2015 Ram 2500 Cummins EGR Delete

2015 Ram 2500 Cummins EGR Delete https://thedpfdeleteshops.comWhat’S up guys Richard with the shopping, cart, mafia,  podcast, you need to find that podcast. If you haven’t anyway, so right now guys I have a 2015 Ram. 2500 go Niners, even though we lost to the Chiefs anyway, 2015 Ram 2500 running 35 is on it. Currently, the trucks got 56,000 miles. I’Ve had 0 EGR problems, I’m really looking to gain some miles per gallon right now, I’m averaging about 13 to 14, and I think I can do better hoping to be in the 19 to 20 range after I delete it.
So I have the GDP delete kit. I have the EZ link with ctt tuning and I’m just gon na put in a piece of straight pipe, so we’ll see how this thing runs and see uh see if I can gain some more miles per gallon. So alright, let’s see if we can get this done, hi guys we ready it started. So first thing we want to do. Is we want to remove the four eight millimeter bolts, remove your engine, oil, dipstick and that’ll?
Allow you access you get rid of this shroud. Allow you access to the EGR cooler you’ll pull all of this off right here. This will allow you access your EGR valve, so we’ll ball this off and I’ll show you what that looks like and we’ll get going, okay guys. So this is what it looks like once: you’ve got the cover removed, so the next thing you want to do is you want to remove this connector pipe from the EGR valve over to the cooler pretty simple, it’s 211 millimeter bolts on these little clamps here. So shouldn’t be a big deal, we’ll get that off there we’ll get these your valve off will start working on this side.
I will tell you from watching other videos. The passenger side is a [ __ ], so we’ll work through that anyway. So this is what the clamp looks like that goes right here I want to. I want to show you guys something that kind of makes this a little easier, so this one I haven’t got off yet, but if you just squeeze this, you don’t have to remove the nut all the way off right. You can just kind of loosen it up, but give yourself some room and then just squeeze this, and when you squeeze that you can just pump it right over, like that, you don’t have to run that note all the way off, just a little tip, alright guys.
2015 Ram 2500 Cummins EGR Delete https://thedpfdeleteshops.com
So once you got the clamps removed, you still got this clamp in the middle. So if you actually pull this up kind of out of the way you can actually see right, there is an 8 millimeter bolt you actually. So what I’ve got is a 6n sixteenth. Six inch extension swivel, eight millimeter socket, which did allow me to get to that and loosen it. So once you get that off, you can get this out of the way.
Next up, we’re gon na go ahead and any anytime. You see a clip like this. That means you push that up and then squeeze that, and you can pull that clip right out, we’ll take off the intake from here down to the turbo which will allow us access to the cooler a little better and we’ll start working that way. Ok, so this is your EGR cooler, we’ve got it disconnected. This was your connection for the cooler.
egr delete kit https://thedpfdeleteshops.com
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This was your connection for the pipe that went right here. So this is connected disconnected. There was four 10 millimeter bolts. Give this thing uh just a tap and little pop right off, so I want to. I want you guys to see.
There’S there’s been several videos about eg ours right, but if you look, they say you know. This is the stuff that you’re pumping into your engine. There I mean you’re, correct right, you are, you are pumping that back into the exhaust, it’s it so the EGR stands for exhaust gas recirculation valve, but the thing is with the new gr valve. Is these are doing what they’re designed to do? This is not a new technology they’ve been around for years.
2015 Ram 2500 Cummins EGR Delete https://thedpfdeleteshops.com
This stuff is cleanable. You have your sixty seven five thousand service on this truck and they actually clean the EGR valve clean the cooler wasting money when you can just throw it away, but just wanted you guys to know that all right, so these your valves off, we have our brand New blocker plate, I’ve installed the o-rings, so it’s pretty simple, pretty straightforward, bolted down right, set it down right there and install the supplied cap. Screws allen head cap screws and this puppy will be complete on this side. This side, obviously, like I said earlier, is the simple side, the other side’s gon na, be the fun part. I may have to have a couple beers.
I think that’s really with any mechanic work, though alright guys, so this heat shield needs to go so there’s two 10 millimeter nuts to remove this thing and it just once you’ve got those loose they’ll. Pour it off. Take these off get rid of them, because you’re going to remove this right there, you can see one 8 millimeter bolt, there’s one on the other side, that’s hidden! That will remove this heat show. So, to get this heat shield off again, ten millimeter nut to ten millimeter or eight millimeter bolts.
