CRAZY 6.0 POWERSTROKE!! 00-00-01 https://www.minimaxxtuner.comBefore we get started in today’s video are actually going to be swapping the filters on my fast 165. I wanted to take big shout out to TTS, which is top tier suspensions. They mainly deal with a lot of suspension, parts and stuff like that, but for whatever you need truck wise, I’m pretty sure he can help you out I’ll leave the Instagram up on the screen here. So if you guys do get a chance, definitely hit him up, but let’s open up this box check out these new filters, and I know fast, I talked to them. They came out with new models compared to what I had on my the old filters.
h&s mini maxx tuner the dpf delete shops
I’Ve had because it’s been a while, since I changed them, but for as you see here, here’s PF 3001 pretty sure that’s particulate filter 3001. I got the XL version, so they’re going to be the same size of the ones I have on now, because the new style they come originally smaller. So that’s why I got the XL one, so they be the same size as my old ones and I’ll show. You them as well the old ones once we get a chance, so here they both are four and then it shows you exactly where they should be located on the lift pump itself, so without wasting any more time, let’s get to it and finally change these filters, Because it’s way overdue, so these were the old filters here for anyone wondering on like model numbers and stuff like that. So that’s a FS 1001 and that’s gon na be going to the X WS, which water separator 3000 to XL and then the fuel filter was FF 3000 3, which is now the updated numbers of PF 3000 1, which would be the particular filter just showing anyone That does have older filters.
 CRAZY 6.0 POWERSTROKE!! 00-00-01
These are the model numbers that you will be switching over to. I know fast that I could still get these if I wanted to older filters, but supposedly these had some longer duration and some more filtration, so I thought might as well just go with the new ones. What’S up everybody Justin Phaedo back with another video today we’re actually gon na be meeting up with my buddy doing he’s got a six-o power stroke. You guys may have seen on my Instagram we’re gon na be going to Sebring Florida, hopefully get some badass clips. Also stay tuned, I got new wheels and tires coming for black beauty, which is my o 5 Ram.
dpf delete pipe
2500, if you guys aren’t familiar with it or if you’re new to the channel, but we got the we got the fast filters on. Let me show that to you guys: actually they were definitely ready to be changed. So, let’s try to get you new filters are on prime the system. Everything like that, so we’re ready to rock and roll with that waste any more time. Let’S start rolling out and I’ll see you guys, so we just pulled up over here we’re actually looking at Dylan 6o right here.
 CRAZY 6.0 POWERSTROKE!! 00-00-01
So let’s take a take, a look at it and see what he’s got to say. Alright guys, my name is Dylan. I was six f250. Most people think it’s a harley-davidson because it has a Harley Davidson paint code on it, but it’s really King Ranch really throws a lot of people off right. Now it sucks on a six-inch pulling clip.
It’S all powder gold of all the skid plates done transfer case, fuel tank and rear receiver hitch trucks on 24 14 forces right now, spike, lug nuts. I just did a polish on them and like since, like three months ago, pretty bad shape but tires are 35 13 524 they’re from camps kind of like an condone triol II like them find up one up, maybe eight two more inches. If I don’t go to a 12 inch, lift I’ll just do two more inches and then I’ll do the whole team. A few Furies tell ya a little bit right now now fix that like five times it’s ridiculous but uh. Oh wait!
 CRAZY 6.0 POWERSTROKE!! 00-00-01
Here’S all recons recon, switchbacks, recon cab, lights, third brake light, recon taillights. I really would like to work with someone and get some different fail lights for it, because you’re kind of just you know the over style. Yeah they’ve been in there a while got a little age to them now, yeah the bumpers, oh eight, along with the mirrors they’re, all color matched tailgates, actually she’s got the 15 or a 2016. 7. 8.
Excuse me that’s weird, because I got a different key for it. I got this one tailgate then I got that ring. They want to start that’s funny its if I get the locks all down but again, but as far as motor work done, it’s totally deleted. It’S not studded, I’m gon na whisper flare shifts like it really runs good for the truck. It really, and you said, stock suspension in the back correct.
 CRAZY 6.0 POWERSTROKE!! 00-00-01
I took the bluffs out just to powder coat them just to make it look like they were something back there, but it’s all stuff and what is it a four inch strip up? It’S actually a fireman turret back to a six inch. Okay, actually just had it dumped, and I put it back on the side, because I guess yeah now that starts beautiful man and for any of you guys that want to check him out follow his build. Definitely follows Instagram we’re just getting a little walk around. Let you know what’s done to the truck right now, whoever had the truck before me.
