1200HP TRIPLE TURBO Powerstroke!

1200HP TRIPLE TURBO Powerstroke! https://thedpfdeleteshops.comWhat you think boys should we trade black beauty for a triple turbo lumber duty? What do you think? What do you think [, Music ]? What’S up everybody justin theo back with another video, we got black beauty sitting over here, we’re filming for you guys today is gon na be a good day. This is a very exciting one.
We’Re actually meeting up with someone who has a pretty crazy power stroke. So i hope you guys are excited for it. It’S something most of you probably haven’t seen before, and i’m hyped to actually see it see this thing get rowdy and have a good time. So don’t forget if you haven’t already like subscribe turn the bottom for notifications and we’re here, i’m looking at the truck right now. This thing is insane so without wasting any time, let’s break right into it, so we’re over here with another black beauty, all blacked out, illumi duty – that is pretty insane from your outside view, looks like your basic ford, but we’re with josh.
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This thing’s got some crazy stuff done. Do it huh? Yes, sir, so we got uh hms built motor girdle in there gorilla rods, um we got hms triple turbo kit and he he said that triple turbo built motor and what year is this thing? It’S a 19 platinum, 350 single rear, wheel, wow a 19 built motor and triple turbos. You do not see this every day so sick.
What else do you say he’s done to it? So we got a 472 87 in the valley, a pair of 369s out front. They were all converted to ball, bearing by midwest crt turbo uh. We got sns 125 over injectors. We got exergy 10 mil cp4 sns 10 millimeter cp3 on the belt um midwest 3r comp 3r trans.
1200HP TRIPLE TURBO Powerstroke! https://thedpfdeleteshops.com
It’S got 430 gears uh. We’Ve got two low pressure systems as well. We got the factory low pressure, feeding, cp4 a fast pump, feeding the cp3, the whole nine pretty much huh yeah, that’s that’s the just of it there and you said you had this thing on the dyno a couple times and whatnot right yeah. So she did a little over 1200 and there’s probably a ton of fuel left over first little ride in it. Let’S see how this thing goes: tear them up once these turbos light up man, she likes to party all those snails putting in the work sheesh [, Music ].
So we got the two black beauties posted up with both these trucks sitting. Here we got over 2 000 horsepower sitting right here. Can you believe it just some old diesel trucks all blacked out? They look sick posted up next to each other. You don’t see 2 000 horsepower and some diesel trucks just sitting here every day, especially in florida.
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It’S sitting at about 1080 microseconds now, so i don’t know how much it would make if we turned it up, but we’re pretty much out of airflow as it sits and with these three chargers. What kind of boost is this thing pushing so i’ve seen about 96 pounds? It makes i think, 50 50 52 pounds in the atmospheric in between there and then close to 100 pounds overall, almost 100 pounds of boost going on under this 19 platinum. It cleans up good, it runs strong, that’s insane and your whole story behind this. Considering you don’t see this every day when you did pick up this truck and decided just triple turbo, it wasn’t the plan with the motor and the trans, or it just kind of fell into place.
It kind of felt yeah i mean i started. I was i’m going to keep it simple and that didn’t last, of course, never does and then that’s how it always starts compounds and so well, if we do compounds, we got to do it the right way, so i drive as good as possible can’t beat the Way triple drive and he also has a couple other vehicles that we don’t have here today, but i’m excited for and want to hear your guys opinion. If you would like to see it, what are the other vehicles you have, so we got a matching 19350. Just like this, that’s got stock motor built trans 60 over ss injectors, dual fueler gt45 70 millimeter turbo. Then we got a durango hellcat, that’s probably pushing close to the stock crank rated horsepower about 700.
1200HP TRIPLE TURBO Powerstroke! https://thedpfdeleteshops.com
It’S got exhaust intake and a little no-tuned pulley on it and it’s pretty fun to drive too all-wheel drive. I hope to see some of these vehicles as well, so on top of a triple turbo iluma duty he’s probably got an 850 horsepower identical truck, and on top of that, he’s got the durango hellcat. So this guy is just loves to have a good time huh. I, like the party yeah, he he likes to party and he likes his horse torch. That’S for sure, so we are currently out here in mexico and he’s gon na be doing a nice little flyby, so he’s on his way.
Now, let’s get this thing, this thing’s crazy! You know what for a lot of you guys once this thing gets into boost, it’s freaking, nuts! This thing is ignorant, oh god, damn she getting squirrely a little bit. Nothing crazy! Just something light!
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Nothing going on here, officer. So what are we thinking? Good old black beauty we hitting that trade or what you thinking? I don’t know it sounds pretty good to me. I, like the sound of that five nine sounds good once you heard it rev it up a little bit.
