How to delete EGR and install block off plates on 2017-2018-2019 F250 - F350

How to delete EGR and install block off plates on 2017-2018-2019 F250 - F350 https://thedpfdeleteshops.comwhat up boys welcome back to the channel where we do [ __, ], colts away um today? What i’m going to be doing is doing a egr and block put the block off plates on the egr um. I know everybody’s be like oh you. You said all you had to do is unplug it well yeah. That is all you got to do, but i got this uh.
I got this piping kit here, i’m going to put on cold air hot cold charge, pipe and a ccv reroute, and it won’t fit with my egr in place. So what we’re going to do, or what we’re going to do? Put them block off plates on today and i’ll. Do a full piping kit install video later after that, so what we got to do is show you what step one is um, so i got this any kind of penetrating oil. Most people use pb blaster this stuff.
I got at the office at work, it’s i can use it for you, don’t have to go to store and spend any money um. So what you need to do is go to the truck, lift your your hood and there’s going to be. I might have to get a flashlight, but there’s two there’s two bolts down there, one on the left side is prone to breaking off. So what you do is you get your your penetrating oil spray? There’S two bolts: there, two bolts there um two bolts, there’s one right there and another one right there, and then you follow this pipe down.
There’S two: there i’ll get a flashlight in a minute and there’s also two one there and the other one’s down there. You just can’t see it so there’s four bolts, but you s part of the. What i’m trying to say is you got to spray them. I started three days ago in the mornings when it was cold and then at night, when i got home when it was hot, so i sprayed it two times the last three days um and it’s cold right now, but, like i said that one down in the Bottom left will break off or it’s been prone to. So what you got to do is you got to get your truck, get it up to uh operating temp, i’m going to get on the interstate and suck up a few comments, maybe dust out a duramax and i’ll bring it back to the house and i’m gon Na loosen them bolts, i’m gon na hit it one more time with the penetrating oil and i’m gon na try to break them.
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Bolts off um and i’m gon na go step by step and we’ll do this. But that’s the first thing you need to do is get some penetrating oil on them bolts a couple days before you want to do this um. So let me get my flashlight and show you where the other two and then i’m gon na go get on the interstate, like i said, soak up a duramax or something so, let’s roll what y’all think of that son! Okay! So there’s a see!
If i can do this, with my other hand, real quick, so there’s a one of the bolts right there and on the other side you can see it right there. That’S the other one that one on the left that one right there is the one people it’ll break off so, like i said, there’s those two, this one, this one um that one that one and that one and that one so before you do this a couple Days before you do it spray some penetrating oil on it, where they’ll break off or they’ll bust lucy’s, and you won’t break one off. So i just kind of wanted to show you with the light before we went ahead and did it i’m gon na spray him one more time and i’ll get on interstate and we’ll throw the gopro on or something and roll out. So i’m back at the house and a lot of people first thing they’re going to do is they’re going to drain their their coolant. Um, i’m not going to drain it because i’m going to put a bucket under where i’m going to do everything.
But this right here twist that you can put a hose on the end of that and that’ll drain right there drain your coolant, there’s also a secondary it’s right where that little thing’s coming down on the front of that it’s a little twisty thing like on the Other side like uh it drains from this and there’s a twisty knob on right there that you turn and drain right there too. If you want to drain your coolant put a bucket under it, you can um. I don’t know how much coolant in the egr um. I think it might be like less than a gallon. I don’t know but uh most people, i’ve ever seen.
Do it, you know, don’t do it in your garage, because when you take it all off it’ll slip, it’ll spill some, but i’m going to put a bucket stuff up under my truck right there, maybe a mat or something to catch. What does fall so i wanted to start off with that. If you want to drain it twist those two things i showed you make sure to take the top off that top off your radiator and that way the air will suck it out faster, but i’m not draining mine all right. I got it on that bolt on the left. I’M gon na try, i’m gon na push down pressure on this, so i don’t strip the top of the head out, but i’m gon na twist it i heard it look all right.
How to delete EGR and install block off plates on 2017-2018-2019 F250 - F350
Well, hell that one come out easy, i don’t think all of them are gon na. Be that damn easy! Okay, remember that ain’t all gon na! Be that easy, so that one’s busted loose i’m gon na go just through here and bust all these loose okay! Oh all, right in my way, i think i can just pull up on that yeah.
You rip that [ __ ] out the way go here with this and try to nothing on there all the way. So what what i got i’ve seen other people do this. I’M gon na put this little. I don’t know u-joint wobble socket on there and that way i can get it at the angle. You’Ll probably have to have one of these um.
