dpf delete https://thedpfdeleteshops.comHey guys, Anthony for before diesel, this is just gon na be a fairly short video to answer the question: should I do a DPF delete, or should I get rid of a DP air, for you know a DPS causing problems? What should I do? Okay, obviously, that answer to that question is going to vary widely depending what make and model the vehicle you’ve chosen to own. Let’S use the Toyotas, for example, in the last few years, where the DPS being added to the one gdf TV engine. You know what, let’s just answer in general: first in general, you know you shouldn’t: do a DPF delete now a lot of places you go to if you go in there and start talking about a jars and DPS and tunes and rear maps and stuff they’re gon Na want to sell you whatever they can until you have bad or you DPF and everything else and look.

Each jar is quite bad. Dpf isn’t bad DPF does not affect your engine, it doesn’t take up your intake, it doesn’t block up your ports. Okay, the DPF is a filter on your exhaust system that filters the exhaust gases before it goes out. The tailpipe, it’s actually really good for everybody’s health. That means you, your family, your kids, anybody!
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You know it’s better for their health. Okay, in what ways we’re not gon na be said, we’re not the doctors here, but they tell us cancers. Heart attacks, stroke these sorts of things; okay, so it is better for our health not to breathe these diesel particulates. So DPF is actually a really good thing. So don’t just go and take you from you or feeling your vehicle, that you’ve heard something and bad about the DPF and get rid of it.
Do not do a DPF delete. Do not get rid of your DPS now, depending what making motor you’ve got if you’re having problems with it, it’s probably to do with the software or the crap quality from the crappy brand, a vehicle you’ve chosen to own. So that’s up to you what choice you’ve made we’re not gon na, go and bother telling you, which ones are good, which ones are crap, but Toyota make quality components, that’s well engineered and when the software is right and the vehicles use is right, because it’s not Just up to the DPF, the certain can do that vehicles need to be used under for these systems to work and be reliable. Okay, now the DPF. As I said, it’s just a filter.
dpf delete https://thedpfdeleteshops.com
Okay, it’s doing a good thing, there’s no real adverse effect to having it. There, okay, maybe later on the down the track, we’ll see we’ll worry about that. Then, if you’ve had a lot of problems with your DPS and then you want to delete it. I can understand. I mean I understand if you have problem after problem, but if you’re one of these people, that’s you know, you soon know too much money or something I don’t know what’s going on and you go and spend money on these new cars and you just want to Take it straight in and get everything deleted and tuned and stuff, it’s just crazy.
It’S a waste of money. It’S the start of your unreliability! Okay and it is, it does make the vehicle more unreliable. Rest assured hundred percent, okay, now they’re going to tell you our awesome the way we do it and with the quality of this and the quality of that and whatever look the reliability, some vehicles, you know just aren’t reliable anyway, but if it’s one of these vehicles, The Toyotas, the Twitter’s in general, are very reliable leave. It alone leave it alone.
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The EGR system has got basically nothing to do whatsoever with the DPF. What are we looking at here? We’Re looking at the DPF for the exhaust manifold and the DPF stand below that on this side of the engine. We’Ve got to have something to look at and be better than looking at me. That’S for sure, so we’ll get to that.
But at the moment we’re looking we’re looking at the you know we’re looking at the exhaust manifold in the DPF area, because that’s what we’re talking about right, the EGR! Well, you know all the EGR and intake type stuff, that’s over the other side of the engine. Right so the EDA has got nothing to do with this. The closest you’ve got it’s got to do with. Is the exhaust manifolds at this side?
So the part that takes the exhaust gasses? Yes, exhaust gas recirculation across to the other side. The DPS got nothing to do. It would be good if the DP, if did have something to do with it and the DPF or more, to the point that ej. If the EGR exhaust gases were taken from the clean, the pot after the DPF out of the tail parkour, whatever you like, you doing all right take them from somewhere clean and then I wouldn’t have a problem with EGR either.
dpf delete https://thedpfdeleteshops.com
I really wouldn’t okay, I just wouldn’t, because overall, the balance would be more good than bad, but on a lot of vehicles with EGR systems, the balances – certainly in my opinion, is more bad than good. Okay, EGR is your problem, but this video is not about ego. It’S about DPF, I just want to separate the two having an EGR system operating or not, is not going to affect your DPF. Anything whatsoever. If you want to do whatever you’re doing with your age are reduce the flow or whatever, whatever you’ve got, to do, to keep that intake Klein and save that engine so that it’s efficient so that it keeps not only.
You know it’s not just about nitrogen oxides. It’S all the other pollutants, all the other contaminants. You know carbon monoxide right, one of the worst ones while having it clean and efficient right now. There’S one other thing I want to say. So it’s really, I probably shouldn’t, say this because it’s more to do with EGR now our white, actually because that’s another video, it’s another subject: okay, so the answer!
The question is: no, don’t go and delete your DPF leave it alone. Some people have deleted DPS and have problems whether it be temporary or permanent. You know they’ve got to go back and get this fixed and get that Pixum have another go at it. We’Ll try again, you know we’re pretty new to this. We forgot to tell you that you know we’re just playing with cars.
Just be wary of that. Okay leave, it alone, make sure the car gets decent trips. You know a diesel isn’t for short, stop start driving. That’S your problem! That’S the driving!
Okay! If you’re always doing short trips and you’re just going to school and back the shops and back to work and back, you should have a petrol engine. Okay, I’m not a diesel. Okay, the petrol engine can do the job for that short period of time. If you’re towing a lot of weight regularly or you’re doing long high kilometres outback travel traveling in a remote areas where you need to carry fuel Diesel’s easier to carry because it’s safer, okay, it’s easy it’s more efficient!