He like he’s liking the third gen huh yeah man. I could see driving the cummins for sure hell, yeah, that’s awesome. We might be tossing the keys over. What do you guys think so, with this truck, do you have any other plans with it? Are you pretty much happy right directly where it’s at i mean if i really wanted to go crazy and maybe i’d back half it someday, but that’s probably not the best idea, but i’d need to just enjoy it for now i got enough money into it and Time and it drives good, we just got ta enjoy it now really yup.
1200HP TRIPLE TURBO Powerstroke! https://thedpfdeleteshops.com
It was a long project, but truck source did all the work big shout out to them. Awesome group of guys out there out of texas right yeah out of san antonio they’re. Some of the best i know, but they made it all happen. They’Re awesome he’s showing me a truck that he was also looking at and we’ll just keep that a secret for now, but it is another crazy truck that could definitely be considered a race truck. So, just looking around this thing, a little bit um more cosmetically, is it leveled?
You said yeah this guy’s on a two and a half inch level. Here i love how this thing is just like the biggest sleeper. You see this just leveled on 35’s, 35. 235. Just looks like you’re, you know basically luma duty.
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Meanwhile, it’s pushing some crazy horsepower with triple turbos. So when you’re out on the road i mean do uh people, usually second guess this yeah most of the time they get a laugh. If they see me like building boosts at a stoplight or something or if i’m trying to you know instigate something while we’re rolling down the road but it’ll, surprise a lot of people for sure yeah. This is it’d, be funny just pulling up to this thing. Just thinking, oh, it’s just some big old, big old ford, but give them some quick, appetizers and drivability sake on the triples, like you were mentioning.
How is the overall driving if you’re like daily in or just cruising around like? Is it still reasonable, or is it a lot of lag or what so? This thing really does awesome. It’S you know common rail, big injectors. You got to have discipline with the right foot or it’ll black out still, but for a ford at this power level.
1200HP TRIPLE TURBO Powerstroke! https://thedpfdeleteshops.com
It’S probably as good as it gets. You know, drivability-wise if i put some airbags back in the back, because we pulled a few leaf springs out to soften the ride up. So if we put airbags in the back, this thing would tow like an absolute manual. Still, no doubt in my mind the 430 gears made all the difference in the world. It’S not the top speed machine, but it drives really well.
You can easily keep no smoke and still outrun most things on the road and it drives great lagginess wise. Is it with these chargers laggy at all, or is it pretty quick to light up honestly, i think the valley charger might be hurt a little bit because uh it ate an egt probe a couple months ago, but i mean it’ll still kill the tires at 80. Mile an hour, so i don’t think it’s hurt too. This will bad fail to put a smile on my face man, but usually even when you’re cruising. This thing just kills the tires, even at what like 70-80 miles an hour right like nothing, big man took a spill over here.
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Hell yeah brother run it up there again did he dump it. He did so what we got going on with this thing. Man standard, golf, cart, average, golf cart, just golf cart, motor sliding modified. You know she climbs up that she climbs up that pretty nice behind it she’s an animal yeah yeah. Thank you a couple times in the back.
That’S what i like to see. Let’S see that 12 o’clock, baby ryan dungey! Well, this thing’s definitely a badass unit. I love to see the all blacked out truck so for any of you guys that had any questions or whatnot, i hope we pretty much hit everything for you. If not, you could leave the questions down in the comments.
1200HP TRIPLE TURBO Powerstroke! https://thedpfdeleteshops.com
I’M sure we’ll be going back and forth. Answering them with you guys system, ready, [, Music ]. What you think boys should we trade black beauty for a triple turbo illumi duty? What do you think? What do you think sunset’s just happening, and both these black beauties are looking good now so we’re out here?
Getting a couple clips of black beauty, we actually had two subscribers that ran up to say what’s up and he said he wants to rip a bird out right yeah, why not hell yeah? Let’S do it, though [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], let’s go! That truck was definitely nasty, something you don’t see every day and he did mention a treat. He really did like the third jet on the five nine. What would you guys do?
What do you think triple turbo 2019 power stroke for black beauty? Uh, i don’t know, leave that down in the comments, but we got tons of stuff to come for you guys, like i said, he’s got two other vehicles he’s got like a 850 horsepower stroke similar to that illumi duty, and on top of that he has the The hellcat durango: what do you guys want to see you want to see some racing? Maybe some head-to-head battles with my truck versus stuff. We might make another video to get out there if you guys would like to see that but leave anything you guys want to see down in the comments below. I appreciate all the support don’t forget like subscribe turn the bell for notifications and as you’ve seen in this video black beauty is back and ready to rip.
So we got a lot more stuff coming with that truck and for any of you that were wondering the drive, shaft completely exploded, the rear drive shaft. Now we got a new five inch. One piece aluminum, as you all see pitch black out here – bam no headlights or nothing. These babies are bright in a spaceship now boys, and this is just eight pure white, c2 mc tuning rock lights. The link will be in the description, but we got two in each wheel.
1200HP TRIPLE TURBO Powerstroke! https://thedpfdeleteshops.com
Well, so this is their eight piece: kit, . You

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