What is a EGR Delete Why should I delete this on a Duramax

What is a EGR Delete Why should I delete this on a Duramax https://thedpfdeleteshops.com What is going on everybody? I hope everyone is having a great day and welcome to the channel. I appreciate everybody who sticks by and watches every video that I post. Thank you very much.
So today’s topic is what is an EGR delete now I know in previous videos I have explained this numerous times, but I’ve never actually dug into exactly what an EGR delete is so before we get started. I want to go ahead and explain to you guys exactly what you will need to do. A proper EGR delete for your Duramax. The first thing that you will need is a up pipe, which is right here. You’Re gon na want the upgraded.
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We call it. The lb7 up pipe, but it’s an upgraded up pipe that there’s a little leg there. That goes straight to your EGR cooler, which is right here. It bypasses that and goes straight to your turbo pedal, so you’re going to need the up pipe. The next thing that you’re going to need a cold side intake tube.
This is a 3-inch intake tube and then my intake tube is coupled to a upgraded Y bridge and then so you’re gon na need the intake tube. The cold side intake tube the Y bridge. The lb7 up pipe and in the very last part that you will need to do a correct, EGR delete on your Duramax, is a half inch heater hose and two clamps that half-inch your hose is going to bypass your EGR cooler, which you won’t need anymore. So what an EGR actually stands for is exhaust gas recirculation, that’s what it stands for and pretty much any vehicle has an EGR, with the exception of, for example, a Duramax first-generation in which they call the lv 7. The first Duramax was introduced into the chevrolet or GMC.
What is a EGR Delete Why should I delete this on a Duramax https://thedpfdeleteshops.com
So what that really does with the EGR guys is it really introduces the exhaust back into your intake, but twice so reintroduce? Is it right back into your combustion chamber and burns it out and goes right out to your exhaust, and it puts it out as a clean pollutant which won’t affect our ozone layer is what the EGR really does. Okay, so a lot of guys that you know they ask me lots of questions about what what is an actual EGR delete kit? What is it, what does it actually do? That’S what it really does.
Is it lessens that so really it’s only going to go out. One time it’s gon na once you burn that that few it’s gon na go right out to your exhaust and you don’t have to worry about reintroducing an exhaust back in there twice. Well, that’s a pretty big plus because it really reduces the amount of power on your engine when you’re reintroducing that exhaust back into your engine, it’s kind of where I’m getting that. So it’s always a good thing. One thing I will, let you know is: are illegal in all 50 states it is not recommended and it’s only recommended for off-road shoes.
Off-Road use only what they actually say. So you know that’s it’s your vehicle, you do what you want. I do have here on my table: it’s just a few parts of your EGR system that I’d like to explain to you guys, so you have a better understanding of what you’re getting yourself into and then really what is an EGR delete kit? What does it even do like? What does it look like and then I’m gon na explain to you your best option and I first think I have sort of my own bias, but I think that it’s a really good option.
I think you guys will agree with me so continue to stay tuned on this video right here. So first off you’re gon na have your eachother cooler! Okay! Now this is going to cool that exhaust once it’s reintroduced back into your engine. So that’s what the EGR cooler is: there’s cool that actually flows here.
What is a EGR Delete Why should I delete this on a Duramax https://thedpfdeleteshops.com
So you have your manifold right here and then you have your up pipe. That goes right into your cooler and then from your cooler to your cold side, charge pipe and then you’re gon na. Have your EGR valve right here, which regulates that air. Now this in particular EGR valve, is gon na build up with a lot of just nasty, sult and crud. It’S not good for your engine, one bit and it’s gon na lessen the airflow, which is very important for a diesel trust me on here this this right.
Here, application right here – this is an lb Z Y bridge right. Here’S is gon na go right in the valley of your engine, your Duramax engine – and this is going to be your up Inlet right here. Your upland Inlet is connected to your charge. Pipe now. What I will do guys to just hold on if you don’t really know what I’m trying to say, I’m gon na show you what I got my engineer in a second, but just to explain some of this to you.
