Sinister Diesel EGR delete for my 6.4 Powerstroke! (Step by step instructions)

Sinister Diesel EGR delete for my 6.4 Powerstroke! (Step by step instructions) https://thedpfdeleteshops.comHey everybody: what’s up today, today, we’re going to install this sinister diesel EGR delete kit on my 6.4 powerstroke. This came in a couple Probab out a week ago, but I was waiting for the rest of my stuff. So I’ll show you what it comes with the instruction manual, the high flow elbow. I like that color blue I’ve had to buy mine ahead of schedule from what I wanted, just because it was the EPA’s cracking down they’re no longer making race parts.
So I wanted to get mine from sinister just got one of the color. My trucks blue and it looked really good – comes with a really cool, looking decal here’s another block off plate. It’S got the Sinister logo on it very thick. Steel looks like it’s actually heat treated a few block off plugs for the other pipes in the back Hardware. Nobody checked confirmed according to the instruction manual everything is present, so we’re good on that.
I’Ve got my bucket for my coolant to be dumped into and right now, it’s a good day to do it in the week it’s high up 60 today – and I got all my tools set out here in front of me – I’m the kid in the bucket my Tools: here’s a truck. I got the the vertical cooler here, there’s a horizontal running just blow down in here by the oil, so we’re gon na take this off, and probably I know for sure – that and down below the other cooler and some other hoses and stuff. Like that, so I’ll show you guys how to do all that, and the kit says the instruction manual says, make sure the front wheels are straight and then disconnect both batteries. We’Re not going to do that. It’S because please excuse the wind.
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It’S a very windy day out, then we’re gon na drain the coolant from the plug guide right up there. It’S a 17 millimeter right into the bucket a few shop towels. I can used to keep my hands clean this off and then this cooler next we’re gon na pull this hose from the D gas bottle wire somewhere, but we’re glad jellies home break that all right. I got some channel locks. Cuz couldn’t seem to get that cord off, but that was my fingers was pretty tight, move on to this little guy, this little blighter they’re nice.
Now the kit says to save this hose because we will be using it enough for future in the future. I forget everything taken care of somes gon na put this off to the side over by my intake. What that sits like that kind of out of the way, remove this radiator coolant hose by pulling this clip out right there and separating the hose I’m gon na put this clip off to the side in the Box. It’S just a little stiff and tight. She pulls right out that kind of allows you to get a little better down there, yeah vertical cooler right in there.
You can see the horizontal it kind of starts to go off towards that direction. So next they want me to remove after the batteries and taking out all of the coolant lines go into the DJ’s bottle. So I see this one right down there and there should be one underneath it to. I don’t know about anything from the side or not. So we’ll get back with you on that clamp, a little clip I mean see clip and then, when we remove this battery box D, gas bottle should be four bolts.
Sinister Diesel EGR delete for my 6.4 Powerstroke! (Step by step instructions)
I will find out what size they are, but I think they’re 13 millimeters, 13. Millimeters 6.4. I got two room on the side filtration come on. Somebody understand there should be a vent hole.
You you, this is open, it shake it up and give it some of that. It’S just coloration out of there. Hopefully next thing they want me to remove the driver side, intercooler boot and I’m using an 11 millimeter deep well, and they said it’s not necessary move the towards just. I think it’s this clearance to get into those pipes right there. You can see, though, the horizontal the fool are going along right there.
That really opens up a lot of space. Is your brake, cylinder and stuff that you know you can’t see from the top? I might do my glow Bluffs cuz it’d be a good time to get them all. I can easily get to them so alright, so I just got the intercooler boom removed from the tube. I actually loosened this end up first, and I realized they wanted to do this, and it allows us to be move around a little easier then having this still attached to it separate these coolers right here at their mounting bracket, is held on with a 9/32.
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Besides hose clamps, so that’s the type of socket you need to eat or a flathead screwdriver get that off just see. You know I took off a hose that was right here. This went to the side of the D gas bottle. I hadn’t plug that cuz. That was in the way of all this stuff, and this is plastic and I’m gon na break it.
So I don’t have a hose to fight with. I feel like I might be able to protect this. A little more well is gon na get my hand in here a little easier to so these bolts holding these two coolers together by a 13 millimeter, and hopefully they break off pretty easy all right. So I got him taken apart and separated with the screwdriver was very hard to get to that bolt right on that side, just from the fan shroud in the way. Now I’m going to loosen these there’s two three of them saddle clamps are what everyone call them that holds this cooler in place all the way up top I’m gon na take the whole thing out.
