DIY 6.7 Cummins EGR delete. Off-road use only. Cleaning EGR purposes only.

DIY 6.7 Cummins EGR delete. Off-road use only. Cleaning EGR purposes only. https://thedpfdeleteshops.comwhat’s up guys welcome back to another video getting into egr deletes on a cummins um. This is obviously just to show you how to clean your egr and if you would need to block it off for temporary purposes. Just for you to be able to put your factory stuff back on it’s against the law to delete it, so i wouldn’t recommend doing that. But if you need to clean it, because some of these diesels get high mileage not delete it, take it off to service it. This will be a perfect video for you, so before further introduction, let’s just hop straight into it guys uh before we start, go ahead and smash that, like button and hit that subscribe, i appreciate all the support – let’s just hop straight into it.
They say this could take three hours i’ll, let you know exactly how long it takes. I hope it doesn’t take three hours because i plan on taking it to the gym in the morning. All right so first part is pull the dipstick out, which i’m going to actually put that right back in while i’m working um four bolts, they were, you can see in the time lapse. They were eight millimeters. I thought i saw on the internet.
Somebody said that they were ten, they are definitely eight millimeters next thing, i’m going to work on getting this crossover pipe over, which i am told that this is going to be 11 millimeters and then up front right under here. There should be an eight millimeter um. So that’s going to be the next thing i’m going to get into all right guys, so you can see me and my brother were working on the front cross, pipe 11, millimeter, 11, millimeter, 10, millimeter, sorry and then there’s a uh, an eight millimeter bolt down here. Where you see where my finger is uh, that is a really tight squeeze, and this is this is the setup i used. I used a very small uh swiveling head extension and an eight millimeter make sure you use a six point socket, because if you use a 12 point, i promise you, you will strip that and then started working on the.
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I guess. That’S the egr side on that and 10 millimeter on that four bolts and that’s actually ready to pop off, i think, actually yeah. So i gave that a couple taps and you guys can see all the build up in that. That’S. Why we’re doing this?
We’Re doing a clean and egr clean so anyway, gon na take a razor blade on top the intake horn over there that you can see the two ports where this came off of and i’m going to clean that up really really well and then we’ll be able To put the block off plate on that, so jumping over to this side of the engine which i’ll go ahead and rotate the camera here, a second put it on time lapse. This is going to be the side. That’S the pain in the ass. Everything up to this point has taken me, maybe 10 minutes all right, guys, i’m trying to do the most informational video that you can see. So what i took off was that little heat shield two ten millimeter bolts um – that comes right off as i’m looking at this i’m trying to do the best that i can with there’s no instructions that came with this kit.
I mean i guess i could look them up, but this should be pretty self-explanatory. I got two bolts right here and i got two on the lower side. These look like 10 millimeters and then i should be able to either swing this out of the way or do something to where this shouldn’t be on there anymore. I believe so. Two tens deep well uh, six point: socket we’re not trying to uh, definitely not trying to get anything or strip any bolts so hop into it all right guys.
DIY 6.7 Cummins EGR delete. Off-road use only. Cleaning EGR purposes only.
So i’m gon na stop and kind of talk what i went through right. There um there’s two 10 millimeters up here and then there’s a 10 millimeter right here and another 10 millimeter right here, but there’s a heat shield that at the time i didn’t had to remove and on the low side where my pointer finger is pointing there’s two. Eight millimeter bolts down there that you have to take out before you’re able to uh before you’re able to actually get this last bolt exposed. So it’s just a small heat shield to eight millimeters, so i got that last bolt exposed should be able to take that off and then realistically rotate this up. That would be in a perfect world all right guys.
So i got dark outside me and my brother uh, you know, got to getting food and kind of got distracted, so this whole front piece right here, which i uh stripped one of the bolts. So what i’m going to have to do now is work. My way back from the cooler, i could get an extractor and get it out, but i want to keep working today. I want to see if i can possibly get the the cooler itself out, so i’m going to work my way backwards. Try to get that cooler, separated and then there’s two 15 millimeter bolts on the bottom, but, like i said i kind of got ahead of myself here: um unplugged, these three sensors that were on that side um.
They were mainly on top of this right here and then also got the intake tube out, because there’s brackets on the side of this cooler that you actually have to um you have to get to and you can’t get to them without the intake. So i took the intake out and stuffed a rag down in there to make sure nothing got in the turbo itself and working on getting both these coolant lines off and i’m gon na get back to work on these. So it’s getting kind of dark, i’m not sure how much more i’m gon na go tonight, but we will see all right guys. It is super laid out uh pitch black. Actually me and my brother put a light up sad.
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We were gon na knock it out. Thanks for his help, i mean my gosh two people with this job. If you have two people, this job is not bad at all. You kind of there’s certain things you can and can’t do uh, while one person’s doing something else. But overall people say this job takes like three three hours, maybe like four i seen um, i would say probably an hour and a half involved.
