimate diesel tuning. You get the tune, done, retain your DPF filter. You know safe and reliable power. You can also save a little bit in fuel.
I reckon that’s a win-win in my opinion, so Shawna, I think, if you’re chasing extra parent talk, removing the DPF is not your answer. A custom diner trim will achieve those increases in power and torque. One thing we’ve looked at today is all these cars, but getting in behind the steering wheel and take it for drive yourself is exactly how you can experience. I want you to take the Hilux, take it for a run and see what you think like. I can’t wait especially you say this: I’ve driven a standard, one, the big sort of say.
Listen, you know, let’s go here, we go my garage I’ll, take it for a spin, that’s its no 79 for a bit of a drive hurry up acceleration, whoa! Listen to that it just keeps going. Doesn’T it it’s a different Hilux is now all right. I’Ve driven standing ones are those this thing is off tap. This would make a hell.
Does it just feels like it’s got as much power as my 79, but in a vehicle probably weighs half as much it’s just so easy to drive? I actually don’t know why people just wouldn’t get this done sooner, though by Hilux just get this done, because this thing is just a base to drive yeah. Well, there you go. I tell you what I’ve learned a lot about DPS today, and I bet you guys have to remember to make sure that you don’t have any issues your DPF, the best rule of thumb, is to take it for a good Drive, every 500 Kay’s or so so. It gets hot enough to burn off that excess sort if you’re after performance and let’s face it, we all are make sure you take it to somebody who doesn’t just get big parody or four-wheel-drive.
They get safe and reliable power. A tear forward Drive just like the guys from ultimate diesel churning now speaking to those guys, I’ve also been able to twist Rob’s arm to give you guys a special deal so for the first 10, calls that call up to ask for a custom tune. You’Re going to get $ 200 off, so you can find their phone number on the description below or, of course, on their website. And lastly, of course, if you’ve got any questions relating to your DPF filter or your particular model of four-wheel-drive, make sure you put it in their comments below because a guy’s, the experts down here ultimate diesel, turn it and go through these questions and answer them. For you, so that’s been enough for me.
I can’t wait to see you next time and for Drive action.

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