I Bought a Big-Turbo L5P Duramax To TERRORIZE The Streets!

I Bought a Big-Turbo L5P Duramax To TERRORIZE The Streets!
https://thedpfdeleteshops.comHey, welcome back, guys, to another episode on the channel. Today, we are tuning and deleting an L5P. Here’s your $5,000 box: TCM, ECM, everything for the app treatment system, new intake, all the hoses and everything for the coolant lines for the EGR delete, block-off plates, plugs, seals, downpipe heat wrap. So we got everything but the exhaust. We’re gonna be running a straight downpipe here for a little bit, but we’re about to get to it.

Alright, guys, so we got the VCM open right now, VCM scanner open, and we have replaced the ECM, so it saves the configurations off of it. Now, we are pulling out the factory ECM with the three electrical harnesses and one ten-millimeter bolt, and we’re gonna replace it with the other one. We got the ECM out here like always.
dpf delete kit https://thedpfdeleteshops.comWhat’s going on here? I got one bolt left on the EGR. It’s kind of up in there, and now my socket is stuck. Okay, we’ll get that later. What I was talking about right us a little bit along the way. They almost got the exhaust off underneath, but stay tuned, and we’ll get it back together and we’ll go ripping in it.

Alright, what’s up, Dave? You’re not gonna say anything? Trying to find a good place to stand so I can pull the EGR up out of here. Oh, what this view? I remember when they told us to take those bolts out all the way so hang up. I didn’t take that bolt out all the way from hanging up. It is possible to do it in your backyard. Yeah, I see it hanging like not all the way deep right there. That’s deep, and it’s just hanging in there. Oh, there it is. Okay, there’s that one, and I need to get this one shut off. Harley, something. Hurry up. I got a phone call, guy. It’s not that simple. Sweet, I’m stepping on it now. Oh, good job, bud. Okay, she’s loose. Okay, that away. Thanks, Harley. Well, oh shmoo comes out. Oh my gosh, what’s going on down there? Did you find it? Hey, he had a bald spot. I don’t think he’s really worried about that right now. I can give him right past that bald hair.
I Bought a Big-Turbo L5P Duramax To TERRORIZE The Streets!
https://thedpfdeleteshops.comAlright, y’all ready to go back together with it? I’m still gonna pull the downpipe off. We have the ninth injector left. Alright, guys, so we have everything out—both the downpipe and the ninth injector. But it’s kind of armed. Yeah, in the corner line over here. But it’s kind of empty in here now. EGR doesn’t have to go back on it. She’s gone. We got to put the plug in more than we have here. Shut up for a second. With an extra chrome, we have the EGR block-off plate down here. We got to put the coolant plug in here, and then we’re going back together. Give me a pliers.

Alright, guys, we are just about back together. Just buttoning up a couple of connectors. They got the DEF tank ripped out of it, everything pulled out. So I think the only thing left we got to do at the moment is the intake, a couple of miscellaneous connectors, and fill it with coolant. We’ll get it running and get back to you.
dpf deletekit https://thedpfdeleteshops.comRunning great. It’s running too bad. Yeah, taking her down the road, just trying to get the oil and the coolant temp up. Trying to get coolant up so that we can burp it, make sure we’re full. Better pull back into the house, make sure we ain’t got no leaks, and then we’ll take it for a hot lap.


Hey, hey, hey, hey, I teleported to another state, not Antarctica. Got the GMC and the trailer because we are shopping. I’m picking up a forklift, no, I’m just playing. I had the sudden urge to make one of my vehicles a little wider, so we need this. This is a fifth-gen long bed, duly bed, white, and it’s the right color for once. Now, what’s white and has a long bed? That would totally look 10 times better if it was a dually. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Pretty nice.
I Bought a Big-Turbo L5P Duramax To TERRORIZE The Streets!
https://thedpfdeleteshops.comIt’s like a brand new takeoff. The only bad spot is right there—it’s a little dent in the tailgate, but I’m going to take the shaved tailgate that I have on the truck right now and put it on this bed. Fourth-gen bed, but I think the tailgates are the same. Can’t really remember. I’ve done this once before, but if not, we’ll fix that dent and shave this tailgate. They also have another bed. If you can’t tell, I am a lone wolf today by myself. You guys get a little selfie mode.

