For 4 Inch/5 Inch 2001-2007 LBZ LLY LB7 6.6 for Chevy Duramax Downpipe-Back DPF Delete Race Pipe



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For 4 Inch/5 Inch 2001-2007 LBZ LLY LB7 6.6 for Chevy Duramax Downpipe-Back DPF Delete Race Pipe





4 Inch / 5 Inch Downpipe-Back 2001-2007 LBZ LLY LB7 6.6 Duramax DPF Delete Race Pipe

Vehicle Fitment:

2001-2007 Chevy/GMC Duramax Diesel LBZ LLY LB7 Silverado and Sierra pickup trucks.

Exhaust Material:

T-409 stainless steel is used for the exhaust material. It’s magnetic unlike T-304 Stainless, so a magnet will stick to it.


  • Thickness: 2mm
  • Inlet Diameter: 4.0″ / 5.0″

Choose between 4 inches and 5 inches based on your needs. The 5-inch option is priced higher but offers improved displacement and performance.

Considering with or without a muffler? Removing the muffler can enhance engine performance but may increase noise levels depending on customer preference.

All Flashark DPF delete pipes are made of 409 Stainless Steel for superior durability compared to aluminized steel.

About DPF and DPF Delete:

Most post-2007 diesel vehicles have a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) for emissions. The DPF can cause increased backpressure due to clogging, affecting fuel flow and efficiency. Removing the DPF can allow for better fuel flow and increased fuel mileage.


Installation can be completed in about 1 hour with basic tools. It may be quicker with a lift. Some cutting may be needed for different bed/cab configurations. Clamps, hangers, and hardware are included, though some factory hardware may need to be reused.

Tuner Requirement:

A tuner capable of DPF delete is necessary to avoid check engine lights or codes post-removal of DPF, CAT, SCR, or DOC components.


  • Significant increase in fuel mileage is possible.
  • Removing DPF/CAT can lead to a combined mileage of 18-19 mpg from the typical 13-14 mpg.
  • Regular DPF service intervals are eliminated.
  • Reduces the risk of costly DPF failures.
  • Less exhaust backpressure can lead to better engine performance.
  • An ECU remap along with a DPF delete can increase power and torque for all vehicles.



4" Downpipe-back, 5" Downpipe-back with muffler