EGR and CCV Delete 2020 F350 6.7 Powerstroke

EGR and CCV Delete 2020 F350 6.7 Powerstroke
Today we are actually working on our super duty. That’S the plan.
Anyways uh! Let’S go in the shop and we’ll talk so we’re in the garage now uh, i’m gon na do a little cleanup from yesterday, but if you didn’t see the last video, we threw a light bar up on this. This thing took it out last night. Of course it was raining all yesterday, so this thing the wheels are just disgusting, mud on it, but uh tow rope actually did not bad. I added a strap there.
I didn’t show that but kind of happy with that. So let’s do a little start on this thing. I know it doesn’t sound that impressive stock exhaust, but so today, on the video once i back this thing up without hitting anything. Oh yeah, there we go. I love this thing,okay, so here’s the plan for today.
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If you didn’t see our delete, video um. Well, you wouldn’t have seen this. But if you did, you know, what’s in here, we have a dirty diesels, uh egr delete um kit from them, so [ Music ] see what we got in the box here. So real simple. It’S got all the hardware that you need, apparently so what’s there and then you’ve got your block off plates, so i don’t want to scratch these, but one block off plate.
This will be the um one that actually goes on the egr that will be caught off. The manifold and then we have our big coolant plate, so that is what we got in this kit. I forget how much i paid for that, but we do have that we’re going to try and get this done today. Of course, we’ll go through the instructions and then also we have a smeating diesel um. Let’S see what this oh yeah, so this is a ccv delete, so crankcase ventilation.
The reason you want to do one of these on a well six, seven power stroke doesn’t matter what year it is um. What can happen when you turn these suckers up? They make a lot more crankcase pressure, um so with the factory uh. How do i say this factory ventilation system? It has a filter, it runs through that filter.
EGR and CCV Delete 2020 F350 6.7 Powerstroke
Well, when the filter gets plugged, um that causes higher current case pressure. Well, pressure’s got to go somewhere. So what has been happening? Is it blows out the front structure on these trucks? Now it doesn’t seem like that big of an issue, but these uh super duties here.
Of course, you can see there’s just a jumble of pipes and mess under the hood. Well, from what i have heard and what i’ve read and researched to do that front structure the oil pan has to come off to get the oil pan off. You have to pull the transmission out just alone, you’re, probably 10 hours just doing the front structure and that’s not even putting it all back together, so for people that are deleting their trucks and don’t have warranty anymore. This is something you really really want to do. So you don’t have to do that.
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So it’s a super, simple setup, um. I don’t even think this is 120 bucks, canadian, but you open up this. Of course one hand is always hard, but you have one side. This is a block off plate and then you have this will where your blow by tube will go, which that’s this thing. If you didn’t know, this is just three quarter inch heater hose, but this will be technically a blow by tube, so any crankcase pressure.
It will come out this fitting through this fitting and go to the earth. So what it’s for the only thing you guys want to do now. Other things i’ve heard. Is you don’t want to drain this or you don’t want it to drain? You don’t want it to go under the like the driver’s side of the cab, just with kind of the oil that you’ll have you’ll, get that little bit of a smell.
So what we’re going to try and do is route it to the passenger side, make a drip over there and then uh yeah. But let’s go ahead, we’ll start with the ccv and then we’ll get on to the egr in the back half of this video all right. So this is my first time doing this with, along with you guys, um, but there’s two fuel lines here, return line. It looks like um down here and then there’s this one. These clips, you just kind of have to pull these little white deals they’ll pop out of the way.
So then we got to go ahead. We got to pull these off so there’s a few bolts. 10. Mil head so we’ll just start pulling these out lines are disconnected. We got the four bolts out of this crankcase filter set up now.
EGR and CCV Delete 2020 F350 6.7 Powerstroke
I just got to figure out how this little d-dag comes off of here. I don’t know if it’s polar, if it’s a twist how that works there. It is get that off. Let’S see if we can wrestle this out so there’s that okay, so let’s just go over what i did there, so you can see there that hole in the back. It’S got two screws on it.
That’S two: your hold down bolts and you got one up here at the front right there and then there’s another one right there. So you do that. This line this line, this line has to be disconnected, and then you got ta pop this little deal off. So this is what the clamp looks like. It’S got three little keepers on it.
You just have to kind of pry those out of the way and that sucker will pull off so mine as soon as it came loose. This actually slid in. So it slid up this little collar and then the hose popped off really not too bad. I don’t know i haven’t been doing this for about 10 minutes and i already got this sucker off. So here is this big ugly piece of crap.
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So there’s your two rear, bolts, your front bolt and then there’s your top bolt. So this is what we’re deleting today so looking at our parts, this one will be our lower one lower block off. So that is replacing this just like that, and this deal is right here, bolts in the back and then we’ll have our 90 degree fitting that kind of good stuff, and then there is this little rubber deal, so i’m guessing this will be it’ll go over there. So i got this all installed: um, there’s that front block off plate and then we got the rear one on. I installed the fitting first, it is loose because we’re going to go ahead, we’ll tighten that afterwards.
