The BEST CHEAPEST Way to Delete the DPF and EGR

The BEST CHEAPEST Way to Delete the DPF and EGR https://thedpfdeleteshops.comHey guys anthony four before diesel you’re gon na love. This we’ve got some new information and we’re gon na share it with you, the best, cheapest ways to get rid of and delete the uh either the egr system or the dpf. You want to get rid of your dpf get rid of ejr. You know how bad it is stay tuned before we get started. I’M just going to give you a couple another important few bits of information before we get started.
One is don’t call me. The phone number that’s provided is provided for a text message service. Only so text message service only no calls. So if you’re trying to call you’re just embarrassing yourself, it means you haven’t watched enough videos and it’s there for a part service or to book into the workshop. So the product check out the prado hospital information page on facebook.
If you want to know more the phone number’s listed there, it’s a text message service, hey mate. I want to book in my proto hilux. That’S all we work on. You know 1kd ftv, maybe a v6 here or there, that sort of thing or i’d like to purchase that injector kit, that sort of thing parts day is monday but as i’ve said before, we only work school days and uh school hours. So at the moment, at school holidays isn’t it so that means we’re not working.
The prada hospital is closed until around about when school goes back and uh check those two facebook pages we’ve got. If you want to have more information on when to contact us parts day monday, send us a text message from about 8 am melbourne time on a monday morning. It’S not always going to work, for example the coming monday monday, the 17th, i believe it is. We’Ve got a birthday on and guess what i’m going to be busy because somebody’s got a birthday, so we’re going to be doing birthday celebration, so i’m not going to be on the phone i’ll be able to send a few orders. Take a few orders.
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Take your payments, so you can go ahead and contact me monday morning, the earlier the better. Let’S go! 7 30 a.m until 11 a.m.
By then, i’m not going to be looking at the phone much until about mid afternoon when the day is just about over and obviously the ones that have text me got the order paid for it. The monies will go in that day, the next day, we’ll get them all packed and they’ll all get sent around about thursday or friday that week so be a slight delay there. So that covers the don’t call because we’re getting a lot of calls getting a lot of messages asking a lot of questions now. This is the problem. You’Ve got to understand i’d love to be able to answer everybody’s questions, but there’s thousands of people, tens of thousands of people, hundreds of thousands of people.
I can’t do it and if i do one i do five, i just can’t do it. So all the information we’ve got is in our videos. If you’ve got a problem, you need to search our videos on our youtube channels on our facebook groups, on our facebook pages or be on those facebook groups and ask post it up there, because i might get to it to help out. If not, somebody else, that’s been educated from the good information we share and they may be able to help. That’S how you get help if you want to find a specialist, a lot of people.
Oh, have you got someone you can recommend here or there now. First thing i want to ask in this video, if you think you’re good and you can do good, clean work and you’re good and you’re, reliable and you’d like some more work, doing injector replacements on these or servicing or whatever you do. You know bfv kits changing water pumps, you know changing batteries, cleaning map sensors, whatever it is that you do changing brakes, tires suspension and you’re good and you’re fair. Then contact me once school goes back and let me know who you are where you’re at. Let’S see if we can’t work a relationship so that it helps other people out, because that’s what we’re here for to help people but look um so get on the groups get on the pages.
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I’Ll show you those pages later in the video after we give you this important information about the egrs and the dpfs, the other one is diesel. I just want to quickly say diesel diesel look just do as i say, not as i do at the moment. If you want a diesel for off-roading and touring, that’s awesome. This here is the last of the best, the 1kd, the 1gd. So far, we haven’t really been happy with it.
We’Ve seen a couple of issues, you know about some dpf issues and things like that. There’S some timing chain issues and that sort of thing we’re not saying it’s a heap of rubbish. It’S still better than all the other makes and models. But if we’re not happy we’re fussy, i’m fussy here right, we’re not happy with it. So we’ve got a new one arriving very soon and we’re going to give you some awesome feedback within days within weeks and it’s going to build from there so make sure you subscribe turn the bell on.
