EGR DEF Delete 6.7 Powerstroke Install

EGR DEF Delete 6.7 Powerstroke Install. (Outdated) https://thedpfdeleteshops.comAll right guys, so what we’re doing is a EGR DPF delete on a six point: seven power, stroke, we’re gon na be filming the removal of the filters underneath the truck we’re also going to be doing some time lapse on the removal of the EGR coolers and Also, the toning that goeswith the deletes. So basically, when you take the filters off, you can’t just drive the truck. It’S gon na try to shut itself down so you’ve got to retune the computer to know that it’s not looking for those sensors and that’s what we’re going to be doing today here in just a little bit so ever on our way to right now. So we will be back shortly with an update, hi guys. What we have here today is the farmtruck not really farmtruck, but what we’re doing here is a DPF and eg yard believe so.
We’Ve had Dalton working on this thing, we’re getting the exhaust all these filters. That’S in the exhaust look at all this crap, it’s a mess, so what we’re doing here is we’re replacing it with straight pipe like straight through it. Only because I know John would have done that. Actually, I know Joe would have done that because Joe stood here and make car noises to the pipe. So, probably ten minutes in my ear, while I was trying to work the other day credits to Joe all right, so these straight pipes are going to delete all these filters and all these block off plates are going to delete the EGR cooler off the top of The motor and rubber hose this kit, one that I get through a supplier most kits that I’ve seen are pretty expensive around fourteen fifteen hundred dollars.
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We can do the entire kit for around twelve hundred bucks installed, which is pretty good because it does have the tuning with it. I was reading on this says it’s stackable with other chips. So basically, what we’re doing is accessing the module in the dash and under the hood, the computer that has the tune files that are looking for all of these sensors in the exhaust in the EGR system. So what this is going to allow us to do is go in and read flash. This is going to allow us to reflash the computer to turn all this stuff off, meaning you can run a tote own from like a super chip or an edge or one of the other companies out there the supply sending for these, so it doesn’t appear now.
I haven’t done this yet, but it doesn’t appear that you’re limited to one tune. It looks like we’re going to be able to do this and basically put whatever tune. We won’t on them. So once we go in and reflash the ECM, it’s going to delete the fact that it’s looking for all these different sensors that were taken off of it. That being said, I’m gon na help Dalton get to work.
EGR DEF Delete 6.7 Powerstroke Install. (Outdated)
Getting these filters pulled down. I just want to cover a few things. So, while Dalton’s grabbing some tools to get this last hanger off, I just like to show everybody all the sensors. That’S in this exhaust system that we’re taking off this is this is crazy, our seven or eight things that plug into this exhaust system monitor just exhaust the ladies and gentlemen. What we’re doing here, man Dalton we are making America great again, is what we’re doing out here, see we’re getting rid all this crap under here, because this this is just craps big, heavy crap, hey, but there’s there’s certain people core buyers.
That will give you money for things, meaning money. What we’re doing is straight-up freedom right here does this. This is some freedom relief for here, buddy [, Music ]. This is our window blank. You saw  that is probably closer to 200, bringing up some weight some rice plate.
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Let’S look at all these loose wires hanging here now, be surrounded. Take a look! If you pay what you pay, that accrue say what you say: Fridays on Tuesdays make sure from today no place we stuck. Let’S hire my brother. All these, the biancarolli Rowdies skillful puppet boys remind me you’re, Joey Joey, so this guy, like you said you got ta, see them all right.
So apparently I was wrong about all the sensors being on plug what Mike complete synthesis believable, but reading all the instructions. A little further actually says right here: exhaust notes: sensors need to be connected to the truck wiring harness exhaust sensors do not need to be plugged back in to pop. So that’s what dalton is doing now is giving all these sensors out of the pot. So we can get started this little obd2 connector, it’s pretty neat! It walks you through everything.
EGR DEF Delete 6.7 Powerstroke Install. (Outdated)
So then you plug it in it tells you what is very — with it. Yes, one time, if you hit no or yes it walks, you through everything, you can even check for drivetrain codes. It will allow you to clear codes. I was even reading on this and it’s actually got a emergency recovery option moment. So in case you’re programming and the battery goes dead or it loses connection or, for whatever reason, just quits writing the file to the computer.
You have a backup option to recover, I’m not going to go into any of that because, as of right now knock off glass, I don’t need it and they just talked to them and said that we’re up load 75 % complete. So next it will be creating the Program Files, so I would say we’re probably about five to six minutes into this. It says it will take close to 20 by the time it’s all done so  Liz. I don’t care who you are, that tornado dispenser up under the hood sounds awesome. The Obama filters.
DIY 6.7 Cummins EGR delete. Off-road use only. Cleaning EGR purposes only
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