They have this bed as well—a white aluminum dually bed. Said if it’s nice, he will sell that to me too. He’s got the rear bumper. I don’t need any of it. I don’t need the tailgate; that one looks pretty clean too. Abby, yeah, you might be making your truck a dually. Not sure if I have enough room on the trailer, though. Abby’s been also joking about making her big white Ford a dually. She has to deal with me 24/7 saying that I’m going to make everything a dually.
h&s mini maxx tuner the dpf delete shops https://thedpfdeleteshops.comMaybe I rubbed off on her a little bit, and now she is thinking about making her truck a dually. She’s on a plane heading to Texas right now for a little vacation. Maybe we should surprise her with a dually bed when she gets home. We’ll be dually converting two trucks in one video. I can’t afford that. Alright, so we are somewhere in Indiana right now. Love coming back here. That’s sarcastic. I do not like coming back here at all. Try my best to stay far, far away, but my hot shot driver is all the way down in Florida right now picking up Abby’s Gasser that’s going to be back sometime next week. So I had nobody to drive all the way out here to pick up this new truck plus I wanted to enjoy my last drive in Blackjack, my Denali.

I don’t really drive this truck much, but it was a badass truck for the time being. I was scrolling through Marketplace the other day, and I saw this beautiful red Denali. Back in the day, when I was hanging out with Bryce Johnson every single day, I was addicted to his 2020 L5P Denali. It was this beautiful red, like burgundy, color. L5Ps are just way nastier than the LMLs that I have in this truck right now. This truck does have a big turbo, stock L5P. Compared to this truck, I would still take Big Turbo LML versus the stock L5P, but I found a compound turbo L5P, same body style as this truck but the beautiful red color instead of the black, and it’s not on an ultimate air ride lift kit.
I Bought a Big-Turbo L5P Duramax To TERRORIZE The Streets!
https://thedpfdeleteshops.comSo your second ricing being taller than normal traffic and being able to go up and down and be super sick nasty, but we do have a thousand-horsepower capable truck with the red Denali.

So I weighed my option. I was debating on what to do with this truck. I was going to dually convert it. With it being a 2015, I would never get my money back out of dually converting this truck and putting it on 30s. I’d be like 200 grand into a 2015 Denali with 50,000 miles. At the end of the day, I’m running a business, so I have to make at least semi-smart financial decisions most of the time to not go bankrupt.
dpf delete pipe https://thedpfdeleteshops.comLike I said, I don’t even really drive this truck much. I feel bad almost having this truck just sit in the yard. I feel like the L5P—I’ll drive it a whole lot more and enjoy it a whole lot more. This truck gets to go to some 19-year-old in Indiana, and he’s going to probably drive it around for a bit, sell it for more than what he wanted to sell this truck for, and everybody’s happy at the end of the day. Seems like a cool truck in pictures. Hopefully, you know the drill—just as nice in the pictures and videos as it is in real life.

Fingers crossed it’s nice, and we will be going back to the aunt with a dually bed and a brand-new Denali. But I left Brian, Brian, and Kevin alone at my house all day.

So I wonder what they’re up to. Well, today, I’m filming for Gabe because he’s getting a dually bed. Here’s good old Kevin, and we got Brian, the mechanic, mechanic number one. Then Brian, mechanic number two. Well, I haven’t seen the parts yet, but supposedly a hard piping kit and a turbo, and a turbo that is correct.
I Bought a Big-Turbo L5P Duramax To TERRORIZE The Streets!
https://thedpfdeleteshops.comA nice one too—hard piping kit to rip this junk plastic for junk off, man. I’m not going to lie, I’m new to this truck thing, but Cummins are so easy to work on. These, oh man, these aren’t that bad. They look like a damn mess, though, on Cummins. You have the trouble over here. It looks, you know, all nice and sits. You know, come on there.