I guess they really didn’t condition the seats that great the back ones are in perfect condition when we were doing the cab lights, we still haven’t, put the oh handle back up. Yes, I’ll get get all that worked out right there, SCT x4 tuner! Nothing special really, this interior is nice uh. It is very nice. I really like it.
 CRAZY 6.0 POWERSTROKE!! 00-00-01
I really like this truck. I really don’t want to get rid of it, but I love his 6/7 man. You want a six seven. I actually have a pool filtration kit in the back seat. I got to put it in.
I haven’t gotten around to that yet, but she’s a good girl. I like she asks 200,000 miles on her just rolled over to Hunter Canyon, knock on wood man. That’S a puke any coolant, it doesn’t do anything. I don’t really run the truck tu-tu-tu-tu-tu hard too hard. I’Ve.
 CRAZY 6.0 POWERSTROKE!! 00-00-01
Never really I mean I’m I’m a maintenance freak. I really take care of this truck really really really good. So you know that’s perfect. So if any, you guys have any questions you could leave in the comment or hit him up on Instagram just want to get a little walk around. So you guys know what you’re looking at and let’s go get some clips and what is this in the bed?
They said this is a dog cage, yeah Hawken. Last weekend I ain’t took it outside Filipe out. We found a little cold, a sack here. His new nicknames gon na be sending cloud every time. I see him he’s smiling and he’s always full sense.
 CRAZY 6.0 POWERSTROKE!! 00-00-01
Oh she stuck now, so Dylan buddy Andrew also pulled up he’s got another six, oh so he’s gon na. Let you guys know what’s done to this monster frame is painted. I got a gloss back black that looks really nice burgundy burgundy track bar, which we call a bar. Then I got the shocks up here: the stabilizers that is a no harley-davidson group.
This was actually like the oh three like it had the whole ugly front end on it, and we still Friday. I mean this whole truck was actually blue at one time, who’s that blue right there actually and we ended up repainting it. I painted these mirrors are here: got your good old eBay handles paint. My screens paint my axles got all that done that axle bump back there yeah. I got a four inch: throw back to a native step, nice, newer, tailgate as well.
 CRAZY 6.0 POWERSTROKE!! 00-00-01
I’M trying to get one like Dillon’s right, that’s not gon na fun, not expensive, and I got the ruby red. That’S the coast I get on powder is Anza burgundy and this whole suspension. What’S this what’s deciding of this whole lift and everything like that, I think eight in the back, because I don’t know how you guys could really tell on camera, but this truck is it’s pretty massive. I mean to show you guys a little comparison in Heights here. So my trucks got the two and a half inch leveling coils middle trucks got a six inch lift and that’s a nine and a half.
So you can kind of see the difference in Heights here. It’S not started by the way. It’S not even started up and how many miles are on this one 180, because I know neither neither of these trucks are studded, but have you guys just been happy with them? Haven’T really had the issues to do it, yet I know from Dylan, if you guys ever see his Instagram, he just bull sends always so well. I was just curious.
 CRAZY 6.0 POWERSTROKE!! 00-00-01
I know a lot of people are gon na, be like you guys, are crazy, not having a bullet-proofed and whatnot, but you guys have just you just been fine with the truck so far right check your o-rings on us, though yeah replace those a couple times. That’S it your occasional blow, the boot off yep basic maintenance, but overall, if if the time comes, you guys do plan on studying it, if you guys have to going through the whole bulletproof kit yeah end up doing the whole bulletproof processed, as I know like I Said my dad has a six, I was you guys know already and he went through. You know the whole process. Obviously it’s not just studying the truck there’s a lot of other things that go along with it. It is a big big brand new batteries.
Oh yeah, now I’m gon na get every powder-coated. I did have the turbo out of it not long ago, and I put a wicked wheel in it. I had a really big leak coming from the drain side, so it was boring. A lot of oil out thought. I had messed something up, but luckily it was that I had a lot of corn.
 CRAZY 6.0 POWERSTROKE!! 00-00-01
I went ahead too much that runs its run, so cool and never nothing ever hardly gets over 200 degrees, nice. Oh my god. This is just a wild man over here: bro. Thank you guys for watching. I hope you enjoyed Dillon full sentence only over here.
That’S all we do. I think we put a badass video together for you guys. Let me know what you think. If you have any questions, just let me know make sure to follow them on all their social medias as well, much more to come new wheels and tires coming from my truck sometime this week. So stay tuned on that don’t forget like subscribe.
 CRAZY 6.0 POWERSTROKE!! 00-00-01
Turn the bell for notifications and I’ll catch. You guys next time, peace, 

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