Sorry, I’m trying to film with one hand here: 11 millimeter, I’m using 11 millimeter deep well he’s out by gearwrench flex flex, had been telling with youth my life’s be miserable. Without these guys. Now I got these two bolts: one’s a stud with a 13 millimeter nut on it and the other one is like torques. So I got that set up, and this is it’s not 12 hour, 20 point or whatever it’s supposed to be. This is like a 6 point or whatever, and it’s an e 10 or e 12.
Sinister Diesel EGR delete for my 6.4 Powerstroke! (Step by step instructions)
I’M sorry, I eat 12, but it actually fits right and I’ve already loosened it. So I know it will work so just see what I’m using just got that cooler out of there. That was a real pain to get through. It would be a lot easier with this tube out. The instructions are asking, I believe, for this coolant plastic coolant pipe to and be removed.
So I think I’m gon na leave it on I’m not entirely sure yeah yeah, it’s this one here, it’s they want to remove, but I’m gon na see how far along and go without removing it to see if I actually need to or not alright. So the next step is remove the upper EGR mount cooler, so I’m gon na take off all of this. This should just be a couple bolts holding it on some down there and then one over here and then obviously clamped onto here remove the whole thing. These bolts here I hold this housing on or 8 millimeter, and this one is an 11 obviously for that look down further instruction manual. They have us taking this out, so I’m gon na take this out right away.
It’S a 10 millimeter stud. Our bolt I mean there should be four. I believe I haven’t that’s as far as I can see for now for this for the cooler bracket, there’s a not sure what size it as yet, but there is clip, but I believe both to this bracket that holds this hose on. So I got to figure out that isn’t this is a 13 millimeter. The hoses this pieces pieces separate 13 millimeter.
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The rest are 10, so far, my ratchets to hold that hose on to that bracket. 13. No, neither stud that holds on that right. There. You want to keep because it allows you to remount those hoses right there back where they were keep them all the way the fan blades.
So I’m gon na do that right. We installed the hose the stud and the hoses yeah right there. So those are all tight, they said they’ll do that in the later I’ll come back to it later. I just figured I’d. Do it now I still can, or while I’m right there, I mean steering stem or whatever you want to call it shaft right here, and that is a 13 millimeter bolt actually loosened.
It obviously saved that iswhat’s build up just slide one up or down so I’ll figure that out that knot, which is 13 millimeter, which holds your dipstick in place, done. I’M gon na remove the clamps on the EGR cooler, lower EGR cooler, one top and one bottom over. There, mine’s actually broken so I’m gon na leet. Obviously I’m not gon na mess with that, and then there should be two bolts in the back right there. One top one bottom: hopefully those come loose easily and they said this coolant line right who’s.
Sinister Diesel EGR delete for my 6.4 Powerstroke! (Step by step instructions)
There you can, you can cut, they said it’s not gon na be reused, so I’m gon na figure out what it goes to before. I cut it and then pull it. Everybody we’re actually underneath the truck right now I got the cooler unbolt it with the clamps, but here is where it connects yeah lights right there, it’s kinda hard to see these at the bolt. This is the exhaust manifold, so dark in here, but these bolts are a lot easier to get to. It looks like they’re 10, but I can’t I’m not sure yet 10 millimeter and that there’s EGR EGR cooler and here’s that hose they want you to cut.
So I can block that light. It’S a little grainy but yeah. So it’s a lot easier to get to from underneath the truck I’m just laying on some cardboard right now and a rusty pile of tools out. So I wasn’t sure what signs everything’s gon na be, but I think it’s ten millimeter, we just check real quick there’s a 10 millimeter deep, well yeah ten millimeter fits a so I’ll, be able to bust those right off with a 10 millimeter just happened twisted this. Almost completely off trying to get that nut off, so those things are on tight.
Oh my god rethink what I’m gon na do here. So I just got the bottom bolt out and I use these screw extractors that I got off of Amazon, their impact rated. It comes with. I use these to get the bottom one out. I’M gon na still do the top one top one also rounded off on me, so I got to try it but yeah for a second.
