EZ Lynk 6.7 F350 Tune And Delete

EZ Lynk 6.7 F350 Tune And Delete http://thedpfdeleteshops.comWhat’S up guys, so today is a very exciting day uh. What i’m doing is i’m headed up into georgia right now to get some parts that came in for my truck and those parts are everything that i need for the tune and delete on this truck. So i always do five inch straight pipe and i always go from the down pipe back used stt tuners in the past, so i got another sct tuner, because it’s what i know. I’Ve always had good luck with them and i’m gon na stick to what i know. I always do this to my diesel trucks as soon as i get them, but i just haven’t had the time recently.
I’Ve probably had this truck for seven or eight months and haven’t done it yet, like i said i just haven’t, had the time so finally found some time to do it and that’s what we’re doing today. So i’m headed up there to get the parts and then i’m headed back into town, it’s about an hour and a half drive and we’re gon na get. I’M gon na go to my buddy shop here in town and get this stuff put on. So i’m back in service for tomorrow i got some stuff. I need to haul around tomorrow, so i can’t have any downtime with the truck.
EZ Lynk 6.7 F350 Tune And Delete http://thedpfdeleteshops.com
If there’s two things that i can say about tuning and deleting your diesel trucks number one is reliability. Number two is the extra power uh. Reliability is the biggest thing for me. I can’t have my truck down in the shop because of some emissions problems or anything like that. So that’s really why i do this type of stuff is uh.
It just makes your truck so much more reliable and it sounds better as well in my opinion, so we’re gon na go up here. I’M gon na show you guys what we got going on when i get to the shop to pick up these parts and then we will be headed back into town to get the stuff installed. I’Ll see you there. Well, i’m almost to the shop to get these parts, and i just wanted to remind you guys to like and subscribe if you want to be entered in the giveaway for the brand new gopro hero9. As soon as i reach a thousand subscribers, i’m gon na go through put all you guys, names in a system and pick one lucky winner, so don’t forget to like and subscribe this video all right.
EZ Lynk 6.7 F350 Tune And Delete http://thedpfdeleteshops.com
I made it i’m pulling around back here at the shop to get these parts loaded up, and then i will be headed back to tallahassee. To get everything installed, got all the parts loaded up that right there on the top. That’S the straight pipe down below! That’S! For that’s for my buddy, those are some amp steps pick those up as well for them, while i’m here and then for the good stuff boom.
We got the tuner and we got the monitor for the tuner. I got ta be able to see everything all my all my numbers. So now we are headed back to tallahassee and i will see y’all when we get there back in tallahassee. After about three hours of driving, and i’m just pulling up to my buddy’s shop to go ahead and start the install of this exhaust and tuner get a tip, that’s got to go. We need to add some sound to her if y’all want to see a beautiful 2020 f-350.
This is his. This is actually the guy that has all this and is doing this work, for me is the one that i bought my f350 from [ Music ]. I know [ Music, ], [, Music, ] and that’s a spaceship out. The bottom jeez straight pipe is installed five inch all the way to the down pipe. Now, it’s time to tune it, so i can actually start it and then get.
EZ Lynk 6.7 F350 Tune And Delete http://thedpfdeleteshops.com
I got a monitor for the to put in the windshield, so we’re gon na hook all that up, unplug the egr under the hood, and then we will do the first startup super excited. So it is the next morning um. We couldn’t finish it up last night because we went to do the tune on the truck and we had to bring it to the house and update the tuner before we can put it on the truck so um we’re getting it we’re gon na get it done. This morning and get it back up and running so it’s it’s nice and early this morning, we’re gon na get it done just in time to have the truck for the full day. See you there so a little change of plans, the sct tuner that we got.
They had to update their firmware because of all the epa stuff going on. So it’s not going to work for my truck. However, there’s a guy here in town, that’s coming um and he’s gon na. Do everything to the truck that i need done all with easylink. So i’ll have easylink tuning on here and we’re gon na run with that all right, so we just got everything installed with the easy link and everything’s buttoned up ready to go so i’m gon na do my first startup right now, while you guys are here watching That is music to my ears.
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I love that we got the power back, woke the truck up a little bit and uh yeah. It’S it’s! It’S perfect. I couldn’t ask for a better, install or anything like that, so we’re ready to get back on the road and get some towing in as well as doing the tuner since easylink. I don’t have a monitor to look at all my my gauges and everything i got.
h&s mini maxx tunerh&s mini maxx tuner https://thedpfdeleteshops.com
The cts edge to watch all of my numbers and everything like that. It looks great nice, big screen, full color, [, Music ] and that’s what we’re gon na be running. So i just pulled out of the shop and right off the bat uh. The truck feels amazing, it feels more responsive, just more torquey and everything like that. Obviously i can’t get on it right now.
I got ta, let the transmission learn the tune and everything probably take about 100 miles or so like. I said i do this to all my trucks, but every time i do it, it’s just like it’s eye, opening it and it really what people say is so true. It makes your truck come alive, so i’m super pumped on it. I cannot wait to get a heavy load behind this thing and see how it feels see how it sounds. Just you know, watch all my my gauges and numbers now i can.
I can really see how much boost i’m pushing um. It’S got a load gauge on there to see what the load is like and everything like that. I’M i’m real particular about that type of stuff. I like to watch the numbers and you know hear the sounds, and everything like that, so i am i’ll keep you guys posted it’s raining today. I was gon na.
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Do some outside flyby videos and everything like that, but i’m probably gon na, have to wait until tomorrow to get those, but i will be getting those and it’ll be a part of this video, so um, i’m gon na try to make it a a nice video For you guys to watch and really get an understanding of how it feels and and how it sounds you

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