Deleting our L5P Duramax!

Deleting our L5P Duramax! 
https://thedpfdeleteshops.comAll right everybody truck is back together. We don’t have exhaust on it. Wink’S gon na fire up here, first start on. What’S up everybody, i’m michael fulson university, that’s connor! Right there!
This is his l5p nollie. You’Ve probably seen a few previous videos about picking it up. We put dirty max jacks wheels and tires on it. Jack is a great guy. Today, we’re gon na put a high flow emissions kit on this thing.
dpf delete kit
If you know you know so, if you like, this video, give us a thumbs up, subscribe down below right now, we’re gon na tear into it, at least when you buy this delete kit for five thousand dollars. They send you a pdf for the instructions on how to do it. steps to take it apart. Now, it’s probably 15 steps to put it back together since we’re getting rid of everything here, but yeah 60 steps,. What safety glasses, would be a good idea.
You want some, yes yeah, parker, to cut the drive shaft. What the heck? No wonder! It’S rattling he’s taking a drive shot. Oh you’re, killing this dude, i was told it looks good.
Deleting our L5P Duramax!
The way it’s lifted, though yeah looks great when you’re underneath it, you can’t even move it body shoulders, no can’t make a full yeah, dude, trying to use them to walk with the wall. That’S the problem. Yeah son of a. No, i think it’s the user yeah!
That’S right! Look! We here, i’m trying to bend dude. We got the peanut gallery over here. Yeah honestly, right, yeah cause somebody, you don’t even know what we’re cutting hey everybody.
dpf deletekit
I don’t think you do you’re running a jackhammer. First things. First, i don’t know why you’re cutting there why it unbolts right there. Okay, you have to cut it. What do you?
Why would i not okay, so just unbolt it there? It is unfold, okay, so just pull off. Why are we cutting anything? You got to cut it back there for what right before the axle, so you can get it out. What do you mean dude pull it off here and then this will just pull right up.
Deleting our L5P Duramax!
If you pull this down, you have to cut it right here and then right there. You have to cut this resonator out to get the exhaust out. What do you think this is whatever the same resonator you get it out, whatever dude i’ll? Listen to you because you’re a piece of mechanic dude, you got to finish your job, your hat job. Don’T let that there dude what happened right.
I don’t actually complete a job once i get a hand, injury splinter, splitter has to come out before we resume play and uh cuts make sure to stop bleeding, don’t need stitches because putty here, i actually almost lost this thumb. Exhaust work on this over the fridge for a fine. You want to be the other way on the creeper other way other way. Buddy yeah see if you you can get under here better and see. If you can finish that cut and i’ll move it for you right here yeah you got to cut that all the way through, but the way up top there yeah, probably yeah.
h&s mini maxx tuner the dpf delete shops
That’S what i mean you can’t get the, underneath it look at this slide on this creek. What’S this kid trying to move so we’re going to check back in on him in a minute cause, i’m tired of laying down there in the dirt look at me: that’s a mess. Do never do whatever you want to call it. This is ridiculous waste of time. What happened right here, where’d that go?
What was that? Let’S go check where the junk is no look at that pork, you defeated yesterday. This is why, ladies and gentlemen, you take it to professionals, not a bunch of elmer’s in the shop. I would explain a lot more for you guys, but i do not know what’s going on right now. This is way way above my head.
Deleting our L5P Duramax!
Like i said, i make youtube videos, i don’t build diesel trucks, um, uh, you you, you. This is; yes,! What’S up, everybody we’re our four right now, four and a half, almost five, deleting this truck morale is low. Sleepiness high. Give you a little view here of the engine bay turbo is back on dying pipes down through there.
Y-Pipe is on over here we’re trying to find out, there’s hoses over here for all the coolant and stuff like that. Wait, you see this here plugging stuff in put the alternator on we’re determined to just get the whole engine part rigged up and going tonight. The exhaust probably gon na have to happen tomorrow, but doing pretty good. Oh, it’s broken dude. I think it’s missing some uh some parts.I missed yep, so ain’t gon na sound like prius. No more, you know, uh. You 

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