How To TUNE a 2020+ 6.7 Powerstroke - PULLING THE ECU

How To TUNE a 2020+ 6.7 Powerstroke - PULLING THE ECU https://thedpfdeleteshops.comSo you have interest in tuning a 2026.7 power truck, how to tune your power stroke all right guys. What the heck is up. Welcome back to the garage today on the agenda is a quick video for you. Guys behind me is the 2020 f-250, so this applies to 2020 and up 6-7 power strokes.
So what we are doing is showing you how to tune these trucks disclaimer emissions on only it’s emissions on only tuning okay, so these trucks, unfortunately, cannot be tuned through the obd2 port, with the easy link like the 17 to 19 trucks. So, unfortunately, you got to pull the computer and send that in so what we’re doing is we’re going to pull the computer first things first, what do we got to do so? What we have to do is we got to pull the batteries and then pull the computer. So first things. First, let’s pop the batteries put a rag around that okay, we got two batteries on this rig here, one two, so we’re gon na do both grounds.
Okay, now that both batteries are disconnected, we have three monster: weird connections on the actual computer itself. Now, if you locate your thing here, you look under the hood. You find these three on the passenger side. You want to take those three off all right, so you don’t want to break these there’s little tabs on the back here. If you can get in on this over here on this big on the big lever side, so actually on the black part of it.
How To TUNE a 2020+ 6.7 Powerstroke - PULLING THE ECU
There’S a little safety tab. You push that in that will release the tab, the locking tab on the gray side and that will come out and you just simply unplug it. Okay, there’s another little safety tab in here: push that in pull out the gray tab. It’Ll lift forward it’s a little tight here. There’S a lot of stuff in the way same kind of situation, just unplug it get the plug over.
There be very careful with the with this. You don’t want to jam anything in there. You want to be sure to keep that clear. You don’t want to damage this or get anything in there. Just don’t even touch it, don’t even look at it.
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Just keep it out of the way and keep it safe same thing. Second, third: black tap push it in pull the gray unplug. You can kind of jam these down very gently, get them out of the way all right, so trusty, dusty, um pop these pit. Quick push, pin things off. There’S two on the top.
Here you can see with this wire is held on with over. Here you have a darker gray, plastic connector. It snaps into the side of the kind of it’s kind of a front plastic cover. I’Ll show you when we get it off, um it pops into the side. So there’s three push pins, that you got to pop out they’re, just the wire holder deals um, so pull those three out and then try to still weasel your plugs out of the way.
How To TUNE a 2020+ 6.7 Powerstroke - PULLING THE ECU
Without damaging them, then, on the bottom here, there’s another light: gray, um, it’s it’s a whole sleeve. You got to slide it out from the bottom of the of the cover of the ecu cover, get it out of the way which i just did there i’ll show. You when we get it out, it’s a big flat plastic shelf kind of deal that slides in a slot pull it out of the slot. Go underneath of the ecu cover. There’S there’ll be three just tabs.
You got to go through and lift up underneath the cowl um, so lift the tab on the left side, lift the tab on the right side. The ecu cover will come out. It is a bit tricky because there’s so much stuff in here um. Just take your time, don’t damage anything, it’s a tricky. It’S a tricky deal tricky real, tricky.
Okay, so just weasel it out. We use it out real slow like that. So this is the ecu cover it’s full of bugs. Look at that. I think the fireplace isn’t gon na pop pop the top here so uh ecu cover out.
This is what it is. So here’s the shelf that i was talking about just a second ago. There’S this little slot here, where that, where that flat holder type deal, goes into slide, that out, that holds the bottom light gray connector in slide. That out put it underneath of this, and then you have two tabs that would be underneath of the cow push them up push them up. This will pull right out and just take your time getting it out.
