DPF removal - 2007-2012 dodge ram cummins

DPF removal - 2007-2012 dodge ram cummins https://thedpfdeleteshops.comIs the nitrous oxide cat right there, and this is the diesel particulate filter, also abbreviated as dpf? May we wondering how to remove it if you need to, for whatever reason there are some legal reasons to remove it like um. This could become clogged up and you may not be able to successfully regenerate it um, so it has to be removed and more thoroughly regenerated in a furnace of some kind, or maybe it’s full of ash, because ash doesn’t regenerate and eventually it accumulates a lot of Ash and it can be washed out – you could probably do this at home with a garden hose or something then get some of the ash out and have some more life out of this thing, because these are expensive to replace. I think they also have a chemical that you can put in here to help break that down and clean it out, starting with one of the electric connection connectors. This is the temperature sensor.
That’S right. After the nox cap, this tab pulls to the side using a little uh fill or a flat head screwdriver can help then there’s a little tab. You got ta push on the bottom and then simultaneously you can pull the connector out like this, and that’s it just leave it hang. You can always remove the sensor when the whole unit is off the truck it’d, be a lot easier to do it. That way than than underneath it here so now we’re on the inside of the frame once again at the nox cat, this one, you have to pull off the frame and it’s got a yellow tab that slides up and then you can disconnect the connector and this One up here, i don’t think we need to worry about all right, it’s going to be fine, so that may be it on the connectors three of them there.
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Here i have a 5 8 line wrench. This is nice to get off bolts that are very tight. You don’t want to strip them off or to get around the line like the pressure lines we’ll get to up here. We’Re looking at our flange nuts and uh use the line wrench and it’s not required to have a line wrench, but it’s nice to uh just make sure that they break loose next we’re at the uh the lines here, pressure lines you can see how the line Wrench is useful, slides over, but a crescent wrench would do this too. This is also 5 8 or very close to it.
It still works. You may have to get out your rubber mallet and give it a few taps, but we’re just making sure that uh we are able to break these things loose to begin with before we take anything up completely off so i’ll be doing that for the other uh Pressure sensor at the back and for this exhaust clamp as well back here on the rear, exhaust clamp and the best thing to do for this is actually to do a 15 millimeter. I do believe it’s a little smaller of a nut and your ratcheting wrench and in addition to that, a deep, socket, deep socket with an extension and push and uh you got to be careful with this one uh. You don’t want to strip this one off. This one was kind of rusty for me.
DPF removal - 2007-2012 dodge ram cummins https://thedpfdeleteshops.com
I definitely use some pb on it. Okay, you don’t have to remove the nut, the entire way just loosen it about half an inch. The clamp, however, is a little bit. You know it hasn’t loosened on its own, so just a few tasks like that that should loosen it enough to uh just move it back down the mid pipe there see if i can finish that off for you here we go still a little bit uh a Little bit tight, just rust here or breaking loose it’ll come off. So what i’m going to wind up having to do is take the nut.
All the way out drop the bolt and i’m reaching up over the frame here to get a nice grip on it. So we’re going to take this 15 millimeter nut out and then we’re gon na punch out can’t even see it, but that’s helping a good good bit. So what i think i can actually do you all are probably gon na wind up this i mean this is a southern truck from uh louisiana spent its whole life in louisiana, so i’m actually gon na try and pry. It’S just real crusty here, [ Music ]. So without dragging this section out too long, you can see what i’m up to here and what i’m dealing with.
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We will get it okay. Now we have the pressure sensors, we’re going to go ahead and take them completely out, which you might be able to do by hand. It’S a little crusty here: okay oops, just like that, they’re out and there’s one up here in the front. I’M working on y’all can’t see the same view that one was easier all right, so my camera died, but uh got a little catching up to do, but not much so these are the hangers that are up there and you’ve got ta. Take off those little clamps.
That are on there, which are a pain but a flat head screwdriver and they pry off, and then you can wiggle these things off. Wd-40 big help definitely recommend getting some wd-40 on there, so they come right off this one is the one in the middle. It’S facing like this, if you’re looking towards the back of the truck it faces this way and then there’s two more that face this way, so i’ve got i’ve got those pushed through they’re still attached to the truck, though so now what i’m going to do is Try and push it off the only thing really holding this thing up is you can see, or can you see, i’ve got a i’ve got a nice flashlight here. If i can figure out how it works, um there’s the flange. I just got to get it pushed off there and it should drop down.
DPF removal - 2007-2012 dodge ram cummins https://thedpfdeleteshops.com
Okay here we are, i’m gon na actually grab hold. I don’t know if you can see this, but i’m grabbing hold of the metal, uh, hanger components and just pushing back towards the back of the truck so yeah it did drop out there. Now we just got to get the tailpipe section off and the whole thing ought to come down. Okay, let me show you all something here: huge tip see how the flange is kind of off, but yet one of those flange bolts there is down inside the the uh down pipe there. That’S what you want, so you got to get it out by pushing back towards the rear of the truck and then bring it back forward into the truck while lowering inside like this, you can see that the flange is flush up against, where it used to be Mounted that way, you can come back here and start wiggling this and it will slowly start coming out and you can see, i’m almost got it out.
Usually i’ve been putting my foot on the muffler and then pushing this this way and uh. That’S how to get it out. You really got ta wrestle with it and i did put a bunch of pb on there because it was pretty rusty. All right so question is: can we finish this thing off? The answer is probably yes there.
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She goes. Oh, let’s uh we’re gon na have to free up some zip ties here, get the last of these electricals off, but my friends, that is how you remove it. Here’S a look at our old unit, kind of taking a peek in here, dps, here’s, our temperature sensor and overall, pretty good condition in there. We do have some soot here in the back end, but this has uh took a quarter million miles for that to get there. So let’s take a look in the other end, this sands, a lot dirtier.
Of course, this end is prior to the dpf, but that’s what it looks like in there. I think it looks pretty decent as well.
DPF removal - 2007-2012 dodge ram cummins https://thedpfdeleteshops.com

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