So let me put this on and we’ll see if it’ll work better, all right so get you a flashlight. We can see something dumbass yeah all right. Let’S see we got here all right, all right, that’s loose! Now! I’M gon na go through here and i’m gon na loosen all the other there’s the two main ones are done.
That’S the only thing i kind of wanted the video, so i’m gon na loosen this one, this one, the two that go on one and two and then one and two and when i get them all loose i’ll start the video again. I don’t think i have to show you how to loosen the bolts. I showed you on the first two: that’s the hardest ones, so let me loosen them all right, so i got all four of them. Bolts busted loose, i’m going to take the intake off now, but i didn’t want to take everything off and then i had trouble like say that that one hard bolt was going to um break on me. Well then i had to put everything else back on.
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I couldn’t couldn’t have done nothing, so i wanted to make sure i could bust the bolts loose bolts loose first, so now i’m going to turn it around and we’ll video taking the intake out, but first i’m thirsty as hell. Let’S roll okay: when you take your intake off, there’s gon na be a little seven millimeter bolt right there, i’m gon na unscrew it with this, and then you have to unplug this sensor right here and there’s a clip here here. You just push these clips on. There and there’s another one right there and then i’m going to loosen this clamp and then i’ll start the video, then all right in order to take the plug off the area. There’S a red tab on there.
I don’t know if i showed it there’s a red tab. You got ta, get up on there and pull that tab back you’ll hear it click. Well, you son of a there. It went so then it just once the tabs out. I believe you push up on the bottom and it should just well.
I don’t rip the whole [ __ ] tab out, so pull that damn tab out and then all some bits should just pull off. Then you push up okay. So once you pull that tab out, i’m sorry once you pull that tab out, you don’t pull the tab all the way out like i did you just pull it back a little bit and then you push up or push down on this thing. So it comes out, i ripped the tab out, but that should have buff anyway. So that’s what you got to do now: i’ve undid all those okay and damn about to fall off the damn truck.
I ain’t got no room in the son of a [, __ ]. Then you’ll pull this coolant line off and it should just come out since i loosened that okay now it should just come right on out. I don’t know like i said: i ain’t never done this [ __ ] before so, pull that out and now it’s out of the way boom. Now i’m going to get a rag shop rag and put in there, so nothing falls in there um. Now i’ve got all this room for activities, so let’s roll okay, so next part is to kind of just get everything off of the egr.
How to delete EGR and install block off plates on 2017-2018-2019 F250 - F350
So this is a dummy plug. This plug went into it and then this plug – or this plug, went right here. Um. If you, if you’ve just got your stuff, unplugged they’ll already be out of the way, if not you’re gon na have to undo this plug in this plug and there’s a vacuum line right here should just pull that off. You’Re gon na hear it okay and then your new kit that you get you’re gon na have to take see i plug that up like that, so i should be able to just.
I think i know where to put my damn phone. Hopefully this works. I can’t see what my phone’s saying um it’s on a big tripod, but this should just the thing i’ve ever seen. They just pull this sucker off yeah. I pull that off and then put this on so leave that i’ll probably get a zip tie and zip tie it right there too, on the bottom, but it’s on now, so all right, y’all!
There is one thing i forgot to kind of go over so in the video, so i’ve made the video and then when i was editing i realized so so you know that vacuum line when i was watching the video and it i pulled the vacuum line and I plugged it and it was a 90 
Well, all i did was pull it off and put this thing on, but i never showed you this thing, so this is going to come in your kit, your um block off plate kit. All it is is like a little rubber thing with a with a dead end cap on it. So this what this is, you just put it on there, but i never really showed that in the video. So i’m just going back to show you that your block off plate, look your block off plate kit is going to come with one of these, so you pull the 90 off and you plug it with this. So i missed that part.
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So i had to go back so what i’m going to do now, um! I can do this with these clients. I don’t know, there’s going to be some coolant right here that comes out of these lines, probably a little bit so just put this down here. Soak up anything like i said, i got that bucket under the trunk. I’M gon na disconnect this line because we’re gon na reroute this.
This is gon na go from here to this. We’Re just cutting this piece out, so i’m gon na unhook – this – i don’t know if i can do it with this. I might have to get some guys so probably gon na be some cool coming out right here. Yep, you see you got them put this some [ __ ] up out of the way this will be up. You’Re gon na leak, some good thing.
I had that down that paper towel there in my intake, so you’re gon na get that on them, big jobs. So just i’m gon na take this out now got my intake and stick some fresh ones in there i caught all that nothing went down. Don’T worry. You’Re gon na make a little mess, but just gon na fluff these up a little bit. Stick them some [ __ ] back in there and just kind of clean up my mess.
