DEF & DPF Delete on 2019 Ford F250 Super Duty 6.7L Powerstroke at ONLY 5000 Miles!

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DEF & DPF Delete on 2019 Ford F250 Super Duty 6.7L Powerstroke at ONLY 5000 Miles!

Today, we’re discussing the deletion on my 2019 Ford F-250 Platinum Super Duty. Today, I’m going to discuss what I did to the truck in order to delete it, as well as why I deleted it. There are a lot of reasons for the deletion on this vehicle, so I’m going to go through everything and tell you everything you need to know if you want to do it. However, if you have any feedback, please leave it in the comments section below. Please tell me about your deletes and non-deletes experiences.

Reasons for modifications

So, let’s go over the reason for eliminating the truck once again.   It has a displacement of 6.7 liters.  I have a 1999 GMC six point: five liter diesel that I’ve modified a bit, so when I chose to acquire the f250, I knew I had to go with the diesel, and I’ll tell you, I’m really satisfied with it. A word on Ford: I’m terribly disappointed with Ford for those of you who haven’t kept up with the 2019 Ford Fiasco, ST that we recently acquired. We’ve gotten nowhere with Ford; apparently, they’re buying back the car, but it’s been two months: we’ve had the car for less than five days, and they’ve had it for more than two months, and they’re forcing us to go through the lemon law buyback process, which completely baffles me, but needless to say, I’m completely disappointed with Ford. I wish I had never bought this truck because it is a Ford. That being said, the truck itself removes the emblem.


Anyhow it’s a fantastic vehicle. It had a few small pig core key difficulties, but it is one of the reasons why I eliminated the vehicle. I’ve been working on some vehicle improvements. I’ve installed the intake system on the vehicle. I’ve also made a few other little changes here and there, but nothing that would affect warranties.

However, many individuals have advised that you wait until your warranties, which I estimated to be a hundred thousand miles on your engine expiration. But I’ve done certain things to the truck that would make it difficult to warranty it, and so I assessed the benefits and drawbacks with Ford as a corporation, and I concluded that Ford would do me no good with my warranty, so I removed it from the equation entirely. Now, I’ve done a lot of study on deletes, and one of the things I’ve discovered is that there are two sides to it, right? There are those persons who say don’t delete. It wasn’t designed with a delete or with all the emissions stuff on it and the other folks was like, “Wait, what?” You know those old school dudes that are all like, “Wow, look at these Diesels.”

We used to have diesel trucks that could travel 100 miles per hour,   and they get better gas mileage  with better performance,  better without the emissions stuff, and so I took that into account – and that was really the main reason that I did change my mind  – The above elite I wanted, I purchased this truck to be a diesel truck and it was more of a gas truck than anything and it just I mean, the truck had 5,000 miles on it and I had already made my decision and now I am all about to delete 


Deletion process

Everything we’ve done, and I’ll show you guys what I’ve deleted and removed, as well as what we’ve done to make this deletion happen, everything I’ve purchased, I’ll link down below. It’s been from a Pei down in Louisiana, and they’ve been fantastic. They also brought me the exhaust deletion, which is the portion that we’ve removed. You’ll need the EZ link or a tuner to deceive the truck into pretending the Deaf system, the specific filter, the EGR, and everything else is still there. Now What I should tell you about the clean expenses is that I have not done so and will not do so in the future.

I’m not removing the EGR since I live in California and will have to clean this car in six years, thus I have a six-year pass. So that makes me delighted. At the same time, I’m going to have two smog at some point. The truck, which implies it’ll be easier, will still be required. So you disconnect the EGR using the EZ link tuner, but you don’t remove the EGR.

So the EGR has been disconnected, something on my exhaust manifold has been disconnected, and the tuner has been installed to dupe the vehicle into believing the DEF system is still operational. So the tuner also allows you to tune the vehicle to a lot of horsepower and then take it inside to hopefully improve the sound. We’re talking about 200 horsepower.  I do have some intentions to take the truck to a dyno, but I’m trying to quarry up current diesel.


The courtesy goes to TopCorey videos; he was the one who first introduced me to this method. I believe I’ve reproduced his approach, but I wanted to let you all know that you’ll need all of this. To get the vehicle to function better and breathe better, you’ll need this.

