6.4 Powerstroke DPF Delete

6.4 Powerstroke DPF Delete https://thedpfdeleteshops.comI just want to share how I went about deleting the DPF on this 6.4 liter truck. This thing has got 298 thousand miles on it, the motor that’s currently, and it’s got two hundred and sixteen thousand on it at the time of the delete. This thing I decided instead of buying a delete, pipe or anything just to cut the DPF down and basically gut it and then put it back up there that way. If anybody ever looked under the truck or anything like that, it would never really cause a problem, because the whole can is still there.
The DPF and regen process on these trucks basically creates a huge problem, dump so much fuel into the crankcase and extra heat into the motor. I’Ve been changing the oil on this thing at about five thousand mile intervals, and every time I drain it, I get about 19 to 20 quarts out the engine only takes 15. So all that extra is just fueled. I Ellucian into the wall, basically just from the region process. So getting this thing down off the truck there’s just three connectors.
6.4 Powerstroke DPF Delete https://thedpfdeleteshops.com
You got a disconnect for the sensors on the DPF. After that you can take down the cross shield. That’S underneath it depending on how you want to take it out. I I drop the cross little so that I can get my saw in there to cut the thing out. The first part of the can is just a catalytic converter, which is pretty easy to break out of there.
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It’S brittle, just like any other converter, but the the DPF side of it, which you see right here as hard as a rock. So I only cleared out about a four inch hole right down through the middle of it, which actually worked out really well because with it back on the truck now it doesn’t sound any different than before. So I guess all that material. That’S still in there around the hole is basically acting as a muffler after clearing it all out. I just welded it right back up in place.
6.4 Powerstroke DPF Delete https://thedpfdeleteshops.com
I decided to go with the DPF Rd PF delete tune, basically because it was easy and it’s just a very mild tune. It’S supposed to add 70 horsepower or something like that, whether or not that’s actually the case, I’m not sure, but basically I just needed something. Conservative, the truck doesn’t need to be real fast or anything just needs to run and be reliable. It takes you through a series of yes and no questions took about 20 minutes to install on this thing. I recorded a couple of wide-open throttle pulls before and after and you can tell it does make a difference: [, Music ], I’m not sure how much power it actually picks up, but it does seem noticeable.
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I think the fuel mileage has gone up about one mile. The gallon, since, having done all this, I’m guessing, that’s mostly in the timing of the tune, but I’ll update back sometime later in the future, about how it goes with this thing and with the fuel mileage numbers, since that could also be a major benefit. Considering these things are kind of thirsty anyways, I hope this was interesting. I’M pretty interested to see if this is going to be a worthwhile a step and to try to keep these 6.4 x’ on the road.
6.4 Powerstroke DPF Delete https://thedpfdeleteshops.com

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