I’M gon na pause the camera now and clean up my mess, some all right. Now what i got i got to take this apart too right here. I hope you can see i got to take this apart. I’Ma cut that and they give you a metal, barb and i’ll i’ll show the video when i do that, but got all that out of the way. Just because i want to move it and now i’m going to undo these bolts all the way they’re loosened right now now i’m going to undo them all the way and we’ll pull these pipes out.
How to delete EGR and install block off plates on 2017-2018-2019 F250 - F350
Okay, so, like i said, i got everything loose, i got one of these things. I don’t know if y’all have ever seen. One of these it goes on. My quarter inch impact it’s flexible, it’s badass get one. So now i’m gon na go through and take all these bolts out.
There’S one there’s two: try not to lose your bolts, because so there’s this one all right. So i got two there and the two on the bottom um. I can’t really see. I can’t get the camera in there, so you just have to watch me do it, but i think i can just get it loose and hopefully just pull him up with it without him falling off all right and there’s another bolt here that holds it on this Bracket, it’s eight millimeter as well. I got ta use the old strong hand.
The center shut up luke. All right broke it loose. I know this is taking forever, but i’m just showing y’all step by step. So that’s off all right now. This sucker should be able to come right out now.
I’M hoping i don’t lose those uh bolts. Ah something dropped. I don’t know what the hell it was, but i bet it was that damn gasket i needed to [ __ ], all right. That’S all uh! There’S a gasket that fell, i’m probably gon na – need that, but i’ll be able to find it, and so this one you want to save these gaskets guys.
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So that’s coming out and one more if this thing will fit now. This is a probe, it’s plugged in all right this little probe wire here. You just follow it down. It goes in it’s plugged in right here. You just got ta unplug that and leave that probe over there.
Now this is free to come off right here and, like i said, guys, save these uh gaskets. I’M gon na pause. The video now you’re gon na want to save these you’re gon na reuse. These, i think one fell on the other side, ain’t sure i’ll, find it all right. So my dumb ass, of course you don’t need that gasket.
I think you’re gon na need that one down there and there’s one here that i’ve got to reuse. Look how nasty that is in there son look how nasty that is all that carbon build up. Look at over here, see if i can get inside of this. I mean nasty nasty um, so we got these gaskets, the one i dropped or if i had to drop it, i don’t need that one because that damage yard’s coming off. I wouldn’t even thank you, but let me get some stuff situated wait for the dog to stop barking, and actually i can go over this with y’all real quick, because what we’re going to do so got this pipe out of there.
There’S three bolts across the top right here: one two and there should be there’s another one somewhere right in here. I think it’s right, yeah right there right right behind that one, two three and then there’s one right. There there’s one a little bit farther back. There’S one on the other side directly across and there’s one on the other side directly across from that back one. So three, four five, six seven there’s seven bolts.
How to delete EGR and install block off plates on 2017-2018-2019 F250 - F350
We find that to take out of there, but right now everything is unplugged. So when i do take it off then bolts out, i should just be able to lift this whole thing up and out, but we’ll see i’m on. Oh whatever this is, i don’t know. Let me look okay, it looks like i’m gon na have to pry that thing back right there, a little bit in order to get to that bolt, which is fine, but i think there’s two of them, so another bolts right back there. You see it so three, four five, six, seven, seven bolts we found out to loosen okay, so i know it’s kind of windy.
I apologize, but this this thing right here used to come off and so does there’s another one back there like holds this little. Like heat blocker thing on uh yeah get this so get you some pliers. I can’t really see nothing in the sun so bright, damn, but on that sun, [ __, ] son, i broke it off, but part of the story is pull that slim [, __, ] off and then there’s one back there uh you got to pull it off Too so just pulling things off well now i see this carpet can come off. It came back, the other one’s got to do the same, and then i’ve got to. I don’t know if i should.
Let me see if i can just do it with these. This got to come up, yeah just rip that sunbitch off. Like that i broke it, i’m not. I don’t need that and then pull this off or you can get the i might have to get some real nose there we go so now you can get to the dam and get to the damn bowl it ain’t focusing, but there we go all right. So next thing i’m gon na.
Do i’m gon na set my camera up on this tripod and reroute this to get it out of the way and then i’ll move on to taking all the bolts out of this all right guys, i’m sorry about the wind! It’S windy today, i’m trying to do it yesterday. It was even windier. I’M ready to get this [ __ ] done so now. I’M gon na cut these off.
