Whistlin Diesel Would Be Proud of This Duramax!

Whistlin Diesel Would Be Proud of This Duramax!
https://thedpfdeleteshops.comThis is Kevin. He got stuck in his own backyard, hey well, first of all, I’m trying to figure out how oh holy cow. He managed to do that. Oh my poor baby! How?
How did you manage to do that? You know um a lot of hard work, determination, yeah, pure Ingenuity. That’S that’s a new style everybody’s going to do that. Lots of sleepless nights working, making this work or no they’re Fury they’re gone yeah. You need new tires anyway.
well. This is why you’re stuck here in the first place, you got Furies hey this said uh. They were Furious and yeah they were so Furious. They tried to come right off my wheel. Uh.
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Do you think so? Our goal right now is to take the wheel off, take it to Mondo’s shop and get a new tire mounted. Should you try to crawl up to like a flatter spot before we try to, or do you want to just do it right there? Well, I don’t want to just do it right here, but I feel like I want to try and save the wheel. I feel like it wouldn’t be good for the wheel to crawl up to crawl up and then honestly yeah.
You could maybe do some damage with the tire flopping around is the trailer still attached, it sure is. Are you going to detach it or detach it and try to crawl like drive it up a little bit? I don’t think you’re going to ruin your wheel. I’Ll guide, you is that back tire and mud back there on the trailer. I use as a makeshift shop.
Give me something to put here: maybe that right there could keep it from Rolling backwards! There you go makeshift there, you go that’ll, look that that’ll do , something I mean it!  helps. I can already see the  comments when you don’t use your truck for truck stuff people get on to you.
Whistlin Diesel Would Be Proud of This Duramax!
Calling your name saying it’s a p pavement princess blah blah blah, but when you do use your truck for truck stuff and get stuck like this you’re going to get called a lot of different things, that’s all it can reach yeah because I didn’t put the ow. The foot down because I didn’t know how much I had I just take off my Gen Y h, oh yeah, you could do that or just that pin right there. You need a hammer or something. I think I got a wrench back here. I can use that’s a nice Hammer.
Yep need go Harbor Freight today and go buy some power tools. Harbor Freight ain’t got on me. It helps if you hit it huh. It helps if you hit it. You know what you kept.
You kept missing it, you know what I’m tired of you and your little camera. Why don’t you hit it all right, fine! Give me your purse I’ll hit it all right, put it in reverse Terry uh all right. I think that might be enough. Hey, oh yeah, yeah hold up back up in here, all right all right go forward, keep going there, you go, keep going all right, scared, your hitch is out or your um whatchacallit is the G out.
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The just the just. The ball is out. Okay, so we’re going to try what C forward, I would say so: all right yeah about to get to this. This is gravel. Oh you’re, good, you’re, you’re!
Your tire is still on there. Your Rim’s, not . Touching want me to go four. I think we’re good right. There, it’s on the jack and the jack stand.
So we’re good, no  beautiful my poor, jtx. Is they don’t spin it used to spin? It did not spin now. Well, you need to get it polished. Yeah more than, shot JW, Motorsports Co.
Whistlin Diesel Would Be Proud of This Duramax!
They now offer polishing I’m glad we borrowed Mondo’s Milwaukee cuz. I don’t think my Cobalt could have done. it my Ryobi – could have done it. Oh yeah! Well, no, probably not not Ryobi.
Let me see if my Cobalt do. it! No! I was going the wrong way at. First, oh yeah, I’m glad we borrowed Applause.
] this, oh, my God, I wanted to be known, though, what the gmcc 2500 HD she got herself out. The tires will fail you before she. Will you know your owner’s manual says Denali? Does it yeah? I don’t know why you know why cuz my truck identifies as a Denali.
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Oh yeah, all right! Here we go how you you want me to bear huging and get it off, so you don’t have to get all dirty. I don’t even know how to get it off like that. It’S only like 100 lb yeah, but the the tire it’s awkward. Oh my !
God get your quadw reel lights from JW Motorsports co.com. There you go. I think they still work lights. Let’S see oh yeah.