I i’m not done, but all i have to do is put block off plates back on and then route lines, but um for right now, everything’s looking really good. It’S all done. This side was a little. I don’t want to say super difficult. The back two bolts that everybody talks about those two 15 millimeters that are underneath the firewall right there, they’re challenging um you kind of have to find the right extension and wrench side or ratchet size to work, because you you’ll see what i mean whenever you get There there is room, but it’s kind of difficult and then, when it’s unbolted to actually pick the cooler itself up and out um two people makes a huge difference.
You kind of got to make sure stuff’s out of the way and the cooler is kind of heavy. It’S it’s a little challenging, but not the worst, but an hour and a half involved. All i have to do is put the block off plates, on which i will finish this video up tomorrow. So you can see the end result, but overall um for just the average person doing this. I would say probably two and a half three out of three out of five.
DIY 6.7 Cummins EGR delete. Off-road use only. Cleaning EGR purposes only.
If you know what you’re doing so, it’s not the most challenging thing, but it’s not the easiest thing: it’s not like changing an air filter but believe rags and everything make sure no nothing gets down in there clean the mess up and i’ll put it back together. Tomorrow and i’ll show you guys that all right guys, it is the next day finished up at the gym. Uh, i’m gon na finish this up now have everything like i mentioned already uh done, um, i’m probably gon na need to get some coolant, but we’ll work on that. That’S not too low. It looks like it’s on the minimum line.
So that’s fine. You don’t lose as much as you thought, like everybody online said that i was gon na like need to like completely drain the coolant and uh. That’S not the case, but anyway, i’m gon na work on the intake side. First, just because it’s the easiest, i’m gon na scrape around that really well, i didn’t do that yesterday, clean this up, really well put the plate on and then jump to this side put the two plates on and route the ccv back into the uh valve cover Right here um, then it comes with an adapter hose for this right here, which will run down to that piece right there. Some people say you have to change these um.
It’S not looking that way, i’ll, let you guys know for sure, but it’s definitely not looking that way. Um and then that should be put. The intake back on should be done. So i’m gon na put you guys on a time lapse and hop right into this and we’ll knock it out all right guys, i’m trying to give you pretty much any advice. I can along the way um just in case you’re doing this yourself.
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It does come with two gaskets, this one and then the back one right there that you see these are different sizes and the one will try to the one they’ll actually kind of fight you. If it’s like too big for this one, so you’ll the big one goes on the back and the smaller one of the two gasket goes on the front like i said, i’m trying to trying to literally walk you through this to where, if you have any questions And you’re, like not really that mechanically inclined that you know what you’re doing so small gasket out front before the plate, big one in the back also check the dgt bung. If that would like fall in your exhaust or something like that, you don’t want that. To get in the turbo inside the head, you don’t just don’t want to deal with that so check the tightness of that um. Cool line off of this runs top neck.
Um. Let’S see here this right here is your ccv, so this is going to connect back to there and then the new coolant line is going to have a pressure fitting in here, which i’m going to show you guys in a minute, and it’s going to run to This line right here after i do that top the coolant back off, which you can see how much i’ve lost. It’S not much put the intake back on done, but obviously this is just for servicing your egr, so you’re gon na need to put that back on. In the exact reverse order, but i just wanted to show you guys how to take it off alright guys. So before i start on the exhaust side, you have two different plates that come with the kit, this one with a bone in it, and then this flat plate and the bung one goes in the back.
It’S for an egt port. If you decide to give that route flat bottoms, they do come with new gaskets, i’m going to lay new gaskets down and, like i said, reuse, the old hardware. I hate that you have to reuse the old hardware, but it is what it is. So, let’s knock it out all right guys, so this is the final product. Um intake side super super super easy.
DIY 6.7 Cummins EGR delete. Off-road use only. Cleaning EGR purposes only.
I mean ten minutes, maybe at best even scraping the gaskets um this side a little more challenging, not the worst thing in the world as long as you’re patient, but definitely a little more challenging. You just have a lot more to do, but it’s kind of hard to mess it up. I mean i went through and kind of explained it as i was going, but just to kind of end. The video um things that i wish i would have known mine did not come with instructions. It says to replace this hose or i’m sorry to replace this neck right here um.
I did not do that. I actually ended up cutting the hose down and wrapped it over and it fit fine. I cut it on both sides to shorten it up a little bit, but it fit on both sides, just fine and then what else would i wish? I would have known oh that little hose that’s on the it like holds the fitting inside of the hose. I wish i would have known what that was too, like, i said, zero instructions.
This is me just going with it. If you’re wondering what that’s connected. That’S the cooler plug and, last but not least, to close the video out. If you wonder why the battery is like this, it’s because i wish i would have disconnected the battery from the get-go, and i wouldn’t have had this issue. Ah, you know see how the wrenches are lined up right.
There well bet your sweet ass. One of them touched the positive while the battery was hooked up and i’m getting a code. Now that says it’s like a battery voltage issue, so i’ve been told it’s either. These two fuses, which are right here, that’s completely off topic or the alternator, which apparently dodge, is like notorious for that these fuses there’s like literally no way to check these. In fact, it’s the first time i’ve ever seen a fuse like this.
So moral of the story is when you start this job, don’t pull a me and disconnect your battery and you won’t even have this issue so i got ta go, buy these and they’re 15 apiece and then hopefully it’s not a 300 alternator. Let’S go

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