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That’S it. It’S gon na build up inside of your up inlet of your white bridge right here. Your Y bridge is just full of nasty crap. I don’t know if I can get down on camera kind of hard to see. I scraped a lot of it out, but that’s disgusting that’s 150,000 miles.
It can build up pretty good that built up to about a quarter of an inch thick of just nastiness, and it’s going right back into your internals and it’s just not a good solution for it, especially when you spend so much money on these trucks. You want to protect your investment. I really do so. The EGR delete would not allow that to happen is what I’m trying to say. A lot of that sets gon na go right out to your exhaust instead of rain, reducing it back into your Y bridge and your EGR valve your cooler so on and so forth.
What is a EGR Delete Why should I delete this on a Duramax https://thedpfdeleteshops.com
So the EGR delete. What will end up happening like I was explaining you’re gon na have your up pipe your up pipes going to connect right here to the back of your EGR cooler. It’S gon na end up happening is you’re actually going to put up what we call a blocker plate. The blocker plate is going to line up right here behind your EGR cooler, thus allowing the exhaust not to go into your cooler through your charging system through your EGR valve. It’S not allowing that exhaust from that manifold to the up pipe going right into your EGR cooler.
It’S not allowing that to go dump back into your engine for the second time! That’S what that’s that’s! What that easier, blocker plate is designed to do, because I know you guys are looking at kits and you see a blocker plate. That’S what that blocker plates going a little tool out. However, if you guys do install that blocker plate understand that you will have a check engine light so once you’ve installed that blocker plate and your cold side church pipe is because once you block that off you’re gon na want to install a nice open, High Flow.
Two-And-A-Half to three inch charge pipe it’ll go right! It’S your cold side charge pipe, which is this piece right here. You guys can see it’s now. I’M gon na zoom into this and explain this to you guys that cold side charge pipe okay, what’s gon na end up happening is once you install that cold side charge pipe to your stock up Inlet. What we’re trying to do is not build up all that right there, but we don’t want any boost leaks, because this is what happens.
You have two rings on this up: Inlet, that’s, okay! You start messing with this right here when you’re installing a charge pipe to it, that cold side charge pipe. It’S going to eventually it’s just gon na wiggle. Well, these two o-rings and then now you’re gon na have a boost leak. It would really don’t want that.
What is a EGR Delete Why should I delete this on a Duramax https://thedpfdeleteshops.com
So guys the cheap route, the cheap route you go on, Amazon, eBay, you buy this cheap EGR delete kiss. What are they 98 dollars $ 150 yeah they’re pretty inexpensive in labor time. Even if you do it yourself, I did a full how-to video on that. A couple of years ago, you guys have probably seen that video before but you’re, really in it a you know about three or four hours into the job and there you go, you have a check engine light. So what do you do?
You do? The EFI live whatever kind of to need like to go with, go ahead and fool that computer and thinking that the EGR is still there. So therefore, you don’t have a check engine light. That’S what the tube that’s! When the tuning comes on, then you get your cool custom tunes whatever you want, you want the turbo brake, the econ tune, the 150 or one 140 horsepower tune, there’s all kinds of tunes, DSP five we can go on on and on and on about the tuning.
But what that’s really gon na do guys is it’s going to turn off that check engine lights, but guys, don’t skimp out, don’t buy the cheap EGR delete, that’s what I’m trying to get. That’S my biased opinion on and I really think that it’ll really help you guys out once you blog. This is your cooler and you have that up pipe. This happened to me. This is what I’m trying to explain this to you guys.
I want you to learn from my experiences once you block that off you will have those bellows on that up pipe. Eventually, those bills will crack okay, because you’re editing that extra pressure once you blocked it off, it has nowhere to go. It has no air flow. I know some kits offer really expensive. Egr delete kids, if you guys see a blocker plate, we’re on don’t do it now, if you already have a blocked plate on your truck just think about time.
What is a EGR Delete Why should I delete this on a Duramax https://thedpfdeleteshops.com
Okay, eventually over time, you’re gon na blow those bells and go to your up pipe and then you’re gon na have all kinds of source issues. You have an exhaust leak. You know a boo sleek, you have reduced power, it’s a mess! Okay, if you guys are going to do it, do it right, but it is not cheap. It’S not a cheap option.