How To TUNE a 2020+ 6.7 Powerstroke - PULLING THE ECU
So now that the plastic cover is exposed is off. You can see the ecu right there and it is covered in dirt. It’S just one main big, like black bracket holding this in here um. It kind of slides in so there’s uh, two two, two nuts on each side, um we’re gon na pop those off now and then slide this out very carefully. If you have a 10 millimeter in your arsenal, which i know that those are the ones that like to get out of town you’re going to want to use that take off each nut, okay, so weaseling slow with five.
This is a thousand things in your way. Just take your time, they don’t want you to do it because it’s a pain and there you have it. You have a famoco ecu. It’S a fine, looking unit. So looking at this this way, this is how it sits in the truck give your 10 millimeter nut here.
10 millimeter nut. There pull those two whole thing comes out. Now you can pull the bracket off, which is the bolts to get the bracket on are on the bottom side of the ecu. So you can try to get those off in there, but do it on the bench pull your bracket off. Your ecu is now ready to go in its box and send it down the road.
So, looking in here, you can see what we all took off. You have your one, two three main connectors. You have your top side. Quick pin pull deal that snapped into that bracket, and here is the big part that i said slides into that shelf. This is what you pull out of the bracket slide it down underneath push it down there being very, very gentle, so on the bench you can pull off this black bracket to help with shipping weight and shipping cost.
How To TUNE a 2020+ 6.7 Powerstroke - PULLING THE ECU
I guess and size whenever, if you want believe it on okay bracket is off now you just have your ecu bubble, wrap? If you don’t have any, you can get some at your local ups or fedex store. You definitely want to make sure that you keep the pins secure so going this way smart. I don’t know why that’s smart, i just would think, go that way right. This is just a base layer of protection,  wow.
This is a fancy tape gun. I don’t know where we got this. This is pretty pretty fancy. You guys can do any uh any method.
You feel right with this. You just just wing it just make sure it’s and make sure it’s safe, the more padding the better no but for real this stuff’s self-explanatory bubble, wrap and make sure it’s secure and throw it in a box us here, we literally had like 57 boxes. 57. 000. Bucks we just had a big cardboard fire.
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We have no boxes at the facility, so we’re going to take it like this to the fedex store, and hopefully they have a box and they’ll probably charge you 15 bucks for it, but alrighty guys. So one day has passed. This has went out. This went out on a monday and it is now wednesday. Ecu is back.
So if you’re worried about your truck being down, what i would do is, i would plan for like three, maybe like four days worst case scenario um. This actually happened in best case scenario, shipped it out monday. They received a tuesday tuned. It shipped it back out that same day we got it back on a wednesday, so i always tell the guys plan for a few days of it being down just in case something happens with shipping or whatever it gets delayed, but perfect scenario. If you tear your truck down monday, get it shipped out, it’ll be back on the road by wednesday.
How To TUNE a 2020+ 6.7 Powerstroke - PULLING THE ECU
I didn’t show you that previously before it went out but yep, just a simple little box ecu is in there wrapped in bubble. Let’S open it, okay, so one additional thing that will be in there is your shift on the fly. Switch 20 and up takes a new switch. So you have your shift on the fly switch in the box with the ecu that will come back from being tuned. [ Applause, ] and out of the box comes the ecu, so i did add a uh air puff thing that i had laying around the shop.
I put one of those on there, so here you go upon upon opening it up. You want to make sure that nothing is cracked, so such as the the plastic mounting parts that go around the main. The main connections so just check all of your edges make sure there’s no cracks make sure they’re not broken off, not missing a piece. All of your locking tabs are currently still connected because ups guys nothing against them or fedex or whatever these things get tossed around. So you want to make sure they’re secure as possible and then obviously inspect it thoroughly when you get it back and then real quick.
Just a little tip add the insurance when you ship this to to the tuner when you ship, this in add insurance bracket, is installed. Now it’s ready to go in the truck [ Applause ], all right boys, so you got to kind of find the happy medium to get this puppy back in there. Now, technically, according to the book here, which i’m not reading a book, we are fully assembled with the ecu fully plugged back in push. Rivets are back in all the plugs and connections are in. The only thing left to do now is to put the negative terminals back on the batteries now it’s time for a little uh live action, fire action here, little sparkles oops there we go all right guys so now that the ecu is back in and all the Tuning was done on the bench, meaning the tunes are already on vcu there’s nothing else.