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Okay, damn son blow up on it all right, i figured the dice would be better, but i was wrong. I don’t know where that went now. I got to cut this one too all right now, these it should just slide off all right. So i’m going to take this apart. All right!
That’S a part! Now this is going to come apart. All right, i’m going to wipe up this dried, ass, [, Music! ]! Take this off!
Take this one off that one! So now you got this metal barb. So what you’re going to do is you’re going to reroute this. It goes in there like that, okay and then it goes to this one. The new pipe new strap right there.
New strap right here jam that sucker in there like that, and then you tighten these damp straps down. I don’t have to do that on film all right. So next thing i’m going to do. Is i’m going to take these bolts off. These are eight millimeters um.
How to delete EGR and install block off plates on 2017-2018-2019 F250 - F350
This one right there that we plug that plug off of is is a 12 okay and i think the one in the back on the left is eight and then the one on this side is eight and the one on the back is. I think it’s it’s two different bolts on that back one there’s that there’s a wire on top of it with the undo and then there’s a bolt, and i think it’s a 12. But once i get this sucker out of the truck i’ll, tell you what it is, but i’m just literally going to go through here and break all these loose. You know i can do this off camera, i’m pretty sure bust, that bus all these loose and then you know when i get it out of the truck i’ll put on the ground. Explain everything and this i’m going to have to take off too, but i’m going to go ahead and loosen all my bolts and get them out of the way and let it just be sitting on there and then we’ll we’ll.
Do this little thing and then it should just lift right out. So forgive me for not filming taking three bolts off right here. Four five: six seven y’all can do that [ __ ], but when i get it out, i’ll show you okay, so i got them all loose, see that that uh, that one in the focus see that one in the back back there. Okay, it ain’t really focusing not the first bolt, but the second one, there’s two right there, so you got to take that top one off and then there’ll be another one, just like that, underneath it and then i’ve gotten that one there’s one right there. I loosened here or here here and here there and then the one in the back and that’s all of them, so i’m gon na loosen this last one back there.
I just wanted to show you how it was there’s uh, two bolts on that one or two nuts on that one bolt, so it holds that little ground wire or whatever. That is i don’t. I don’t exactly know what that is, but you got to take it off and then we’ll figure out how to take this off out of the way, so we’ll be back all right kind of wanted to show you. You know you got this little wobble socket right here with the number 10 
You can put this, i don’t fall in anywhere. You see that that knows the one i’m getting off to pull that wire off or that little crimp tone thing and then there’s another, no underneath it, but it’s been kind of a pain you got to get it on there and that, like you, can just keep Twisting it you got to find the direction that it’s going to, let you yeah that ain’t it there.
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It goes right there. Now i’m going to have to bring my wrench back to this side to get again, so i have to keep working it back and forth, but it’s almost done. That’S the only one. That’S a pain, just thought i’d, let you know. Okay, so also i’m running into an issue that thing on top of that boat, a little ground, that’s metal, and i can’t get it off.
So i’m gon na have to stick this screwdriver back there and pry it off. I’Ve been fighting with it for about five minutes. I can’t get it my damn hands too thick to get up in there and cut the [ __ ] out of myself, but also there’s a little tab right here. You just got to pull this somewhat pull that out. It just holds the wire down and also this eight millimeter, this eight millimeter on this black.
It’S got to come out too. So. Take these out pull this up, get some more room, i’m fighting with that! I’M just gon na stick my flathead screwdriver back there and try to pry it off. I’Ve been trying it i’m about to just get some damn dykes and cut the summit or something but uh.
That’S where i’m at right now and then we’ll have to take this off to get more room and we should be good all right. I couldn’t ever get it with a screwdriver. So that’s what i’ve been hey. I ain’t got no room. Okay, so i got this big ass.
How to delete EGR and install block off plates on 2017-2018-2019 F250 - F350
Long, ass quarter, inch drive extension and just put it up under there and just been just been doing that, and i can kind of rest it on this piece right here, a little bit and just that’s all. I’Ve been doing so, it’s the only thing i i can think to freaking get it about to piss me off, but anyway you just got to find something to pry it up all right. What i finally did i put it on this right here. This plastic was able to pry it up so just pry it up all right. So now i’m just going through taking these these, these bolts out um it’ll be hard to do it one-handed, i think, but unscrew them.
Then you just pull these bolts out. I’M just setting them right there. I got that back one out and the last one i got is this one right: i might have to put the phone down and get it, but maybe not we’ll see [ __ ] got it all right. So now i’m thinking i’ve got to cut. Maybe cut this little.