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I thought I was screwed, so they worked out all right. I just got the top one loose. I tell you what it’s really a pain. I just broke her loose that sensor. That goes to a sensor.
The exhaust temp is a really pain but she’s loose now, so I should have that cooler out of there real soon. I realize now why they want you to get this out. I’Ve tried several combinations, but I don’t want to break this thing. So I’m gon na pull this tube out. This coolant plastic tube.
I’M gon na leave it attached this hose. I think I can just wiggle it all the way, but as an eight millimeter to bolt here, an eight millimeter bolt there, you knees, pull right out, cooler, mount and also this is a. I think it’s a steel pipe that fed the cooler you can see break There and cut the hose, but it goes all the way up to here. It looks like it’s got an 8 millimeter bolt for one of the EGR block I’ll place it going with this piece, and this will come off all right. I got that EGR cooler bracket out.
Sinister Diesel EGR delete for my 6.4 Powerstroke! (Step by step instructions)
The next thing to do is install what comes with the kit. There’S four m8 by 40 bolts. I go back into here. Where, like it was, you can see that one stood over there and the third one down nothing here. Nothing there well on the bottom, there’s nothing there either I mean, and at the bottom this comes off One piece with it real pain, but nothing was broke.
Everything came up pretty easily 4m 8 by 40 or by 4 or whatever it is. I guess that I’m going to use for the exhaust manifold down here given finger started in there, 13 millimeter socket eight studs, The bolts. I mean that studs to put the cover on right there for that guy. I’M gon na clean that guy up a little bit. So I have a nice smooth surfing surface and this block off plate is going right.
There we have a 13 millimeter head. I read the truck and I cleaned up the mounting surface on this. I recommend just strolling it off for sand. It was whatever you got. Oh my got a plate which I’m gon na make sure it’s got no debris on it and then my screws bolts and then work ratchets snug down the stairs.
I could see what happens if she leaks might wafer to warm up and then retighten her to the factory dipstick tube to the oil, and then the next step is to remove the coolant line, whatever be dead right here, according to the instructions. I just finished the dipstick we’ve cool to does connected the vertically jar cooler, replace it with the coolant plug supplied in the kit to block off the hole. So one block offs going right here right, see if I can get in there, not you can’t really see if I right in between this this one and then right there, so I don’t may be kind of hard to get to it’s got that tube out of There – and you can’t really see if it’s right below this guy eight millimeter bolt fine, ten millimeter head on with a new block off plate correction. You got ta reuse, an old hardware to mount this up. I was just looking there’s only enough bolts to do that.
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The high intake flow or the flow elbow high flow elbow for this. So that’s what I’m going to do this last block off plug is going to go see you can get to it down there by the lower radiator hose I’m gon na brush off that hole. Real quick, clean it out, put it right there. She is installed with the factory hardware, all nice and pretty really making progress reinstalled this, but I found out they come with a spacer kit piece of aluminum, so I’m gon na put that space to kit right in there just because it looks cleaner, gon na back. It out 13 millimeter, put this back on and put the whole thing back together.
Do is to install the gas bottle in the battery box, which I have gotten place. So that’s been oxidized through. I guess, and unless I use a household household scrubber, which my wife won’t, let me I can’t get her much cleaner than that, but she has cleaned it out with some soap and water all right. So the next step is to install the hoses all going to the D gas bottle, so I got ta go, find those and from the yard, we’ll put them back on because of this, and this end went to the old EGR cooler that was here. I’M gon na they’re giving us a barbed kit.
We reuse these to hold the ends tore. We take this out splice using that barbed fitting back into this. I’M using one hose and just this gets thrown away. So I’m gon na do that. Did my install use supplied a post clip here and there and ran just one line?
I didn’t even splice it because that’s what one last area to leak now this guy started doing so 10 millimeter, I think or eight I think, eight millimeter starts holding the whole thing on. It pulls all the way off. Put the new one, we’re good to go. Excited and I forgot to record how it looks on the bottom, but there’s an o-ring that goes on the bottom, and this these four bolts are supplied come with it. They had to reconnect this guy back onto it plugged.
In my my fan and workup to go. I got to add coolant, add the battery, make sure, there’s no leaks and I’ll give you guys an update shell completely done. I just got that coolant. Now, batteries done installed, pull back, run, cool and test for leaks thanks for watching

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