Basically, I’m like, “I love this vehicle now that I got the large gas mileage that I got the fuel B before I took it easy and I almost got 20 miles per gallon, and that’s just how regular people would drive.” Prior to this, I was only getting around 13 miles per gallon with my foot in it. I was getting approximately 17 miles per gallon if I took it slowly, so I saw a considerable boost in gas mileage. It has a nice ring to it.  It now appeals to me. I acquired the Platinum, and as I’ve mentioned previously, I looked at a lariat and platinum, and one of the determining considerations, apart from the added features that the Platinum offers over the Lariat, was the price. The Platinum is far less noisy than the Lariat. The Platinum is noticeably quieter, and the erase is no exception.

h&s mini maxx tunerh&s mini maxx tuner
click image to shop h&s mini maxx tuner

The exhaust isn’t even audible to me. I can hear the engine a little more now, but the exhaust is completely absent. It’s like night and day when I roll down the window. I believe you’ve seen the knob before, but with the tune, I’ve got a switch on the fly that lets you choose between 0 and 1.

It’s an extra 35 horsepower, which I dial down while I’m towing and then turn up to 5 the rest of the time because I enjoy the power and capability that this vehicle now has. I also have a pedal commander, which I’ll tell you about when I tell you about the tuner. This truck would be practically dry if you were in Sport Plus mode. The trouble is, it moves so quickly that it’s insane.

It’s smoother, but there’s still plenty of power. Once the turbo spools up and gets going, you can still get to two in a reverse bar one, but it simply makes it more drivable in the city while I’m in Sport Plus mode. The trouble is, it’s such a jerk, and if you’re driving down the road in sixth gear and barely touch the throttle, it switches down to fifth, and sometimes even fourth and it shifts really violently. If you have the pedal commander, you should definitely turn this down.

But let’s get started and show you what we’ve got so far:

Figure1: Fly switch and paddle commander

We’ve got our switch on the fly, we’ve got our simple link, and everything is set up down below. We now have our pedal commander. We’re all hooked in, but we’re at number five, and we can see you know: we’ve gotten down five, so I just keep going back to number five all the time and this is the system that we’ve erased. So here is the entire system, and we’ve got it all here at the conclusion.

Figure2: Filter

This is the filter under study

This is where we expend all of our energy. So, basically, all Discs are included here. All of this is disconnected, and I assume the igniter is coming down into the death system through some sensors. 

This is the injector. Be cautious around it. Because this injector is worth around $1,000, make sure it’s maintained in a secure location.

Figure 3: Injector

Then we have the muffler

Figure 4: muffler

When it comes to the vehicle, I’ve chosen to keep the original exhaust tips. It just gives me one fewer thing to worry about with the cops if I get pulled over for whatever reason.

dpf delete
Figure 5: safety tips


I still have the factory muffler, but what we’ve done is see if I can get up in the undercarriage. Is there anything you can see from here to there?


Figure 6: delete pipe

That’s delete pipe, therefore that system (fig 6) has taken the place of system which I show you above (Fig 2). It is really simple, I believe, with three bolts on one end and a clamp on the other.

Complications and difficulties with pros and cons

You won’t be able to connect everything like link the turner. I did, however, leave the tuner in the car since I wanted to maintain the gauge. I’d want to have the gauge cluster because it’s quite lovely, but the problem is that if you pull this thing out and takes it to the Ford store to deal with the warranty, they’ll know anyways since it plainly flashes that you see them and their programming can detect that. So, if you do this and something goes wrong, remember that when you take your vehicle back to Ford, they will most likely know you did the deletion, and there may be some inquiries about it. If you know of a Ford dealer that would work with you, that’s fantastic. I’ve just discovered Rhonda Pratt, an utterly awful dealership, and I regret for giving them any of my money.

  It makes me feel sick that those folks have me in their heads, Rhonda Pratt for don’t ever shop at Rhonda, but you know, when I bought this vehicle, I went around to a couple of different dealers, and it’s just sad. The showrooms have gotten like this, and you know we’re looking at vehicles again because we’re offering to purchase another car for bagman, because we’ve already paid two payments on her automobile. We’ve got components worth $3,000 in our possession. It’s absolutely true. It’s sickening how Ford has handled us, and I understand that they’re doing repurchases and things just like that. However, we’ve only owned this automobile for less than five days, and it’s been in our ownership for less than two months. We would have been entirely satisfied if they had given us another automobile, but back to the truck, back to the deletion’. Because I adore it, you must unhook the EGR and throttle body sensor before doing the deletion I think so.

DPF Cleaning at Home – 9 Chemicals Tested (Diesel Particulate Filter DIY Ash Cleaning)-label

But what did the tuner have going for it? Is it truly stated when you programmed this that this must also be disconnected, which it was? I didn’t even jack up the truck or anything because it was that simple to do. I changed it myself here at the shop, and it took me about an hour and a half to drop it off, get the new one on, and it’s fantastic. So I’m going to toss a picture and take this truck for a trip, but overall, we’ve been with the vehicle for two months and I adore it.