This little line right here this little zip tie because it was holding that onto this, which is coming off so got all the bolts out. I got to take these two out and then i’m gon na loosen this we’ll figure out how to do that and then we’ll pull this sucker out all right, y’all now it’s time to take this off, i’m sorry about the wind! I can’t do nothing about it. I’M waiting on my microphone anyway, so there’s there’s a white. I can’t even see where my hand’s at yeah there’s a white clip right there and there’s one on the top side you have to you, have to push in on them and pull up on the pipe i’ll see.
If i can set the phone up or you can maybe kind of see, i really don’t know because i can’t see a jack thing. Let me anyway about right here all right that looks good. So basically, i’m gon na get under here and push these white clips and just at the same time pull up all right. So it’s pulled up so now it’s got out of the way a little bit. I can feel good all right now.
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I don’t know what to expect right here. Like i said, i ain’t never done this um, but i got everything disconnected most everything’s up out of the way as good as it can. I know, there’s probably gon na, be a little coolant and i’m sorry about the [ __ ] wind again, but it is what it is i keep doing about it. I might block it off in the video and just put it silent time lapse or something i don’t know, but the wind never, but this sunbit should just there goes all that coolant. You hear it.
I think i got that damn bucket down there, hello, if you drain it, it won’t do that, but i’m catching most of it. So i’m just going to let that drain a little bit, um she’s still she’s still draining. I don’t know how much is in there, but it seems to be a good bit by the way, still draining all right now. I should be able to just get this thing up out of here: pull that sumbitch out of there all right, okay. So now i’m just going to go through here and wipe down the mess that i made.
So i made a mess, obviously um. It’S kind of tidy up the air quit being a push son. So you know look at this inside of here. This is gon na. Have a plate on it, but i mean look at that: [ __ ], i’m gon na get me a dry napkin clean.
All this out, you know best. I can so get that clean. Let me go clean up most of my spill already. So i’ll get my bike. My belt wipe down a little bit if she squeaks i’ll, just hammer harder, she’ll finally shut up, but now it’s pretty much done so we got to put the block off plates.
How to delete EGR and install block off plates on 2017-2018-2019 F250 - F350
I don’t know if y’all can. Let me see what y’all are looking at: i’m gon na just take it off the tripod, real quick because i might have to okay. So you put your block off plates that big plate goes here now you can get a dead head plate where it just goes on top of it or you can get a plate with two holes in it. It’S a pass-through plate, the the way i understand it. The pass-through plate’s a little bit better because it lets the coolant go through up and then through design like it’s supposed to do, but the dead head plays just fine.
I think i think they say that you might get um i’ll go in here. So this is the pass-through plate. You see you put this gasket down, there’s a gasket and put this down. The cooler comes up and then back down through this end, um, the other kind of block off plate is just a straight deadhead plate. It doesn’t allow the coolant to flow through either one will work.
I think this one might, i think i read like it might help with heat like three to five degrees, which ain’t really a lot, but i’ve had this one for two years this came with the piping kit um, i’m just gon na use the pass-through one. So i’ll get my tripod set up and we’ll stick all these o-rings in there and then we’ll get this sucker dropped on the truck. But first i’m gon na bring i’ll, bring that egr in here and show you the bolts and everything okay. So i still got some coolant leaking out awesome anyway, the three long bolts boom boom and the other really long. One boom, okay, your first one with this nut on, goes on on top right there all right.
It’S got the thread, sticking out the top. These two right here, they’re just normal bolts, one there one here and this other bolt with the thread sticking out goes here. I don’t have the nut with me, but there’s gon na be another nut on top of this one. I can’t remember if it’s a this is a 12. I think the one on top of it was a 10 
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So if i remember correctly, damn fly just put the hit into 8 or 10, 8, 8, 8, 12, 8, 10 and then 12 and 8.
But if not, those are the the um. Those are the the directions where they go and the only one that’s gon na be kind of a pain, so you’re gon na like this one, this one this one, you can do straight socket. I had to have a wobble socket deep, headed on this one. To get over this thread um this one i did with a regular socket. I had to have a wobble or a universal like a t-socket here as well, and this one i had to use the wobble socket as well.
So there you go okay, see if i can explain this somewhat so you’ve got. You got this okay, it’s going to this o-ring is going to go in there like that. Once it’s on there, you know you set it on them. Two holes coolant’s gon na, be able to come up through here and out the other end or vice versa. I don’t know what way it comes, then.