Those are actually ad Customs Alex daily Customs. Oh, these are actually Alex daily Customs, but you can order on from from his website. These are JW Motorsports, cor Rock lights, little Shameless plug, and if you want a fantastic thousand piece, Starlight headliner, that’s Mondo at Elite Innovations hit them up. Tell them Kevin sent you for there might be a problem. Oh we going to get this bad boy in here.
Whistlin Diesel Would Be Proud of This Duramax!
One way or another try the other way this end. First, this is heavy what’. You tell me earlier it’s just a couple hundred lb yeah you’re stronger than me. Sometimes, oh, no, that’s my Staples all right I’ll! Do it!
I ain’t worried about the bumper  LIF, with your knees hell yeah going in, though that’s good enough. I bummed you record , it yeah just live like that identifies as a Jeep. That’S why they don’t spin you going to videotape it all right Kevin! You got this! I’M injured!
Right now, see this. I got hit by a chainsaw. You got bit by a Chihuahua all right, I’ll help you yeah! I need help. You got bit by a Chihuahua.
That’S what happened: yeah good Chihuahua shout out to Elite Innovations for saving my tire and not just trying to get me to buy a new one, good, honest, people. That’S good enough! I think it’ll fit all the way in yeah, but then we’re going to have to try and get it all the way out. That’S true right, there’s good! I zip tie.
I got my bungees zip tie du tape. There you go, he cleaning up Kevin’s mess there. You go oh yeah. She ain’t going nowhere, so we’re good, solid I’ll, probably Drive in front of him. So that way, if the wheel does come off, you know it doesn’t hit me, think these are 12 wi and 14 wies. Oh, if there were 14 wies, we would had a big  issue. At least I have one wheel, give me traction getting the rest of the way out. Oh yeah! Well, you pulled yourself up this this much with still spinning all right.
Let’S hope this fits get a good angle. There we go hey guys, that’s it perfect. I’M not used to Wheels sliding in that much. Oh yeah cuz. You got a jack stand woo and we’re back.
Whistlin Diesel Would Be Proud of This Duramax!
Oh man, that, like we, never left, but this concludes today’s. What do you even call this cuz? It’S not a. I guess, a rescue helping a friend out. I was going to call it a a recovery, but he wasn’t really stuck down there.
He just needed to remove his wheel and bring it here so today’s rescue, I appreciate you, guys, oh, he would have been. He still would have been stuck. He would have been stuck for a while, and today’s lesson is also get rid of the Cobalt half in Impact because it sucks – I know the Harbor Freight one’s actually better. I know a lot of you guys don’t like Harbor Freight just because it is cheaper stuff, but honestly their impact is pretty impressive.and she lives and she’s back birs.
Like a kid. Maybe we’ll do a towing video soon a what now Towing video yeah next time you pull something heavy, we’ll do a video, hey, I’m telling you right now. Rds 64 mil makes Towing 18 20,000 lb of Breeze yep. So yeah I’ll call you whenever I tell something next all right: when Kevin’s not stuck, he actually used is his truck. He pull stuff.
So yeah you, you guys see all the stuff he’s got back there um. You know he has. He started his own dump business and he also has like an excavator and skid steer and stuff. Like that yeah I got an excavator. I got a skid steer.
I got 30 yard dumpster 15 yard dumpster 20 yard dumpster flat deck trailers goose neck trailers. I got it all whatever you need call me. So we’ll do a video next time. If you guys are interested leave a comment below so we know, but we’ll do a video next time he tow something heavy 15, 20,000 lb and kind of give you guys a real life review on the RDS 64 mm turbo and how well this is actually a Lifted truck so it’s a 6 and2 BDS on 38, so kind of give you guys a real world experience of Towing something heavy with lifted l5d. Obviously, it’s tuned switch on the Fly he used to tow it on RAC tun, but we got him hooked up with switch on the fly, so he can safely Tow on level two or possibly even three and egts are better and truck is running a lot better.
Would you say yeah, it’s a lot better. I can’t complain. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Besides this guy’s tuning uh real life applications, you can’t beat them it’s it’s great. So leave a comment below and we’ll do a towing video next 

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