Figure 7: Ford F250

I despise the logo, but I adore the vehicle, with which I am fully satisfied. So, if you’re interested, I did a lot of research and, like I mentioned, I balanced the positives and negatives, and here’s what I found: the positive is that you’ll get higher gas economy and you’ll be breathing better.

In the state of California, urea was preferable to diesel smoke. They’re really assessing the DEF fluid, so the urea, which is the excrement that comes out of your exhaust, is deemed to be worse than the carbon, which means you’ll get higher gas economy and breathe easier. We have the intake on there now, so there is more air in and more air out, but everything about this is so much better. Now, as for the disadvantages, I’ve eliminated them. My warranty, you know, is going to say I boarded it because I installed a carb label legal air to air intake.

You understand what I’m talking about. It’s simply that it’s going to be one of those problematic things, and I’d rather not even deal with it. Look, if anything goes wrong with this engine, I’ll personally take care of it. If something goes wrong with the seat, such as the seat motor, I’ll take it to Ford and get it warranted and If the window motor fails. They’ll warranty everything outside of the engine, essentially everything the vehicle does, and it’ll be so much better in that regard. The mission stuff believes that without the mission stuff, the vehicle will be considerably broader than it will be with the emissions. I have, and it sounds like a diesel, which is why I chose to take the risk. It smells like diesel, operates like diesel, and gives me days of power. The torque and power on this is incredible.

Performance test

We are at Super Duty. We’re travelling some rural roads in Mexico, and I’ve lowered the tune all the way down to almost zero, and the pedal commander is now switched off. So, we’re going to look at some zero to sixty speeds, and maybe, if I can get this timer to work properly, we’ll be able to get some quarter-mile timings. Basically, the vehicle is stock with the pedal commander off at the lowest level with the deletion, so that’s what we’re going to do today.

You must have set a timer when hitting the road and the beautiful thing about the timer is that it starts automatically, so once the timer starts automatically, we’re ready to go make sure our GPS is all set up, on tune, and turned all the way down. In 6 seconds, we’ll go from 0 to 60.

Figure 8: Timer

That’s not terrible for a quarter-mile time of 14.7 seconds, because it was turned all the way down. You’ll see that the pedal commander doesn’t operate very differently while you’re flooring. I’M surprised at at that time, from 0 to 60. I’ll do it in 6.9 seconds since this truck is so big. That’s an extra 30 horsepower, and the pedal commander is turned off.

So now I’m going to go ahead and turn this system up to five, and what I’m going to do is I’m going to put on my pedal commander, and I’m going to turn the pedal commander up to high just in case we get good response. So, we’ve got pedal commander turned on, so let’s get started, and it’s just like it’s so angry with the pedal commander turned on, I mean it’s completely angry mad angry, alright! So we’ve returned to our back route and are back at zero. So, we’re going to go ahead and set our timer, and the wonderful thing is, we’ve got our little timer up here, so let’s go. Let’s see what type of times we can achieve with the pedal commander set to full power. We got a better 0-60 time and a better quarter-mile time, but not by much, and that quarter-mile time wasn’t really that different.

Figure 9: Timer

So let’s get this thing out of the way and have a look at it. It appears to be our zero to sixty times. So let’s stop here, the zero to sixty time on that run was 6 2 seconds, which is a little faster, and fourteen point one seconds on a quarter-mile, which is amazing given this thing has the standard tire. So, let’s get out here and do one more quarter-mile run while we still have the opportunity – and so let’s get out here and do one more quarter-mile run and be ready to race, we’ll let this guy pass by just to be safe. We have our locking differential turned off with the engine brake on, and we’re set to lift 100 percent. I mean, we were literally just spinning the tires right there. God, this vehicle is blowing black smoke everywhere, so we’ve already clocked our 0 to 60 time, 0 to 70, and we’re on our way to the quarter-mile. That’s when we started spinning the tires. I knew that 14.9 an hour 0 to 60 were both 7 seconds, so that wasn’t any better. So, out of the three, our best 0-60 time was 6 seconds.


I love the truck, but you know, we can just cruise me and we’ll be OK, and the thing won’t be too loud right in the cabin. You can tell it’s not as loud anymore. We obviously roll down, and we roll down, and we roll down, and we roll down, and we roll down, the vehicle is fantastic.

Not just for the performance, but also for the fuel efficiency, I’m delighted I performed the deletion. In this, I’ve made two minor travels. I went up to Chico the other day and got an average of 19.9 miles per gallon, which is really good for highway freeway driving. So I’m ok with that buzzing about in the city and whatever, we’re doing around seventeen miles per gallon. We still have a lot of work to do on this truck. This week, we’re going to Red Label to get some work done on the truck.


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