This has these two two notches right here: put them notches on there and then you’re gon na get your long. Your longest ones and they’ll go through here like that and they’ll throw it into the block down there, and then this you put this on there. Tighten it up, make sure your o-ring’s on there and that’s going to block that off. Then the one on the top right is going to be this one. It’S got an o-ring, so you’ll put this on there and thread it in okay, and this one right here is going to go to the one on the bottom, and this is an adapter.
How to delete EGR and install block off plates on 2017-2018-2019 F250 - F350
They don’t all come with this now, so this is going to screw in here like this and then, if you this is for, if you want to check your egts. So what you’ll do is you’ll unscrew that that and then that’ll thread into this, and then you plug it in and it should be egt probe one we’re going to find that out, though, but but most of them aren’t going to have this adapter and that this Is too big to thread into this, so what you got to do is you got to go to your dpf and you’re, going to have to pull the first probe closest to the downpipe and it should be the size that fits into this and then you’ll just Be able to use the other end and plug it in but before the video is over i’ll, walk you over to mine and show you so basically you just don’t use this one. You just go to your dpf undo it and it screws right in right into that, but i don’t have to do that because i – because i got this and another thing – i don’t know this for a fact – i’m not trying to do a lot of reading we’ll Find out if my truck starts throwing codes but um. If i do monitor my agts, i don’t know, if not everybody plugs it up or not. If you got it plugged up and your truck’s like running lit mode, it won’t work or whatever it’s, because the computer is trying to tell it that it’s too hot, because so you just unplug that [ __ ] um it like it’s messing with the computer.
Basically but um, i know a lot of people use the first one off the dpf and i’m going to see it. When i start my truck – and you know we’ll see what is what it’s at, but i know that a lot of people don’t plug it in because it it messes with the computer or something but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there, i’m just giving you All the options all right guys once again, i’m sorry about the wind. I got the o-ring in there. This hole has to go where that one is so. This is just going to go on just like that, and now this will go on like this make sure you know it’s clean enough on the i wiped it off, so that’s going to go in there like that, and then i’m going to take and screw all These, in so put the camera down and i’ll, get it almost done and i’ll shoot the camera again when we’re tighten it up all right guys.
So this is a 3 16. These ones right here, um, you know you ain’t got to break it off. Just just get it snug, it’s got that o-ring, so you know once i feel it kind of a little bit of resistance. I will just chill on it. I might snug it up a little bit more.
That’S kind of fighting me right there. So that’s tight and this one is a little bit bigger. It’S going to be a quarter inch. I believe. Let me pull this up and see so yeah.
That’S a quarter inch! So 3 16 quarter, i’m gon na tighten that up off camera just because the wind’s, probably gon na, be annoying as hell all right, all right boys. We got this that one done now. This one with the o-ring is gon na go right. On top of this put the two bolts on there – i’m not gon na film that you know i mean damn.
You can’t do that turn this some [ __ ] off put that on there and the other bolts are all the same size. There’S four bolts left they’re the same size so make sure your o-rings on there stick it on there, tighten it down all right. We got it on push this back in there and then pop this thing pop that thing back on. I heard it clicked it’s good. So now the only thing we got left is this right here and you’re gon na have to reuse the factory gasket it you see where it says ford, moco, a fomo co that went just like that to the top right.
So i got to get that other one and we’ll put it on there. Okay, for this last one, this is the no limit one. You know it goes like this with the gasket blah blah. Well, i was looking at my other kit and the uh it doesn’t. It doesn’t need the adapter.
It’S already been welded on to fit this, this bigger probe one here so um, but i’m still going to use no limit one just because everything else no limit. I don’t even think they make block off place anymore, though, but basically you don’t need this, because i’ve already welded this on here to fit to fit that so, but i will still show you. Let me get my flashlight real, quick okay. So if you do have a block off kit that has the little hole like that, you know that probe won’t fit in it. So um i got so much junk in the house.
How to delete EGR and install block off plates on 2017-2018-2019 F250 - F350
Okay, so we’re we’re at my got my dpf filter right here. Okay, what you’re going to want to do is i’m pretty sure it’s going to be this probe right here. It’S got the same end that would clip into the truck that’s already on it. So you just instead of using the one. That’S on that little pipe you’d come to your dpf filter and take the first egt probe off and you can just swap them out.
So you put that one on the block off plate instead of the one. That’S on the egr, because the threads on this one are going to be are going to be small. If you don’t have the adapter the threads on that um egr. The little tube over here see it’s it’s a lot thicker, so it’ll be it’ll. Be that size, the one off the dpf so hope that helps somebody okay.