So i tried rotting this hose. I have a couple options, but uh they end up going kind of by the exhaust. So what we’re going to jump into now is: let’s get this egr cooler out. Uh kind of looks like it’s about to rain, but we’ll just keep at it. So this big thing right here that’ll be what’s coming out next um, so probably i’ll just stick you guys on a time-lapse, i’ll start ripping and turn and then first thing you want to do during your uh.
Your engine coolant, there’s a little drain valve right in here – should be able to see it where that blue hose goes, it’s kind of tricky. You got ta turn it so it’ll start uh vertical you’ll turn it counterclockwise 90 degrees, and then at that point you turn it another 90 degrees. But you kind of have to pull out. Mine was really stiff, but i just played with it back and forth. Finally, got it out, so the instructions say drain about 12 liters we’re just gon na fill up our pail, because there’s no issue, we got lots of room, so use a clean bucket, because you will want to reuse this coolant when we’re done.
EGR and CCV Delete 2020 F350 6.7 Powerstroke
Okay, so first thing you guys want to do pull your air intake. Super simple, then we’re going to the lines. Then you got to pull that egt probe once you’ve done, that you have a long and you have the short egr pipes, they’re. Just super simple, eight mil with a ratchet pull those out once you get that done now. You have seven bolts that hold the egr down i’ll, try and put a picture up here.
That shows you every single one that you need to get at. There’S three on the top three on the bottom and then one kind in the center at the front, rear ones a little bit tricky to get at um, but not too bad. Once you get that done, we’re pretty much right on to the block off plates. There’S three bolts on the rectangular long one two on the other one make sure you clean all your o-rings make sure that’s all good moving along here, um once you’re at this point tape, so you want to dielectric grease tape up the connectors, we’re not going to Use anymore and then just go ahead and wrote some lines wrote all your electrical tape them up really good and button it all back up, fill with coolant okay, so we got the egr delete done. Um, i’m just letting it cycle right now trying to bleed some of the air out um just to the cooling system, but here’s this egr.
So this sucker is massive. So here’s your coolant parts, that’s what that other plate is um. That, of course, that we put on there that big black rectangular one there’s seven bolts that hold it on. So there’s six across the length you can see every single bolt um and then there’s one more and that’s right here. So you got one two one there, and then you got your three on the bottom.
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So one two three and of course this is the bottom. This will be the top side um, but yeah really simple. To do the only other thing i did a little different um than kind of how the kit does sorry, it’s a little loud. I remove these holes, so this is usually right here and they just could either reuse this and then barb it in to make it longer all right. Take it all apart.
I switch this key around just sort of points. A little different make it rip a little bit and yeah, get it hot and you’ll just want to when you’re doing this. First pizza, that looks a lot better . Once i kind of heat cycle this once then i will wrote my blow by team and we’ll show you guys that so i went ahead. We got this sucker loaded, so you can see it comes off our 90 back in there boom 90 comes up.
I got it running over the intake, there’s no heat up there. Then it runs down kind of under your uh exhaust back pressure sensor and then it runs out the other side where, if you come over here it comes down. I got it so it’s running on the outside of the frame, then all it did is. I took drilled, two holes put a zip tie here and what that’s doing is that’s keeping this from hitting there’s some wires that come in here got ta, be careful! You don’t want it rubbing and then i just have it short, and it’s cut so now i’ll be able to come over here i’ll, be able to check it in the winter and or you’ll be able to see that it’s you know, there’s some air flowing out Of there there should be a little bit of blow-by but uh yeah.
EGR and CCV Delete 2020 F350 6.7 Powerstroke
Let’S go ahead, we’ll fire this sucker up again and uh, see what it’s like come in. Just gon na shut you guys down so show you guys no codes up on the dash other than the doors open and the hoods open. This does have the am: am diesel performance, uh, six and a quarter horse tune it’s their five level. We got the switch on the fly. Deal been super happy.
It’S also got trans canning flow pro 5 inch exhaust. Now these are things you will not want to do. Unless you have delete tuning done to your vehicle. You’Ll have all kinds of codes. It won’t be good this bucket there’s, i don’t know – probably three four inches in the bottom, so we guess about four liters or a gallon of coolant is left.
Now your uh egr here like this sucker, it probably holds all that fluid. So we’re not going to throw that stuff out, i’m going to take old, washer fluid jugs, we’re going to save that fluid because we’ll probably need them, but we’ll just come over here. I can feel like a little bit on there, but not much so real good. Thank you for tuning in to the channel watching this video, if you’re doing the same thing to your 2020 or newer six, seven um. I hope this will be helpful.
Come back for our next video we’ll be heading to quad for me long here, pretty soon so there’ll be lots of content coming up.
EGR and CCV Delete 2020 F350 6.7 Powerstroke

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