There it is. Holy, hell, yeah. Let’s go see if this thing is as clean as the picture. If it is, I am very excited to take that home. Hell, yeah. That’s definitely not factory. The thing sounds nasty. I thought this truck sounded really nice, but that truck’s different, bro.

We did it. We finally got one. There’s a dually bed back there, a dually bed. Yeah, I’ve been working so hard to get one of these, man. It took like three days for me to save up. No rust anywhere.

It’s the right color. It’s kind of covered in soot. I don’t know why. I think she’ll clean up nicely. And uh, you’re becoming a du Casper. Yeah, you’re going to get six tires.
I Bought a Big-Turbo L5P Duramax To TERRORIZE The Streets!
https://thedpfdeleteshops.comWe have a truck here. What do you mean that where’d this truck come from? Oh, this, I picked it up on the way back. Why didn’t you tell me? What’d you get rid of? Oh, remember that big that we had the 20-inch lifted one? Yeah, I just traded him. Well, it was red, and I like red. I’m color blind, but it said red on the title.

Well, I mean, it’s kind of cool. It’s got, well, it’s a 2017. It’s got some goodies underneath the hood, if you couldn’t hear when I was pulling in. Is it loud? It’s loud. H, oh, wo, some slight modifications, Big Turbo, S472 big injectors, built trans, very expensive. I actually thought that the trans temp gauge was broken because it runs so cold.

It does like 120 on the highway doing 100 mph while pulling that trailer. It’s an L5P, not an LML like the other one. Some KG1’s, I mean, they’re cool. If you’re like a Granda, 24x14s at least and some street tires. Freaking traction bars. Your axle doesn’t fall out from underneath your truck when you’re doing 140 mph burnout. I was really underwhelmed by the other Denali because it had like all black interior, the tan leather seats, and brown dash and wood.

I didn’t see any. It was dark when I bought this truck. That’s like my first rule: don’t buy a truck in the dark. Thing’s pretty nice. Literally, the only issue with this whole is that it’s missing the mirror. I was going like 160, blowing past a Lamborghini on the highway, and I literally blew the mirrors off. Like the mirror just flew off. Other than that, it’s a pretty nice truck.
I Bought a Big-Turbo L5P Duramax To TERRORIZE The Streets!
https://thedpfdeleteshops.comRock lights. Think some stars, maybe some more paint mats. It has bags. It does have bags. This is the most tow rig tow rig that we have. I’m sorry if you were fun, Wall. We had you, but this has bags.

It’s got a gooseneck in the bed. Like, I can actually use this thing, and we actually got a dually bed.

It needs, it needs six wheels and tires. It would just look so much better. Like it’s like a, it’s like a 9 and 1/2 out of 10, but it would be a 12 out of 10 if it was a dually and if it was a six-speed. So we’re going to put the dually bed on it, and then I’m going to look around, try to find a G56 swap kit for this truck, which shouldn’t be that hard because this one’s a fourth-gen. We’ve done it to a fifth-gen.

So once you do a fifth-gen G56 swap, everything else is easy. Maybe put a big turbo on this one, and then maybe one day, my other fourth-gen, the big, big one, will come back from resurrected fab. What have you guys been working on? I was gone for like 24 hours. We’re doing a turbo kit on Silver Bullet, the giveaway truck that leaves in like less than a week. Yep, just was in the mood of last-minute adding a whole bunch of stuff, so Silver Bullet has a big turbo.

It’s a stage three KC Whistler turbo or whatever. Sounds amazing. It’s a little bit too much turbo for stock fuel, which that truck has, so I had two options. I could either put a big CP4 in it and injectors and make it completely undrivable, or downsize the turbo. Kevin’s here. Other Brian’s here. Very confusing. Whenever I say Brian, two heads pop up. And I got a whole bunch of goodies to make underneath the hood beautiful. These, uh, what was this, an intake piping kit, all teal powder coat to match. It’s going to look really, really good. Throw the whole turbo kit in, and then Silver Bullet will be ready to go to its new home.