So before i go over to the truck i’m gon na do this here, i’ve already got a crescent wrench and busted this loose. So take that out. I’M gon na wipe that off and i’m gon na stick it down in there and tighten it back tight with my crescent wrench. Okay, i’m just gon na wipe this suit off with this, and then that way i don’t have to fight getting the crescent wrench down. In there, when i’ve already got it on so it’ll just be ready to plug in at that point, so i’ll pause it and show you the finished product.
Okay, there we go probe sticking out the bottom. Remember gasket, then this then the bolts and then all i do is plug it in and i’ll video that, but let’s roll okay last thing got the probe hooked up this. We unplugged from right there so just plug that ship back in and i’m going to put the intake back on. I showed you how to take it off. I mean four clips and the dam uh right here.
The o-ring thing right there and you’re gon na have to plug plug this back in, of course, and then zip tie like you’ve. Just zip tie all this up out of the way i’ll do that off camera, but that’s the whole damn job, at least at least. I think it is uh we’ll find out, as i’m trying to suck up another dirt max or something, but damn i ain’t had no damn latte breaks today. You boy been busy because this [ __ ] had to be done. I tried to do it yesterday, but it’s even windier than this, so i’ll put the intake back on and we’ll start up see what she does all right.
So i’m in the truck um about to start it yeah. I think you are supposed to disconnect the uh battery cables oops. I didn’t the negative battery cables. I didn’t do that. So we’ll see what happens.
I don’t think it’s gon na happen, but just before you start the job supposed to disconnect the battery cables um. But let’s see so turn the key right now and defend the crank it. I lost a good bit of fluid, but once it filters through or whatever i’ll bring it back up to max, but i want to go over here and make sure i ain’t you know leaking anywhere. I feel no leaks. Nothing like that.
So i’m going to uh get on my easy leg, real, quick and see. If i can see what the egt tip well i’ll try to show you all that too, but i’m gon na, let it let it just chill like a little while and i’ll drive down the road and go finish this video out. Okay. So i looked all over my easylink, i can’t find the sensor is all jacked up and what i’ve been reading is in order for it to read. Write on my um easy link, i’m going to have to use the one off the dpf, but i got company coming over today.
How to delete EGR and install block off plates on 2017-2018-2019 F250 - F350
I’Ll probably just leave it like. It is for right now if it starts throwing a code i’ll, just unplug it where it’s not telling. The engine that it’s overheating and i’m about to you know pull over whatever, but uh i’ll do it tomorrow after work i’ll, probably finish this video, then all right y’all, i got it all figured out. So this is the the probe that was in you know. That was from the factory that was in there the uh, the egts i mean when i pulled it up on easylink.
It was thrown like 2300 degrees. It was like way off, so i got to research and i figured out um what you got to do so and i’ll show you what it reads on the easy link afterwards. So, like i said you got to take the first probe from your dpf um. I showed you all this yesterday, but it’s it’s the pro it’s the probe i was taking off yesterday. So you got to take that probe.
I got more [ __ ] than so take the probe off that one won’t work. You got to take the first one from the dpf and put it you know, put it there and plug it back in where, where the other one went, so you got to swap them and when you swap them, it’ll read right and i’m going to get pull Up to easylink real quick on my phone and i’ll get another camera and show you show you the egt timson and how they’re correct now. So if you want to be able to monitor your temps correctly, you’re going to have to get the probe from your dpf, the first one, so let’s roll all right. So i put, i checked it and it’s it’s still low, so um, i’m gon na put some more coolant in it. Um.
Obviously it’s you know. I probably i have this one right here: everybody’s gon na be like oh use, more craft, whatever motorcraft had the orange kind at first. You know this is supposed to be compatible, but i’m going to take all the orange and put the yellow out anyway. I’M just putting this in for the time being, so you know after i drove it to work and it’s fine and it’s still reading low. So you know you guys are gon na have to check and fill it up as necessary.
So i’m just gon na add this for right now, i’m gon na add the rest off camera, but just so y’all know i added some, but i drove it to work today and everything kept keeping the thing on the temperature. No, it’s not. You know back up to where it needs to be i’ll. Do that off camera but if i didn’t add some on camera, i’d be like. Oh, you didn’t show that step.
So there i added some but uh, i’m probably going to take all this out drain it from the two drains fill it up with water start. The truck drive around come back to the house drain that and then fill it up with yellow so that that’s the plan, but for right now that ain’t, what this video is about. So, let’s, let’s check out the temps all right boys, i’m gon na, show you how to check your egt temps once you’ve swapped the probes. So once you get into easylink, what you’re going to want to do is you’ve got a bunch of different selections. You can press so you just press one and you can scroll through to get whatever you want, you’re going to have to scroll through to find egt sensor.