So you can get the genuine feedback, but the problem you’ve got is hybrids coming soon. So i don’t know if you’ve noticed but hybrids have been in produces camrys it’s into rav4s the technology and the way they works getting better. The future is hybrid and when i say that i’m not saying it’s not not electric, you know good luck. I get your tesla for underground. If you want good luck with that one, what do they got?
You got to go to. You’Ve got to go to melbourne. What is there like one deal, you know they’ve got anybody there. Good luck with that. You want to have a brand of a vehicle that you can get service and repairs just about anywhere dealerships everywhere.
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Do you know what i mean so petrol hybrid? You might think it sounds complicated, but i’ve always loved petrol engines and i can’t wait till it goes hybrid. That’S how scared i am of losing diesel business. I couldn’t give a stuff. I like petrol engines, i love the electric and the way it works using the two electric motors.
Look, you know it’s a whole. We will have videos on demonstrating and trying to explain how that hybrid system works once they become more popular, but what’s going to be really exciting is if in maybe 2023 maybe it’ll take longer, maybe it’ll be sooner. I don’t know it doesn’t even matter if toyota have made it and they’ve got it somewhere. Now we don’t know we’re getting it in australia until we’ve got it. Okay, so maybe 2023 there might be a hybrid in a prado.
So, in my opinion, if i was you, that’s a lot better option than a diesel and you might be concerned about power and talk and all that don’t be concerned. That’S not what this video is about. Remember it’s about the dpf and the egr, but it’s all really important information. Now, just one more thing on the don’t call – and these are the days when you look at school – goes back in february – guess what it still can be really hot. On the really hot days, we either don’t work or we only work in the morning.
If we got really nice weather, we might go away camping so just understand. I’M warning. You now be flexible plan ahead, as i’ve said before, send that text message and if you don’t get a response, send it again some other time, i’m really good with getting back to people. Everyone could tell you about that. You can check out facebook page reviews other than a couple of haters.
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You can see how much people love the service we provide. Now, let’s get to the egr one. Now the ejar one’s really easy. The best system is still the plate with a seven mil hole, but i’ve got to tell you it’s not necessarily legal. So i can’t tell you that you know go ahead and do that.
That’S the best. The egr system, exhaust gas recirculation is the problem. Just think about that that, in itself, exhaust gases re-circulating back through your intake you’re putting dirty soot exhaust gases through your engine, but we’ve got an intercooler here for cool air. We know that works better. So why would we put hot exhaust gases in?
Why? Wouldn’T we just take the intercooler, as i just take the intercooler off you know, anyway, you get what i mean it’s just so silly anyway, the plate, it’s very cheap, it’s very simple! It’S very reliable and it doesn’t disable your ejr system, i’m not promoting disabling your egr system when the vehicle intake, cakes up and gets clogged and caked, and it can’t breathe anymore. That is not running well, that is causing environmental problems, both while it’s running and for the health problems for the person. That’S got to clean it health problems for the people that are behind it, just as bad as the health problem from the nitrogen oxide in the first place.
So in my opinion, you don’t want to totally get rid of an egr system. It’S actually a good thing. Unless you’ve got ad blue see, there’s two sides to the story, but it’s got to balance off. You know, there’s no rob peter to pay paul. It’S got to be worthwhile and what i’m saying is the cloud’s just come over and everything’s going really dark yeah.
EGR DEF Delete 6.7 Powerstroke Install
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I don’t know if you got that in the picture, but so the ejus system there’s no new news there. I’M sorry about that. There’S no new news, plugging an electronic device, shutting it off completely, probably not a good idea, because you’ve got more crap under your engine bay, something else to go wrong and it’s definitely 100 illegal. There’S no maybes there a plate with a hole in the middle that reduces the flow, isn’t necessarily illegal. It depends what state, what country blah blah blah right?
You’Ve got. A grey area read the fine print, not that anybody’s checking or cares anyway, but you should care about your health and your friends, your family, the people in front and behind you right and that’s why i’m here to tell you, don’t delete the dpf okay. So this isn’t a video about sorry yeah you’re upset. Now i will don’t delete the dpf, because if the vehicle is used correctly, you shouldn’t have a problem with the dpf and if you don’t want to risk it, then don’t buy a diesel with a dpf. That’S that’s your news right there.