Might be your driveway. That’s right! You guys have less than a week left to get entered to win Silver Bullet, my 2016 F250 sitting on a 14-inch PMF lift with coilovers in the front, powder-coated axles, 28×16 JTX Forge wheels, 38×15.50 Fury tires, custom headlights and taillights, big ass cowl hood, star headliner with an iPad dash, rock lights, train horns, and so much more.

All you have to do to get entered is click the link above or in the description below today. Super simple, and who knows, on December 1st, I might be giving you a call telling you to come pick up your new truck. Good luck to everybody, and enjoy the rest of the video.

Even got a backup camera that actually works. You’re getting spoiled, ain’t you? I am getting a little spoiled.

I haven’t bought like an old truck in a while, besides Abby’s first G. I went from buying like second-gens every other week to buying like nice trucks every other week. Thank you, guys. Appreciate it. Everybody that watches the channel, now we’re able to have all these beautiful nice things and an archery target. No, officer, I swear it’s not. What have you bought?

Oh, I love this thing. Wait, I like a Duramax, don’t tell anybody. Cut that part out Why don’t we like Duramaxes? Honestly, answer that. Who started hating? Maybe it’s just that we never had a Duramax. You never owned a Duramax, did you? No, I’ve owned a couple, but nothing like this. This, this fun. Is this the first L5P? Yeah, it’s the first L5P. Maybe that’s it!

Actually, the L5P is the first Duramax that Chevy actually makes in-house. Maybe that’s why. They always outsource it out of like China, New Mexico, or British Columbia, somewhere like that. Somewhere that doesn’t matter.

Does it have like a machine gun in it? It actually isn’t an L5P, it’s an AK-47. They spelled that wrong. They messed up the labeling. AK-47, underneath the hood of this truck. That is so much fun.

It is very loud. Is it? CU? I can’t hear over the fact that I’m trying not to hit trees. So, uh, obviously to make sure that the truck can stay here, it has to be able to do a burnout. If it doesn’t lay a heater, I don’t want it.

It’s for sale. Well, give me five seconds. Safe to say it indeed does lay a heater, so I think we could hold on to this one just a little bit.

I like it, though. It sounds like a 6.0, but like if a 6.0 was way nicer. I’m so annoyed that that mirror is literally gone. It’s going to piss me off. Just take the whole mirror off.Right, you say, Kevin. Greatest thing about working and being his mechanic.

Usually, people drop their junk off to me like, yeah, I don’t know what happened. With Gabe, I’m riding in the truck. Yeah, that’s what happened. You broke it doing a big ass burnout on Revel. No, I was driving it perfectly normal. I’ve actually only driven this truck twice, and both times I drove it, I didn’t go above 2,000 RPM. Cut to the clip of him beating the hell out of it. No, I like this truck a lot. It is so fun.

It’s up there with the R8. To be honest, it’s up there. It’s up there. I don’t know, it claps. You got seat belts back there? No, I don’t use them. I’m going to figure out how fast. Yes. Ah, hold on.

I forgot traction control. What is the smoke coming from down there now? Uh, that was me. That’s the black smoke. Yeah, that’s this truck.

What? Welcome to Chili’s. That’s his name: Chili, because it’s hot! It is quite spicy.

Actually, I was thinking like habanero or something like that. But Chili’s is good, ghost pepper. Is it leaking? 

What’s it called that they do to boats before they put them in the ocean? No, no, no. No, no, like when you get a brand new ass boat, they, throw a goddamn bottle at it. I’ve never had a—throw champagne. Oh, should we do that? Did it? Yeah.

Welcome to the driveway. Work on these, like they’re actually better than the Fords. These are better than Fords to work on. Yeah, there’s more room. There’s a whole bunch of room. There, you can put like three more turbos in there. Plot turbo and durat—uh, triples is kind of a lot. Triples, triples. I know somebody to call. Overnight parts from Japan. Wait: Japanese triples, Japanese triplets. I don’t like. See you, bye.

Could, I kind of missed that thing, but this truck’s pretty crazy.

Oh my God. What happened? Dude? The truck is loud as. I like. Nice hoodie. Thank you. Believe time.

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