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One thing I want you guys to see is you can see down in there the nut the flathead screw for the band clamp for the turbo? You can pull it off with the long screwdriver. You still have to disconnect this hose right here and that’ll actually pull off. So I meant to show you that earlier hi guys so next up we’re going to remove the four bolts that hold this part of the front plate on then we’re gon na remove the four bolts that hold the servo on we’ll get all that removed and we’ll Come back at the servo out of the way now like I said, there was two 10 millimeter bolts here, two on the backside that was able to just slide right off and it is attached to that little front plate. So now what we got to do is we have to remove these two 15 millimeter bolts are nuts and this little v band 11 millimeter v band, pull this off and then we’ll be able to go ahead and install our blocker plate.
So when I come back, we’ll have that blocker plate installed already. Indeed, I’d like to think that I got a lot of tools and my mechanical aptitude is there, but that little 15 millimeter nut is a bastard to get to. So I think what I’m gon na do is I’m going to I’m gon na go ahead and just remove my coolant lines, just get everything out of the way and I’ll just take the cooler out and once the coolers out I’ll have access to that bolt. I work with a lot of engineers, and this is the kind of [ __ ]. They do man, so yeah we’re gon na just proceed.
2015 Ram 2500 Cummins EGR Delete https://thedpfdeleteshops.com
Carry on you guys know that anytime, your mechanic in it ain’t always gon na. Go your way prime example. Alright guys. So one thing did have to remove this from the gr cooler, that’s coolant when I broke this connection right here I did spew coolant everywhere and I kind of knew that was gon na happen. Just from I didn’t bleed the coolant system.
There was no drain that I saw underneath the radiator on the driver side of the pickup, as we were told so anyway. Next steps are going to be remove the brackets from the cooler and there’s two bolts at the very back. You can’t see them they’re hidden. I’M gon na remove those bolts and I’ll see if I can get the cooler out and we’ll go from there, alright guys. So I’m glad I did this video because this is different than what I had seen in other videos.
So what held on my cooler on my 2015 was these four 10 millimeter bolts? This one had a 10 millimeter nut on the top for the transmission dipstick bracket. Then, when you take that off, then you can actually get to the other one to 15 millimeter nuts. In the back – and that was it, that thing came right off now: let’s go back and look in the truck. So if you look in the truck, you can see back there at the back the two studs now that actually wasn’t that bad there was plenty of room to get back to that that wasn’t a big deal.
So this thing here, your bracket, there’s two 13 millimeter bolts. Underneath this thing you can actually see them right here and right there, which bolts to the to the engine, that’ll pull off and that’ll, actually give you room to get to this last 15. Millimeter bolt right. There then all we’ll have left to do is put on the two blocker plates and then button this thing up guys, so you can see installed the blocker plate here you block or plate in the back, and you see the center part. That’S a little piece of teflon tape.
2015 Ram 2500 Cummins EGR Delete https://thedpfdeleteshops.com
I wrapped around that little Allen plug. I got those tight, so the next thing I did is right here I removed this 14 millimeter bolt and then I installed this new adapter then with the new o-ring, then this adapter this bracket here comes with the kit. This little bolt goes right into your adapter, and then you put this 14 millimeter back on you’re good. To go next thing. Is you want to replace that so we’ll swap that out and we’ll get to hooking things back at hey guys?
One thing I want to add to this video that kind of little disappointed with GDP in their Corrections, but this bracket here there’s no instructions for it in the kit. It shows us in there but doesn’t show how it goes. So I want to show you real, quick: you basically remove this 15 millimeter exhaust bolt nut. Actually, you install this adapter. Okay, you go up here to your transmission dipstick, install that gold, 10 millimeter header bolt come out here on your coolant.
Adapter install this bolt, which was a non supplied long enough, then right here you can it’s hard to see that bolts. This bolt goes in that adapter piece that spacer, then this little doohickeys here the bracket goes right there, bolts in simple, as that definitely had to have a beer for all this [ __ ], but uh. Ultimately, it went well. So what I’m gon na do is I’m gon na end up putting the the intake back on I’m going to pop this out. I’M gon na feel the coolant until this thing starts.
Bleeding bubbling up constantly pop that back in tighten it up top off the coolant and we’re done so all-in-all I’ll have about three and a half to four hours. In this everything, I’ve heard says it’s about four hours anyway, we’ll see what it looks like when it’s done. Alright guys, I got a wrapped up, got everything finished up. I did put the as you can see. I put the cover back on the back too or just kind of hanging.
There’S no bolts there anymore, so really not a problem, though. If it starts rattling I’ll do something about it. Everything went really good honestly, so I got about three and a half hours in it. Like I said, I’m pretty pleased with how it came out turned out, so I’m gon na put the EZ link on and do my exhaust I’ll make another video on that. But all in all, it was pretty straightforward for my first time kind of wished that the directions were a little bit better, but it’s how it goes so anyway, guys, thanks for watching, please like and subscribe to the channel.
Thank you very much.

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