The bad news is most people that want to get rid of dps. They want to go faster, want to do all sorts of modifications, and if that’s you, that’s fine. Some people you’re feeling a bit deceived. Are you feeling a bit deceived? You watch this whole video and you came to get the new information on getting rid of the ejar and getting rid of the dpf the cheapest easiest way.
Well, i tricked you: okay, because you shouldn’t be doing that and that’s what you should feel like, because that’s what people feel like when you mess with their health, okay, now dps when there’s pro, i don’t like dps, don’t get me wrong. I don’t like dps. Why? Because for many years for decades, other brands have had problems with them: okay and they couldn’t fix them and they’ve gone away from them and then toyota’s forced to do it in 2015 or whenever it was, they come out with their dpfs. They have a few issues.
DIY 6.7 Cummins EGR delete. Off-road use only. Cleaning EGR purposes only
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Things didn’t work out, you know it’s not necessarily the hardware. You could blame the software if you like, but it’s more to do with how the vehicles are used most likely, and there could have been some issues – we’re not even going to go into that too much. The whole point is you need to fix it. You need to deal with it because i told you many years ago. These are the last of the best.
So if you didn’t want to deal with the problems, then you stick with the last of the best. Don’T risk it just because i do so that i can learn about them, doesn’t mean you do it’s a do, as i say not as i do so since 2015 even 14, when there was talk of what’s coming in dps, 13, 14 and 15 
I always said: stick with the last of the best i’ll, let you know when something better comes along now. As far as diesels go, maybe this one gd with the latest remap and that’s what it is. It’S the same size, engine, more power. You can talk about.
Turbos and pistons and blocks all you like. It’S basically the same: it’s a remap you’re, getting more power of the same engine, different software, the transmission guess what they should have re-flashed all the old transmissions too, because they just don’t work right. So if you didn’t listen and you got a 15 16 17 18 19, you got ripped off because the software of the transmission – in my opinion – i don’t like it, but you might like it. You might not notice the difference and that’s fine you’ll only know if you watch my videos and listen carefully. Okay, so i’m kind of sorry for deceiving you, but i’m kind of not because i wanted you to feel that getting rid of the dpf isn’t a good idea and the reason i thought of this video is because someone put a comment going.
2011-2016 Ford F250 F350 6.7 Powerstroke EGR Removal delete
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Oh you know why. You’Re getting you’re, not you know, thinking of the people behind you now in my dpf delete video. I don’t believe that i told anybody how to delete a dpf, but then i haven’t watched it for years, so i wouldn’t really know what i said, but i don’t believe i would have changed much of position from where i am now, and that is don’t. Do the dpf delete right, don’t do it it’s a bad idea! Once it’s going to cost you thousands once you do it it’s going to be hard to put back.
You could end up having really big fines. When you go to sell the vehicle, it’s not going to be road worthy anyway. Don’T do it don’t buy the vehicle with the dpf is the first part. If you buy one, you buy a toyota because that’s probably the best option, one of the later ones, from 18 19 onwards, if you must have an 18 or 19, but otherwise you’re going to want the 20 21 or 22 right, because it’s got the latest software. Any issues they might have had, but don’t, but just because i’m saying that doesn’t mean it’s any good, it’s doing burns every 300 k’s chewing up heaps of fuel this, and that’s not a good thing.
These don’t do that anyway, guys. That’S the video that was it butter, bing butter boom, lock it or not. That’S what it is. Don’T do the dpf delete and the ejr you just want to reduce the flow because there’s too much going in there and it’s blocking up the intake when you get a system where the egr still works, but it’s enough that it doesn’t block the intake. I think that’s reasonable, fair and the engine can handle that as long as you don’t put on a catch can because that’ll take the oil out and even it up and you’ll end up a little bit dirtier and possibilities of it blocking up.
Because that’s what it is, it’s a filter that can block up and then you pop seals at your engines and other issues like that see. I had to mention the deep here: the dpf and the catch can and the e jar and the whole lot and we’re out of here. I hope you liked it hit the like button subscribe, turn the bell and we got better videos if you really want to learn about understanding your ejr system more check out, ejr information, ej cleaning, there’s a playlist there, our playlists check out our playlist thanks for watching Guys see

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