2011-2016 Ford F250/F350 6.7 Powerstroke EGR Removal/Delete

2011-2016 Ford F250/F350 6.7 Powerstroke EGR Removal/Delete *RACE-TRUCK ONLY ;)* https://thedpfdeleteshops.comWe’Re gon na get right to it today and remove this wonderful thing right here, because race truck remove your mass air airflow sensor. First, then we’re going to remove this entire air box assembly. So you have a variety of bolts. You have some hose clamps to take off, so we’re going to do that now. You’Re gon na have to unclip this hose, and this hose this one just pops right off same as this one and don’t forget the little eight millimeter right here.
This whole unit is loose now, so you just have to wiggle it through all the lines, pull it out now, with a 10 millimeter socket we’re gon na remove all of these bolts here. This will release your grill and, as you can see down here, there’s clips. There’S about five of them, you actually have to press down on them each one of them to pull the bottom of the grille out. Mine actually has like three out of five broken, so mine, pretty much pulls out on its own, but make sure you use a flathead screwdriver, whatever you got to reach down there, push down and then pull out and they’ll come right out. This next part is probably the worst part of this whole process, because the egr is full of coolant and you have to get rid of this hose and this hose and if you try to just pop these off this thing’s, just gon na dump coolant all over The place so this first one is what you actually want to follow, follow all the way down.
This is why you have to take the grille off. You. Don’T necessarily need to take your headlight out, but if you can, if you want but you’re actually trying to find the hose, i don’t know if you can see that, but it’s right there. So if you unpop that it’s going to dump cooling everywhere as well. So i have a big tub, can’t tell you that’s the best way to do it, but that’s the way i’m gon na.
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Do it so we’ll see what happens just put my wrench in there put on the clamp, [, Music ], all right so that worked. I would say about 70: i still got some spillage over there, but most of it was contained in here. The best way to get these clamps off is get your pliers press. This down, then bring this all the way as high as you possibly can go until it’s off you’ll feel where it’s off the top of the the nipple of this piece here and then you’ll be able to just wiggle, and you might have to turn a little Bit – and this will eventually come off, pull that back. Do yourself a favor and pull this all the way out.
It’S really hard to pull this off with with this still tucked, underneath all this now it’ll just come right off. Oh, look at that always gon na hurt the knuckles. All better next step is to connect this line, and this line with your little barb thingy. That comes in your kit. Depending on what kit you have it’ll uh vary, but that’s what mine looks like right there, because this line goes away.
Don’T do what i just did disconnect to this line. I forgot to take the pressure out of your reservoir, and now i have coolant everywhere. Don’T do that make sure you take that off before you disconnect these lines right here, all right, so i splice them together and put the hose clamps on the other. One was right here. I just took that off and removed it.
2011-2016 Ford F250/F350 6.7 Powerstroke EGR Removal/Delete *RACE-TRUCK ONLY ;)* https://thedpfdeleteshops.com
I found that it was actually easier just to cut the rubber between all of these to get that plastic out and try to take off those other clamps. So i just snipped it and then hooked them right up that way made it a lot easier. But now this is just gon na have to be set to the side. For now until we get the rest out all right now, we’re gon na disconnect the pcm pull these back on this middle cable. There’S a zip tie right here.
You have to snip it carefully which allows this one to come out. All the others come out on their own make sure you don’t get any moisture any water, just nothing in them, because you don’t want to replace that now. My truck was already dpf deleted. So a few things already unplugged, this orange clip sits up here. Unplug, it gray clip, i believe, sits back here somewhere you’ll see it follow the wire that also um comes out.
This vacuum line comes out. You can see it actually disconnected itself actually already right there. That comes out as well, so once all your plugs are undone and your vacuum lines. Undone your kit’s gon na come with this little piece. It’S supposed to block off this vacuum line.
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It doesn’t fit in there, so you got ta cut the top off and then this cap slides right on top i’ll, show you what that looks like and where to cut so the vacuum line is right. Here i’m going to snip the top off and i’m going to put this guy right on top now, it’s time to start pulling bolts, so there’s this little black bracket. These are eight millimeters, i’m gon na take those out. So, let’s keep going now we’re gon na remove this tube. These two bolts, then the two bolts down there.
Now these bolts down here tend to break on people all the time, so make sure you have sprayed these multiple times with plaster um and just take it easy because you do not wan na have to drill these out, so we’re gon na pray. These come out for me so just to get down there, i got one two three extensions, a pivot and then the eight millimeter, it’s a heck of a a device here, see how this goes. I’M gon na go back and forth, tightening it and loosening it. So, even after all that both of them broke, so i’m not gon na focus on that right now, we’ll get to that later, but i’m gon na have to drill them out and re-tap. I ended up having to put a pair of vice grips on this when it was in the pipe right here and then i’d use a hammer to slam.
The vice grips to actually get that thing to release, because you can see that rust on the threads. So now you can put this plate with the o-ring on it right here. So from this point on you’re, pretty much removing all the bolts holding the actual unit itself on all the little brackets. So it’s going to be a whole lot of reaching and trying to find hidden bolts because there’s a bunch of them hidden in there all right. So i wasn’t able to show you the bolt locations very well.
2011-2016 Ford F250/F350 6.7 Powerstroke EGR Removal/Delete *RACE-TRUCK ONLY ;)* https://thedpfdeleteshops.com
I was trying to video it, but it just it wasn’t working out. Basically, you have three bolts along this side. Three bolts along this side. You just have to peek in there use a flashlight you’ll see them. You also have one bolt on top get all those out undo this bracket and what i found this thing.
I was shaking nothing, nothing budged. So what i had to do is grab this bar. Just gently put it under here and pop up and the whole thing as you can see, is separated, but when i did that it released a ton of coolant now i have more cooling on the ground. So now i’m going to wiggle this out and see if i can reach the stuff in the back with the egr sitting out here, you can really see the spots where each bolt is much easier. So you can see you have one two three on this side as well as one two three four right here.
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You have one in the middle and then the brackets that attach up front. So this is actually the back of the eva, and this is that bolt. That is all the way tucked back there, but mine. I didn’t have to touch this um. It just came right out, so it’ll depend on your vehicle, but you can see, there’s a gap and there was a hook that hooks right on there and i just was able to pull up on the egr and then it uh came right out to get back To these bolts back here, the only really the only way you’re really gon na do.
That is with like four extensions in a a uh swivel. That was the only way i could get to them. Um, you have to be patient with it, but other than that i mean it’s not a horrible, it’s not actually as bad as you think. It’S just a matter of getting your hands back there and getting the socket on the bolt. Well, here’s my next day update the quick connect right here that you have to disconnect it broke on me right.
2011-2016 Ford F250/F350 6.7 Powerstroke EGR Removal/Delete *RACE-TRUCK ONLY ;)* https://thedpfdeleteshops.com
There snapped right off so i ended up having to cut this, and i found this whole new tube with this piece and then the piece that goes on top on amazon. So it’s on its way, it’ll be here tomorrow. So i got ta replace that as well, and i had to drill these out. Finally got them drilled out, so i’m gon na see if i can find the right tap and figure out what size bolt i’m going to need to fit in . There bye

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