How To TUNE a 2020+ 6.7 Powerstroke - PULLING THE ECU
You need to do with the engine. Tunes tunes are already on the computer computer’s back on the truck, but what you need to do now is address the transmission tuning. Now the transmission tuning can be done with two different things. I always like to go the easy link route. It’S the easiest, most easy connect over the cloud v.
Vice versa, whatever it flashes the truck very easily gives you a nice app. I like the easy link, so we’re tuning the transmission with this truck with the easylink. So, moving to the driver’s side of the truck you have, your easylink easylink does not write to tunes. Easylink is just a monitoring safety capability. Software no tuning is made by these guys another disclaimer.
h&s mini maxx tunerh&s mini maxx tuner
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This is emissions compliant tuning. We are not removing altering emissions equipment in any way. Okay, so you take your easy link. You plug it into your obd2 port. Under here, okay you’ll see your little your little red and your blue light in there.
You can see that looks purple on the camera. So once the easy link is connected to your truck, you will then take your phone. Your trusty dusty phone go to your easylink, auto agent, app! If you don’t have it you’re going to want to download it because you need it, go to the app and open it make sure the thing’s connected whatever search for easylink uh it’ll, give you the last couple digits connect to the easylink via your wifi on your Phone go back to your easylink autoagent. App autoagent would like to find connected devices.
How To TUNE a 2020+ 6.7 Powerstroke - PULLING THE ECU
Yes, there’s probably gon na be a firmware update, so just be patient with it. Do the whole thing. Oh, there is not one. Oh yep, auto agent, firmware update, install now just install that, if you have to just just go through it, install please make sure that the key is on and ignition is on. Run is not running.
Just follow the directions on the update. It’Ll just walk you through step by step. It’S simple: it just takes a minute. Okay, so firmware update, complete. It says: let’s go click.
Let’S go um vehicle vin is selected with duramax tuner, which is calibrated power. So when you receive this kit, it’ll already be set up to your easylink to your vin everything. So it’s a very, very seamless, install you don’t have to worry about connecting to no technician or anything of the sort. You literally just click link establishing your link, whatever just a disclaimer. You can accept that okay, so done done done, continue a brief description of your vehicle.
If you have any further modifications, just click done. Oh, you got ta enter something just pick stock because this truck is 100 stock done there. You go your vehicle successfully linked, which was very easy. No questions asked now you go to your vehicle so once you’re in your vehicle. Normally, if this was a 17-19 truck, you’d go to ecu profiles and you’d have all your engine tunes and all your good stuff in there, but since this cannot be tuned via obd2 port um, all that will be in here is your transmission tunes.
How To TUNE a 2020+ 6.7 Powerstroke - PULLING THE ECU
Now, when you get these, you might be a little alarmed by the amount of stuff in there, like, oh, my goodness, which one do i pick so in these there’s. There’S several different ones, always look for the latest and greatest so it’ll be version 1.1. I hopped on the screen recorder really quick, so you can see on the very very top on the available ecu profiles. It’Ll say version 1.
, which it says which says new, wild tcm torque management on um, then you’re moving down. It says: stock tcm 2020. That will be your stock tcm file moving down one more from there. It says version 1.0, mild, tcm towing, so you have a tow transmission.
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Basically, what that will do is that will help with gear hunting and the whole gear selection of the process of towing proper line pressure, proper torque management, proper torque, converter setup, so there’s kind of a lot of a lot of stuff going on here. For me, i just cut straight to the chase and go straight to wild, so that’ll be the top one version. 1 
1, wild torque management you’re, going to click on the right side that little cloud with a downward arrow click that and it will start fetching the file from the cloud already fetched it super fast click install this eco profile will update the following modules and it’ll, say: Tcm you see that little blue box that says tcm. That means that you’re only flashing, the tcm, that’s the transmission control module click proceed, transferring ecu profile to auto agent. So now it says ecu profile don’t be confused.