Okay, i’m sitting here island right now. It’S 3 
98 um, so fine egt sensor 11.. It’S not it’s not egt!
Sensor 11. It’S egt, uh sensor, uh, it’s bank, one sensor, one! That’S what i read. If that ain’t it, i don’t give a [ __, ] you’re, not gon na be able to. It doesn’t say one it’s gon na say: 11.
How to delete EGR and install block off plates on 2017-2018-2019 F250 - F350
bank, one sensor one. So it’s just sitting here, island right now, uh 388. So let’s take a little trip down the road. Real, quick um see we roll up to so it’s working perfectly. Now, when i had the one that was originally there in the factory spot, it was like 2 300 rpms.
It was not right, so this is 100 pretty i mean it’s accurate as hell. So far it ain’t like i got a thermometer down there to check, but this is it’s working so right now, i’m about two thousand rpms going 40, so i’ll just wide open throttle it real, quick and uh way up to 1100 1200, i’m back off it! Now. Now i’m just coasting so it gets hot quick. So you need to watch it.
You know, especially if you’re, towing, stuff or whatever, but right now, i’m cruising at 60, just chilling um about 1300 rpms, 6. 30. 
I’Ll bump about three-quarter throttle a little bit there she rolling up, so it gets to a thousand quick. I don’t know how high you can go. I think 12.
1300. Is you know you don’t want to really go higher than that? Don’T quote me on that. You you know figure it out yourself, but that’s just what i think so right now, i’m cruising at 59, which i’m really go over six, i’m really probably going 65, so 700 [ __ ]. You know we got to hear the freedom every chance we get.
Oh, my god x games. Oh oh, i thought that was a cop, but i got lucky anyway, more or less story. Egt sensor, you want number 11 
That’S how you find so it’s working good, um relatively easy to do so. You’Ve got to swap those probes. Oh your boy just did get lucky bye, [, Music, ] anyway, so that’s it all.
There is to it real simple got ta hear it one more time. Oh, my god, anyway, pull them back up to the house and we’ll conclude this. Damn video all right, that’s pretty much! You know all i got for the video um. We went through step by step.
How to delete EGR and install block off plates on 2017-2018-2019 F250 - F350
I hope i didn’t skip nothing on y’all. I hope i didn’t. I got like damn hours worth of film. Well, i’m gon na it’s like an hour and a half worth of film. I’M gon na have to edit down to probably under an hour, but who gives a [ __ ] i’d like to show you all what to do, how to do it, because i don’t know how to do it.
Man, i you know whenever you try to, i get so aggravated you’re on youtube, trying to figure out how to do something like. Oh, how do you tie your shoe and you’re trying to learn how and the sumbitch starts with his shoe tied and says you got ta, make two knots and that’s it and you got ta piece together: 13. Damn videos to figure out how to do one. Damn thing so i hope this helps you, man um. If i forgot something or you you know, i’m not no, damn pro, i don’t know how to do something with counting.
I don’t know [ __ ], about decent mechanic. I know how to watch youtube and i know how to somewhat try to make a video to help other people for the same damn [ __ ], i’m looking for so look. If this video helped you in any shape way or form, uh hit, the sub button hit the like button man. If the summits didn’t help you you’re full of [ __ ] and hit the sub button anyway, so anyway appreciate y’all watching until next time, god bless man, and i do want to uh throw a shout out to my boy. Motorhead um he’s got another super duty channel.
If you don’t know it check it out, he’s got a lot of super duty content as well, but his video was probably the best one. I’Ve seen on this um and his video helped me a lot so um and, like i said i know i was never gon na. Do this this mod. I just did it because i can’t fit the piping kit um with my egr in place. If not, i just left that some [ __ ] on unplugged and rolled out and you know, tell the damn.
Cows came home, but it won’t fit, and i want to put the piping kit on so that’s the only reason if there was if there wasn’t. If i didn’t have to have that piping kit put on, i just left it unplugged, but um anyway. I just wanted to say, appreciate you motorhead brother um, good video you made as well, but uh anyway, like i said, y’all just keep watching. You know you got any new ideas for other videos. Let me know i’ll try to do it and uh.
Don’T ask me no technical, [, __ ], because i don’t know like i got people emailing me like the most technical [ __ ] in the world. Like i don’t know how to do, none of this i just learned about watching and reading you know so yeah. Don’T ask me no technical, [, __ ], i don’t know, i ain’t gon na sit here and tell you i do so. That’S all that’s my rant. Later,

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