By no means this is the headache of doing EGR deletes and I’ve seen it. I’Ve seen it a lot. Trust me. I’Ve helped out a lot of buddies. I’Ve just seen it.
So what I would say is this is an lb 7 y bridge all right now, LM very, very similar-looking, as you guys can tell there’s no two part to it. There’S a few options that you can do, and I know a few guys have actually done this before clean these up. If you haven’t helped lol mmm LBZ, what I’m trying to say is your hope for stew 2012, there are maxes, I’ve seen guys actually weld these together, so you wouldn’t have to worry about it. Now there could be issues, we know you do the welds or you pay someone to do to actually weld all this up. It could fail.
You don’t know that the other option would be now. I highly encourage you guys, go on the WC fab website really custom fab, because that’s the desta kit that I use SDP has on HSP, has them so on and so forth. There’S a lot of different companies to do it, but to do it correctly, an EGR delete to do an EGR delete correctly, get the upgraded y bridge for your Duramax. It’S gon na breathe a whole lot better trust me trust me. You can really tell a difference on eg T’s spooling on boost not like an incredible amount of difference, but it’ll really make your truck a lot better it, but an EGR delete in general would be your.
What is a EGR Delete Why should I delete this on a Duramax https://thedpfdeleteshops.com
This is a bulletproof situation. This is really putting your money where it really needs to go with your truck. It’S going to be an upgraded y bridge and upgrade your white bridge. What I’m trying to say is something similar to this, but less restrictive air flow and then your charge pipe, which is this part right here, is pretty high flow. Believe it’s about a three inch going right down into your intercooler.
That’S gon na run, you about you, know a couple hundred more dollars and then ditching. I know it just keeps going, but it’s definitely worth it actually. Let me show this to you guys what a full bulletproof EGR delete kit would really look like now ignore my intake. Okay, that’s the air intake. You don’t have to have that for an EGR delete.
So don’t worry about that. It’S gon na be your charge. Your cold side right here, your cold side, pipe here now, that’s gon na dump down into your upgraded Y bridge, which it’s kind of hard to see. You don’t have to worry about a boost leak on this there’s, no o-rings whatsoever, just one direct shot, cold side. Pipe right there, and then this is a very important one right here that up pipe what you want to do guys.
This up pipe in particular, is a lb7 up pipe. I mean there are only a hundred bucks right there. They match up perfectly okay, you can get yourself an lb7 up pipe. You don’t have that up leg. That actually goes to your cooler anymore.
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So there’s no worries as far as pressure, and you don’t have to worry about a blocker plate cuz that right there will go straight to your turbo pedestal. That’S where that actually ducks right into is your triple pedestal. That’S the lb7 up pipe. So that would be part of your EGR delete kit. So really what you’re, looking at guys is your lb7 up pipe your cold side charge pipe and then your Y bridge, that’s a full EGR delete.
That’S what I would say is a bulletproof situation. You’Re looking at about $ 1,200, I’m not even joking and that’s with you doing it by yourself – did a how-to video and every single one of those. Actually, if you guys want to scroll through some of my older videos, so you understand that. So, to sum this video up guys don’t skimp out, don’t cheap out on an EGR delete kit, because eventually it’s going to leave you stranded, you’re gon na have issues so very expensive, but so worth it man, it’s it’s it’s an investment. It’S your!
It’S! Your toy! At your hauler, it’s your nice truck, it’s something that you enjoy! It’S something that you work really hard for. Why not put the the right parts on and do it the correct ways where I’m getting at?
So that’s all the time that I have for you today. Oh by the way, WC fab use my coupon code truck yeah, just truck master. It’S one word: it’s gon na save you on shipping. If you guys decide that you want to do the same route that I did with my kit just to help you guys out, I guess follow me on instagram is gon na, be truck underscore master, oh seven, and as always guys. I appreciate your time so much.
Thank you guys so much for watching the video stay tuned. I got some pretty cool videos coming here very shortly. You guys got to keep watching the channel. It can be a good time. You guys have a great day take care.

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