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So you need to carry less of it and there’s less change. You need to carry it, that’s what diesels are for there for efficiency and safety. As far as those respects go, okay back in the day, they were a bit better, for you know river crossings in that, because there was an ignition system. You know distributor caps, coils leads, and this sort of thing, but petrels have got rid of that in recent times anyway. So there’s not a lot in it.
Of course you can’t have water in either or the engines we’re going completely off-topic here. So I hope you enjoyed it, but look you know a little bit of water and either engine is going to cause problems, a petrol. You might get away with a few millimetres of water and not permanently damage it, but it doesn’t take much and you’re gon na wreck either engine. So let’s not go there, don’t mess around with the DPF just leave it alone. Right, you know shiny clean, you drive it right, keep the engine running efficient, okay, so one of the best things you can do for.
I suppose your ETA in your DP is it’s not just about doing a good burn because you’re doing a highway trip when it does the burn and that doesn’t nice burn because the exhaust it gets nice and hot. So, just about that, what it’s about is the more cold starts and short trips. You do the more soot and emissions. You know that those particulates we’re talking about diesel particulate filter DPF those they’re going to be more made of you notice, like you know, when you think about the diesels blowing smoke, have you noticed they put the foot down? That’S when it blows the smoke?
These your particulates right, if it’s up at operating temperature – and it’s cruising at ninety K’s on cruise control, how much particulate do you think there are not much, of course, so less particular good burns equals less problems right now, if you start the engine cold and take Off in it, you reckon it’s going to blow some smoke to cold engine. Absolutely if you’ve got some old flogged injectors, you reckon it’s going to blow some smoke, probably not if it’s a Toyota but look other cars, absolutely is a Toyota more likely to blow smoke with old injectors. The new ones. Absolutely so. Keep it running clean and efficient is going to be the best thing to look after your DPF.
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Okay, keep it clean and efficient, clean and efficient all changes, services, keep it running in tip-top condition, clean senses and good highway runs longer drives. Keep it running, keep it warm. You know you don’t have to be operating at night. Hazal Rhonda, keep the engine running, you know, keep it at operating temperature. If it’s short, stop start trips.
Maybe you need to go by Suzuki, Swift and kept that on the side or something like that, because they’re, the sorts of trips and things that are going to cause problems with your DPF, don’t touch the DPF. Don’T get sucked in to these DPF deletes they’re completely illegal and when you go to sell the vehicle, look it’s going to get stricter on these things. In my opinion, okay, these checks right they’re, gon na you know whether it’s roadside checks in places like Queensland, because they get a bit crazy up there. Sometimes I’ve noticed with some of their. You know they bring in these rules.
You know you know, you’re only allowed over this lift or that and they kept changing their minds. It’S on again it’s off again, you know what I mean have a laugh here, but look similar sort of things can happen with emissions and EGR systems and DPS and whatever, if you’re gon na, go and spend a lot of money and remove a DPA, you’ve got Rocks in your head, my advice is clearly how many times I’ve said it I’ll be looking forward to seeing the comments for anyone that’s camp, how many times I’ve said it or if you’re gon na watch it again and tell me how many times it I say, Do not delete do not touch your DP. If I just set it twice again, then do not touch it. Okay, leave the DPF alone. If you want to have the least chance of having problems, I don’t care.
dpf delete https://thedpfdeleteshops.com
Who’S got a class action, I’m not saying they’re perfect. I’M not saying the software’s perfect or was perfect, and I’m not saying your driving is perfect either. What I can tell you, though, is a Toyota dealer has provided information to myself right and I’ll. Just show you something actually and I’ll check this out: [, Music ]. Where are we just trying to hunt something you?
I am the Toyota man run Twitter jacket anyway, they have provided this information to allow us to know right. The important information right 12-12-12 twitter doesn’t matter who, where how or why. But the information is the vehicles that have the most problems when they look at the software a lot of idle time and it could be, for example, vehicles like building supervisors. You know Metricon or porter davis or whatever and they’ve got hilux is maybe and they’re just sitting there on their laptops on the phone park outside sites been at more time on the phone with the head or the aircon on than they do driving. Do you reckon that might cause some problems?
Switch it off stops that hot cold starts interrupting burns all the time anyway, and maybe the software wasn’t perfect because they didn’t know what you’re going to do to the vehicle. Yeah they’ve changed the software to suit you guys. So it’s probably going to be right for everyone else. You know it’s doing. It burn every well, it’s a count right.
You know it’s doing a burn every 300 case. Surely that’s you know, i’m not gon na be any dramas now so with quality, dps quality software. The right driving, i don’t think you have any issues, i don’t know what else I can tell you besides, do not mess around with a DPF. Unless you have major problems, then it’s up to you what you want to do about it, don’t jump in and try and fix it as prevention. It doesn’t need to be fixed and remember.
Toyota and other manufacturers currently have a five year. Unlimited warranty five seven year. Maybe look you know, I don’t know exactly what it is. It’S something like that. Five years, seven years you know hasn’t got kilometers on it.
That I know ever could be wrong. So you know what have a little bit of trust in the warranty in the vehicle. I’M not telling you to go and buy one of those things by far no stick with you 1kd last of the best 2015. Let’S be clear about that. Anyway, that’s DPF talk for now Butterbean, if you haven’t already make sure you’ve ticked the box.
Let’S take the box mean for things subscribe, turn the bow on, so you don’t miss next bit of information. Give us the thumbs up like that butter being the thumbs up for the information and a comment there. How many times that I say do not mess around with DPF deletes we’re getting ready a DPF leave it alone. Well guys thanks for watching. I hope that was helpful.
That’S my opinion. You wanted it, but a Bing. You got it. Butterball!

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