2020 6.7 Powerstoke Deleted // 5" Straightpipe (AMDP Engine And Transmission Tuning)

2020 6.7 Powerstoke Deleted // 5What’S going on guys welcome back to thedpfdeleteshops.com here uh today we’re dealing with our 2020 super duty um. This thing i ordered took a while to get here. We finally got it. You know it’s been a good truck we’re sitting just over 16 000 kilometers on it now um, but i got a bone to pick with you guys, they’re, not with you guys personally, but with ford itself. So at just over 10 000 k.

I had issues um. My def gauge showed that there was no df left in it. It had a full tank. Ford went ahead, they replaced the def tank on on warranty. That was after new year’s, we went to revelstoke on a sled trip.
Well, we just got back from christina lake, so another good. You know, 2000k road trip truck, did great pulled amazing through the mountains, but check this out. So this has been like this now for just over a week, we stopped in radium, i put df in it. It was showing you know three quarters of tank 2000k to empty, well we’re sitting at just under half a tank of def with 375k to empty. Now ever since that the def light came on, it said 800 kid empty.
2020 6.7 Powerstoke Deleted // 5
Now that was well over half a tank def. It has been going down ever since so today. Today, we’re headed to lacombe to uh am diesel performance. We got big things coming for this truck, but uh stay tuned and i’ll uh catch up with you guys once we’re there. Well guys we’re here at am uh diesel performance right there.
So i got here about 10 o’clock, they’ve already tuned the truck. So we put a transmission tune or transmission tuning, they did the delete tuning and then also i picked up. This switch from them uh, so five level tune just going to be kind of transparent with you guys here. So this is the total cost uh for today. Just over two thousand dollars now with that, that’s only because i wanted the full um.
I forget what it is it’s between 130 and 150. Is the level 5 tune? So i wanted that so they had to do transmission tuning a little bit more. I could have just went with a straight 50 horse tune with the delete and then uh. You know it would have been just that thousand dollars, but uh wanted to do it right, because we know that we’re gon na want to play with this truck.
2020 6.7 Powerstoke Deleted // 5
So we still have all the emissions on. We have to now go home and i got an exhaust so we’re gon na throw that on that’ll uh be right up shortly. Truck will drive a little bit funny just right now, just having the emissions on and uh the tcm’s got, ta learn, but uh we’ll see it should get better here on the way home, but i’ll give you guys updates if i see anything funny all right. So we’re here um my first thoughts here, just driving it. You know the shifting’s getting a lot better as a transmission.
Learns, it um really not much difference um in you know, driving just because we’re on the low tune right now, um. But one thing i did notice and i’ll give you guys this visual. So before we were getting like 18.5, the best i could really do was like 17-5 and now that’s gingerly driving dry roads. Two-Wheel drive well on my way back from lacombe i’ll show you guys what we got for fuel mileage, so this is pretty awesome.
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11.7. Now i don’t know about you guys. I’M super stoked on that. This should get better because we still have all the emissions and all that back pressure in the exhaust.
So once we put this new exhaust on, i’m hoping that’ll drop it one to two more liters per hundred. If we can get 10 liters per hundred out of this truck, that’s huge that was having the 190 liter fuel tank. Like that’s. You know 1900 kilometers to a tank fuel. So that’s that’s unreal.
2020 6.7 Powerstoke Deleted // 5
Now, i’m really happy with the transmission tune. You know it all seems good. We won’t really know the full capabilities until we get our tune, switch and the exhaust on it, but uh i’m gon na go ahead. I’M gon na rip the exhaust off this truck. You guys don’t really need to see that and then we’ll lay out the new exhaust and then i’ll show you guys kind of what we got all right.
So new exhaust is on i’ll. Show you guys the old one. So this is what we’re deleting so that would be the front of the truck over here. So, of course you have your ser first off, so that’s your uh urea injector and then the dpf and the ser is just one can in these. It’S not separate.
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It could be two separate filters, i’m not sure i’ve never been inside. One of these, that is the hunk of [ __ ]. We got rid of with that. We got a five inch, so i’m going to roll into the truck we’ll show you guys quickly what we did. This was a flow pro five inch uh five inch.
I guess down pipe back exhaust, so so we’ll start up here at the down pipe. So it’s a four inch pipe from um kind of where your collector is there to this pipe here where it swedge is four to five inch. It utilizes this front hanger. This is a hanger as well. It does not use that one, but it uses that one.
2020 6.7 Powerstoke Deleted // 5
Then we follow this pipe back. You have a sectional pipe here. This can be pulled out and a muffler can go in there. This is the long box extension. So if you have a short box, you will not have this pipe.
Then you come back to your axle hoop. Of course it uses a rear hanger and then it just goes up and then it’s a nice pipe right out the back. Now, i’m not sure if we’re going to do a axle dump or if um i’m going to do a side exit right now, we’ll keep it the way it is. I got to get a. I want to see the difference between a 5 to a 7 and a five to an eight inch tip and then uh we’ll just get a nice simple black one for now and then might end up buying a tso tip.
But i got ta see what i want before. I order one of those so we’ll do a first fire up for you, guys um you’re gon na, like this , So i don’t know what you guys think, but i think that sounds great uh. One last thing before we finish the video um. We have a bd diesel, high idle switch, so we’re going to be throwing that in a super, simple install and we’ll get that mounted, plus so yeah a switch on the fly, um five level position switch.
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This will be for our tune and, of course i will put the levels right up on the screen right now for horsepower, but we’ll go ahead. We’Ll get this installed. I kind of want to mount these switches in the dash or not in the dash, but in the console, so uh i’ll get stuff wired and then i’ll just show you guys kind of what i did cold start all right. I know it’s derek out uh. I’M sorry, apparently i did not film the end of the video.
I am currently editing so uh we’re gon na do this right now. So let me just turn that on so how i ended up doing these switches. I know it’s really dark and i don’t have a flashlight but okay. This is terrible. Uh once got the old border, cable hooked up, um, so yeah.
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This is what we ended up doing for the switches. So, of course you have your five level team switch. That’S right there. Of course, i’ve been running this truck on three. The other thing we got.
This is the bd diesel. So the way you work this all you have to do is just watch there there. So really all i did you push down just till the light comes on, so it’s not much actually in too much there. That’S it so push till the light comes on, and now you just take click the switch on it went to 900 and then it’s really nice just dial it in, and so i watch the rpms and you just kind of dial in you can set it to Your 1100 uh, that’s what i i personally like 1100, it’s kind of like an old-school um diesel idle, but it’s good! It’S enough!
Rpm! Um! You know oil gets moving, it’s a good just all around it’s a good number! So yeah, that’s pretty much uh! All we got going on here so yeah, thanks for watching this video we’ll see you next time.

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