Stock vs Deleted 6.7L Powerstroke

Stock vs Deleted 6.7L Powerstroke
Tuned six, seven Power Stroke against a stock 67 Power Stroke. Think about this video is his truck, has got a lot done about it, and mine really is completely bone stock. I’M going to be showing you guys exactly how much of a difference a tune makes on a six seven power stroke. This is Cameron here, the owner of the truck and the owner of a couple shops here I’ll leave his shops down in the link in the description down below gon na, be talking about his truck today doing a little bit more with it. We’Re doing some sound tests and at the end of the video, we’re gon na, be doing some zero to 60s and maybe a little race at the end, so stay tuned and let’s dive right into it.
dpf delete pipe
So it’s back to a stock turbo for now, but it is a pusher piping kit on top of just being EGR upgraded whatever you want to call it cold air intake to go with everything, complement everything intercooler is a No Limits, intercooler, so better flow and cooling. It does have a 10 millimeter stroker pump from River City Diesel down pipe back exhaust switch on the Fly calibrations. I won a contest on Instagram with Lanier metal for the light bars in the grill at night, especially because it all matches all the way around the grill Morimoto mirror lights and tail lights, stock, headlights, Morimoto fog, lights, Relentless shine, window, tint and paint protection. Film they’re here in San Antonio, if you okay, get steers mini excavators dump trailers. If you’ve never tried.
Stock vs Deleted 6.7L Powerstroke
One of these. You got ta try one of these. That’S a Gen Y torsion Flex hitch. It is like glass if you’re pulling a small trailer 5K below you. Hardly even know it’s back there, it is super smooth, ESO, exhaust tip and then you mentioned wheels and tires.
Those are tis, Wheels, 547 bees and then Fury country Hunter mud terrains, their first version they’re a little bit noisy. Those are 35 15 and a half 24 
egr delete kit
The wheels are 24 by 12 2019 right. This is a 17. you like that Cannon canister up there. No, no here’s!
Why? If you’re running close to stock truck, it’s a six inch opening and it comes with a reducer down to four inch, so you can run it on an untuned truck because of the math reading. So if you want to pull that and run the big open six inch, you have to have it custom tuned because you have to change the MAF calibration. It’S just a pain in the butt and I didn’t feel like I gained anything for it. Um Jesus.
Stock vs Deleted 6.7L Powerstroke
I think it’s loud, I have a 2015, so this is a new body style, six sevens. What were you getting before? You did the exhaust on this. The main reason my mileage isn’t like 16 17 anymore, is because of the stroker fuel pump. It just pushes more 14 could be close to 16 and it was holding there for a while.
I leave the truck sitting in idle a lot when I’m picking up for dropping off tractors. It’S not horrible for being on 35s and no joke like when I pull our tractor and run the trip mileage I get last time was 8.9 and I did about 100 miles mostly Highway yeah, with around 16 000 pounds on the back, like what kind of tunes, Because I see things down, there fly so T and fumes that you have so typically what they are is a stock or heavy towing tune. A light Towing tune, a daily or economy tune. Four is normally pretty sporty and you’re talking about over 100 horsepower gain.
h&s mini maxx tuner the dpf delete shops
I think it’s like 135 over a stock truck and then tune five with a responsible. Tuner is going to be like your hot tune. Your big boy tune depending on how crazy they get. You can run it all the time or an irresponsible tuner will make it. So crazy or hot, some of the old school hot Tunes would actually not be need to want to drive on a lot.
But, as you guys might know, I did a video with Cameron a while back about a year ago. He had his truck a completely different turbo setup on that house, so I’m going to roll that footage right now. So that way you guys can see the exact sound difference. Between a year ago versus now, wait same turbo different tuner. Oh you’re, at the same, you didn’t change the turbo.
Stock vs Deleted 6.7L Powerstroke
It’S a stock, turbo, okay, the turbo’s been changed, but we’re back to stock, which is okay, so you have just just different tuning, then different tuning, okay, different Tunes. So we call it a hiss idle versus a rumble idle. Can you do that right now, the his Idol? No, no! You don’t have the two gotcha.
What I’m running now is what I like is the rumble idle. I don’t think that super loud jet stream noise yeah, so we’re gon na try a zero to 60 now. So the time to be on mine is 7 
8 seconds – that’s that was my fastest 060 on my stock, six seven, so we’re gon na do the zero 60 right. Now, I’m gon na time it on my stopwatch on my phone stopwatch, hey you’re gon na go from right here! Yeah!
All right! Just tell me! When to go, and one two three tell me when six years boom 803 
We spun for, like yeah seconds we’re gon na, do a four by four zero to sixty now whoa, my God. I don’t want to stop there holy 6.75.
Stock vs Deleted 6.7L Powerstroke
That was a gnarly zero sixty that was fast holy 6.75. On the on the stopwatch there’s, obviously some human errors with that, so it might have been more, might have been less, but so we are about to do a little bit of a race test. We’Re not too sure what we want to do. Yet we’re going to see here now and uh just go from there go right here, comfortable, damn it how to turn off traction control for that he’s still Towing yeah my tires were not doing good there, guys.
That was a bad boosted launch guys we’re gon na. Do a little pool test here from stop all right, ready, you’re counted off holy . That thing is fast I spun out so bad too guys Jesus this shit’s, so fast, there’s no way he didn’t launch in four-wheel drive that’s wild here. The tune makes a pretty big difference in speed uh thanks again Cameron for letting me use the truck on the channel, but yeah peace out guys.

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