It is only a tcm file. Follow the directions. As it states go in turn, your key off click continue key back on, do not start the engine, click continue and now it will do its thing and go through the process of flashing the tcm file onto the transmission control module. I got a screen recording going on and camera recording it’s a little confusing, all right. 99 percent.
How To TUNE a 2020+ 6.7 Powerstroke - PULLING THE ECU
We are almost there. Oh there we go, it says, put the thing on the off position. So off hit continue back on the on position. Hit continue. Installation was completed successfully, let’s go so now we go, let’s go so.
If you look at this you’ll see ecu profiles very top, then it’ll say 2024 67 truck. So moving down below that you’ll see last installed. Ecu profiles last installed ecm unknown, because this truck cannot be tuned with the easy link on the ecm, so there’ll be no engine tunes put onto this truck with the easylink. That was the whole process that we just covered, pulling the ecm, sending it in having it bench, flashed nice to end it back. You put it back in the truck engine.
Tunes are already on the computer, but what you can tune for these 20 20 and up trucks is the transmission control module so now you’ll see last install tcm, which is the version 1.1 new wild tcm torque management on so now you are fully tuned engine and Transmission, all right guys, i think i i don’t think i left any tools under the hood on the engine, so we’re going to give it a first start so so so driver door, jar, driver doors, open, put a jar, hoods, open tire pressure, monitor fault. That is my fault for not having sensors in the wheels like a real kid. You know real childish thing, obviously, no check engine lights, because this is legit tuning and the truck is ready to rip [ Applause ]. All right boys, there you go truck is a ripper now, so this this tune here is a shift on the fly tuning, which means you have five power levels: five individual little tunes built into one big tune, that’s not the technical term, but that simplifies it enough For you guys to get kind of what it is now if you’ve followed along this whole process, your 2020 and up 67 powerstroke is now tuned ecm, which is engine tunes tcm, which is transmission, tunes both custom, sick tunes.
This isn’t like a banks tuner or like one of those pedal commander things. This is full custom tuning emissions compliant. So if you guys opted for just a single file tune, meaning non-chipped on the fly – you are 100 done, but if you opted to go shift on the fly, which is the five power levels built into the tune, you will then need to install your shift on The fly switch, which we are going to do in the next video when we add mad power to the truck, because right now, it’s probably sitting in about 500 horsepower with the current setup on it because it defaults to tune level two without the switch installed. This is a very, very easy install if you guys have questions on installing this. Just let me know all you do is route this through the firewall plug it into your fuel.
How To TUNE a 2020+ 6.7 Powerstroke - PULLING THE ECU
Temp sensor, you unplug that off of the fuel rail plug this into it polarity doesn’t matter on wires. Vice versa, flip flop, 180, don’t matter plug this into your fuel. Temp sensor run the wire this loom with the wires in it back through your firewall. Very easy to do. The hardest thing is physically like getting under your dash to run it through the firewall so shift on the fly install.
If you guys want to see this installed, if you want to do me, have me do a commentary walk through, but let me know, but it’s it’s it’s very easy all right. So there you go guys. Uh tuning 2026.7 power, stroke done very simple and it’s emissions. Compliance you don’t have to do any other work.
You literally do that and you’re done you’re ready to rip 500. Some horsepower all right guys if you’ve made it this far. You are freaking awesome. Thank you for tuning. In today, all parts using this video will be listed below first link in the description check it out.
How To TUNE a 2020+ 6.7 Powerstroke - PULLING THE ECU
If you guys, are interested in this, and if you have more questions shoot us, an email shoot us a comment but stay tuned for next video. When we’re going to be adding a whole bunch of power to this truck, we’re going to do first, chives draggy results 0 to 60 times as fast as we can go times. What’S it going to top out out of the tires, are going to wobble or those ugly wheels wide wheels gon na jam us up for having fun, but i guess that’s it. As always i’ll see you in the next one

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